Sleek Matte Me XXL Lipstick Swatches + Review

Whenever I see a new liquid lipstick that claims to be transfer-proof I immediately get excited. Sleek is a smaller UK brand that I don’t think I’ve bought from in probably 8-10 years–in fact, I’m pretty sure the last thing I tried from them at that time was a liquid matte lipstick that disappointed me, so I haven’t thought of them since. I got served an ad on social media recently, however, for Sleek’s new Matte Me XXL liquid lipstick, and since the ad specifically stated that it’s a budge-proof formula I decided to give it a try. Continue reading

Elsie’s Touch of Gingham [The Pretty Dress Company]

We’ve had so much sun lately it’s giving me major picnic vibes. I’m not actually going to go on a picnic, because I am notorious among my family and friends for being an indoors cat who does not do well in the sun, nor enjoys bugs flocking to her food. My compromise is to wear gingham, because that’s plenty picnic-y enough for me.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the Elsie yellow gingham swing dress by The Pretty Dress company for a fit and size review

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Outfits September 2021 to May 2022

Miss Amy May outfits

Remember when I used to round up my outfits on a monthly basis, because I had an actual social life for which to get dressed up? Sigh. Those were the good ol’ days. I know most people are back to ‘normal’ now, despite the delays and disruptions caused by people getting Covid, Long Covid, and often Covid for a second or third time, but I’m one of those people who hasn’t had it yet, and has immunocompromised loved-ones to boot, so for the most part my social life still doesn’t…really exist? Continue reading

Selena in the Sun [Miss Candyfloss]

Many of my favourite dresses are Miss Candyfloss, and pretty much all of my favourite yellow dresses are Miss Candyfloss, because they’re a brand who do not scrimp on yellow, which I love them for. So today’s post is all about frolicking amongst the buttercups and soaking up the sun (while slathered in SPF 50 and a sunhat, of course) in the happiest of yellows, in the Selena-Sun dress.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the Selena-Sun dress by Miss Candyfloss for a fit and size review

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Scarlette, Again [Dolly & Dotty]

When I love a dress I’ve been known to get it in more than one colour. It’s a practise I heartily recommend, because if an item of clothing makes you feel good you’ll wear it over and over again, and having it in additional colours means you’ll wear them all the time too. So, it probably shouldn’t surprise you to see that today we’re looking at the Scarlette dress…again. I reviewed it in black a couple months back and fell completely in love with it. I’ve since worn it to my sister’s long-delayed bachelorette party because I wanted to feel chic and pretty that night, and that’s how Scarlette makes me feel. When I first saw it on Dolly & Dotty’s website I had been equally as tempted by the navy as the black, making it a tough decision as to which colour to choose for that first review, but when I loved the black as much as I did, owning the navy sort of…became a bit inevitable. Behold, it is now also mine! But to mix things up for you, today I really wanted to emphasise that this dress can be worn casually too, and not just dressed to the nines for special occasions.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the navy Scarlette dress by Dolly and Dotty for a fit and sizing review

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Sonia for the Day [Dolly & Dotty]

I’ve always loved the fully glamorous, utterly chic side of the mid-century aesthetic more than the more casual day-to-day or rockabilly styles. I love dressing vintage but you still won’t really catch me in capri pants or high-waisted jeans because I just don’t feel comfortable in them. That means than when an occasion truly calls for a casual vibe, or when I simply don’t want to expend much effort, I end up casting a glance across my many, many dresses and wondering which of them would work for the most easy-going outfit. Obviously tons of my dresses can be dressed up as well as down, but the block tends to be more mental, owing more to my brain going ‘aww, I love that dress…but I don’t wanna wear it casually, I wanna be fancy!’ like a toddler determined to accompany you to the supermarket dressed as a princess. So, it just works better to have some options in my wardrobe that my brain automatically categorises as casual. My brain, therefore, was very happy to meet this Sonia dress, an option that is undeniably casual and cute!

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the Sonia floaty Day Dress in Grey leopard animal print by Dolly and Dotty for a fit and size review Continue reading

Alison, A Change [Hearts and Roses London]

Y’all, hold onto your butts, because I’m wearing PINK. If I weren’t surrounded by beautiful bluebells, full of joy and spring, I might have worried that hell had frozen over. But no, it’s all good, and I really am wearing pink. A muted, very dusky pink, it must be said. Why? How? Short answer: sometimes it’s good to try something different. Long answer: um, let’s look at the pictures first…

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the Alison dress by Hearts and Roses London for fit and size review

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Hazel for Spring [Hearts and Roses London]

The ‘Florals? For spring? Ground-breaking’ line delivered with perfect stone-faced sarcasm by Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada is truly iconic, and I get it. If you’re talking high fashion, yes, there really are things that are considered too cliché to be indulged, but for the average person we don’t care what’s expected or avant-garde, we just want to wear something comfortable that makes us feel good. And cliché or not, in spring seeing all the blooming flowers makes me happy; wearing brighter colours after months of enjoying richer, dark shades makes me happy; and wearing a cute floral print when the sun is shining makes me happy. Florals for spring will never be shocking because it’s a classic, and I’m not gonna argue with a classic.

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Matchy Matchy [Miss Candyfloss]

There are many things Miss Candyfloss do beautifully, one of them being that they produce gorgeous matching sets–sometimes it’s a jacket and a skirt, an expected pairing that many vintage inspired clothing companies offer. But sometimes it’s a jacket that matches a jumpsuit, or a dress, or even two dresses. For vintage lovers it allows us to create an outfit that feels authentically vintage and sartorially elegant with ease. Today we’re looking at just such a set, the Kimmie-Gia dress and Samira-Gia jacket.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the Kimmie-gia dress and Samira-Gia jacket by Miss Candyfloss for a fit and size freview

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Dainty Li’l Jennifer [Lulu Hun]

Sometimes I miss being able to wear high heels, mostly when I see a really delicate style, as it’s just harder to find dainty styles in a lower, sturdier heel. There’s something about footwear brands that assume those of us who wear lower heels automatically want a bulkier, blockier style overall, and that’s simply not the case–I wear low heels because my left foot has never quite been the same after I suffered with a stretch of Plantar Fascitis a few years ago, not because I don’t like stylish, pretty, lovely things. At least when it comes to summer wedges we low-heel wearers don’t automatically get relegated to a frumpier footwear category, since espadrilles and all the other usual summer suspects look just as cute with a lower wedge as with a towering one. Lulu Hun, however, have gone one step further in pleasing me this season by releasing Jennifer, a gorgeous pair of wedges with a strappy open toe that makes up for all the slinky little strappy stilettos I can no longer wear. Roll on summer!

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May reviews the black Jennifer low wedges by Lulu Hun

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May reviews the black Jennifer low wedges by Lulu Hun

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