Backpack, But Make it Vintage [Ecosusi]

Last Year Ecosusi kindly gifted me one of their Cambridge backpacks, a bag that can be used as either a backpack or a shoulder bag depending upon where you attached the strap(s), or can even carried as a briefcase sans straps. It was the first time I’d ever seen a bag that had been designed with such versatility in mind and I absolutely adore that aspect of it, especially since it was a lovely tan brown colour which pairs beautifully with half of my wardrobe. I decided I wanted the same bag in black (to achieve the perfect match to the other half of my wardrobe) so I checked to see if they made it in other colours. Sadly they didn’t, but during my search I discovered this maroon laptop bag, a near perfect match to one of my favourite pairs of boots—and if you know me, you know I love to get matchy-matchy. Considering they had a Halloween sale on at the time, it didn’t take long for me to transfer my ‘I need a black backpack’ wish to this bag instead. And lo and behold, I love it as much as my first Ecosusi bag! (Will I still be checking out Ecosusi in future to see if they ever make the kind of black satchel backpack I want? Of course!)

Pinup Miss Amy May models the Maroon Laptop bag by Ecosusi for a product review

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Leo Feet [Lulu Hun]

I freakin’ love boots weather! There’s something about the cosy feeling of donning tights and boots that just feels satisfying, maybe because I love that the combination is both practical (due to its warmth) and cute, something I can’t always claim of dressing in vintage styles. In this case, maybe heeled boots aren’t the most practical option for my feet in particular–more on that below–but these babies are only a medium height block heel, and it’s undeniable that they are incredibly cute. I can definitely sit pretty in them, at the very least!

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Spooky, But Books…But Also Bag? [Vendula London]

Miss Amy May reviews the Vendula London Ghoulevard Books Box Bag

I’ve always been a fits-and-starts reader. Every few years I grow tired of the genre that has previously been my obsession and I spend a year or so languishing in a novel wasteland, reading only if one of my very favourite authors releases a new title. I grew tired of crime and detective novels just before the pandemic hit, so when Bridgerton fever took hold of social media over that dreary, locked-down 2020 Christmas I decided to give the books a try. And lo’, what is this, a whole new fun, flirty, breezy genre I can burn through while everything else is still very miserable and restricted? Continue reading

Dainty Li’l Jennifer [Lulu Hun]

Sometimes I miss being able to wear high heels, mostly when I see a really delicate style, as it’s just harder to find dainty styles in a lower, sturdier heel. There’s something about footwear brands that assume those of us who wear lower heels automatically want a bulkier, blockier style overall, and that’s simply not the case–I wear low heels because my left foot has never quite been the same after I suffered with a stretch of Plantar Fascitis a few years ago, not because I don’t like stylish, pretty, lovely things. At least when it comes to summer wedges we low-heel wearers don’t automatically get relegated to a frumpier footwear category, since espadrilles and all the other usual summer suspects look just as cute with a lower wedge as with a towering one. Lulu Hun, however, have gone one step further in pleasing me this season by releasing Jennifer, a gorgeous pair of wedges with a strappy open toe that makes up for all the slinky little strappy stilettos I can no longer wear. Roll on summer!

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May reviews the black Jennifer low wedges by Lulu Hun

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May reviews the black Jennifer low wedges by Lulu Hun

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Veronica in Ivory [Lulu Hun]

Long gone are the days I could wear a towering, dainty heel that was barely strapped onto my foot by a criss-cross of skimpy straps–well, about 4 years gone, really. These days I appreciate the distinct lack of a threat of a twisted ankle provided by a thicker heel, an enclosed vamp, a solid ankle strap. Give me stability or give me flats! All that does not necessarily mean frumpy, ugly shoes, thank goodness, though admittedly finding pretty, sensible heels is harder than finding, say, gorgeous death traps. Lucky me that vintage inspired brands are brilliant for finding the kind of heels I need, and the Veronica heels are one of my all time favourites.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the Ivory Veronica heels by Lulu Hun for a fit review

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the Ivory Veronica heels by Lulu Hun for a fit review

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Spring Florals [Splendette]

I’m not a huge jewellery person. I don’t have pierced ears and I never really got into rings. My hair always seems to tangle around the clasp of necklaces, which also twist as I wear them, so more often than not I just forget to put them on, even though I own many. Mostly, I love a brooch and a bangle. Or, well, three bangles, more specifically, because as a lover of colour blocking my accessories I typically like to stack together matching bangles of varying widths. That makes Splendette my perfect bangle maker because every release comes in 3 widths, as well as in 3 wrist sizes, so no folks get left out. Let’s take a look at their lush new Spring Florals line. 

