Dainty Li’l Jennifer [Lulu Hun]

Sometimes I miss being able to wear high heels, mostly when I see a really delicate style, as it’s just harder to find dainty styles in a lower, sturdier heel. There’s something about footwear brands that assume those of us who wear lower heels automatically want a bulkier, blockier style overall, and that’s simply not the case–I wear low heels because my left foot has never quite been the same after I suffered with a stretch of Plantar Fascitis a few years ago, not because I don’t like stylish, pretty, lovely things. At least when it comes to summer wedges we low-heel wearers don’t automatically get relegated to a frumpier footwear category, since espadrilles and all the other usual summer suspects look just as cute with a lower wedge as with a towering one. Lulu Hun, however, have gone one step further in pleasing me this season by releasing Jennifer, a gorgeous pair of wedges with a strappy open toe that makes up for all the slinky little strappy stilettos I can no longer wear. Roll on summer!

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May reviews the black Jennifer low wedges by Lulu Hun

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May reviews the black Jennifer low wedges by Lulu Hun

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Summer Fun with Lulu Hun

For those who aren’t familiar with Lulu Hun, they’re a vintage-inspired shoe brand offered by Collectif. Their line has a real mixture of styles, from novelty print flats to classic T-bar and Mary Jane styles reminiscent of eras gone by, to fun wedges and smart-wear court heels. Every pair┬áhas a touch of vintage about them. Summer wedges lover that I am, it’s no surprise that the Jessie Textured Wedges caught my eye.

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