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models Duchess size Petal bangles from Splendette Spring florals 2022 range for a quality and product review

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My Darling Peta [Charlie Stone Shoes]

There’s something I do which may or may not be weird: I go through phases of hyper-focusing on certain aspects of my wardrobe. (Is that just me?) I’ll be putting together an outfit and find myself thinking something like ‘damn, this would be perfect if I had a velvet navy bag to wear it with,’ because I am a bit obsessive about colour matching, and once the idea occurs to me that my collection has a glaring hole in it, suddenly all I want is to find the perfect piece within my budget to fill it. These phases are often accessories focused—hats, bags, belts, bangles.

My latest phase is all about finding pretty flats. It started at the end of last year, when I treated myself to two pairs of Charlie Stone Shoes‘ not-actually-fully-flat flats. I loved them so much that I began to daydream about their other gorgeous flats, which I didn’t need but definitely wanted. But then, oh ho! What did I realise? I actually do need some of them, because guess what, they fill one of the gaps in my shoe collection: comfortable, good quality flats in staple colours I will regularly wear, that—here is the crucial bit—I CAN EASILY CLEAN. size pinup Miss Amy May models the black Peta flats by Charlie Stone Shoes for a fit and size review size pinup Miss Amy May models the black Peta flats by Charlie Stone Shoes for a fit and size review Continue reading

Rhea & Alberta Are Ready to Shine [Ruby Shoo]

Last year was an uncertain year for us all, obviously, but as we move into December that uncertainty seems to be coming back around for many of us, thanks to Covid. The small joys of Christmas are still on my mind, despite that precariousness, and if there’s one thing that feels concrete for me, no matter life’s circumstances, it’s that Christmas means sparkles. Ruby Shoo’s Rhea heels and Alberta handbag set certainly has sparkles to offer in abundance.

Pinup Miss Amy May models the black sequin Rhea low court heels and black sequin Alberta bag by Ruby Shoo for reviewPinup Miss Amy May models the black sequin Rhea low court heels and black sequin Alberta bag by Ruby Shoo for review

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Gemma, Vintage Perfection [Banned Retro]

For quite a while I’ve been wanting to get a brown or burgundy vintage style handbag. Wanting it to be medium-sized means modern high street stores likely wouldn’t have what I’m looking for, as even when they lean into vintage inspirations they often then make it comically small (what is going on with the tiny bag trend right now?! Do not understand) or on the larger size, like a tote bag. Considering I already have a burgundy faux croc tote sized bag that I rarely reach for because it is so large, I was being very specific in only buying precisely what I was looking for and not something ‘near enough,’ as I sometimes do when I get frustrated shopping on a budget. Well, my prayers were finally answered when I stumbled across this Gemma bag by Banned Retro. In fact, I loved the style so much I also snapped it up in the green. Sorry, did I mention shopping on a budget? Er, just forget that bit while we look at my TWO BEAUTIFUL NEW HANDBAGS.

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London in Velvet [Charlie Stone Shoes]

As I detailed last week when reviewing their Manhattan glitter flats, Charlie Stone Shoe’s 2021 autumn/winter line is a family reunion of re-released and reimagined past bestsellers. One of the reimagined kin is the London flats, previously available in red and this year released in a navy velvet, a perfect match to the gown I’ll be wearing for my younger sister’s twice-rescheduled wedding next spring. There was simply nothing for it; I had to order both. If you read last week’s Manhattan review you’ll know I adore them, and so it is likely no great surprise to learn I feel just as ardently about the London.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the navy velvet London flats shoes by Charlie Stone Shoes for a fit review

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