My Makeup Faves: Edition V

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done one of these (uh, last April) and there’s lots of new items I’ve found that I love so let’s waste no more time. Here are all my latest favourites of the new products I’ve tried in the past few months.


Seventeen Wow! Skin Concealer – This concealer is great for brightening up my undereye without layering it without so much product that it begins to settle in my fine lines, as heavier concealers are wont to do. I also find it’s great for brightening and concealing minor imperfections and blemishes that don’t require heavy duty cover up. £4.99 available online or in store from Boots.

Makeup Revolution Blush Goddess Palette – Featuring 8 shades, 4 each of blusher and highlighter, I find this palette to offer great shades for paler skin. I prefer pale-to-mid pink toned blushes, nothing too bright, so almost every shade in this palette suits my preferences, though I can use them all. The highlights are also well pigmented and glide on easily. Great selection for travelling if you’re going on a trip that won’t allow you to take your full makeup bundle but you want options. £6 from, or + select Superdrug stores.

Makeup Geek Contour Powder Pan in ‘Break Up’ –  The Makeup Geek Contour range comes with an awesome shade system that helps you figure out which shade is for you. Available in 4 cool toned shades and 4 warm toned shades, the line is designed to cater to every skin tone. As a porcelain skin lady with cool undertones. I chose Break Up, a perfect contour shade that gives me depth without looking muddy or orange. Glides on well, holds it’s pigmentation throughout the day, my new favourite contour shade. It comes as a pan, so you’ll need to add it to a magnetic empty palette (see ‘Tools’ below) unless you want to buy it in compact form. I bought my pan in the UK from Beautybay for £9.25 (free delivery over £15) but you can get them for $10 each from, where the compact is also available for $15.

Freedom Makeup Green, Yellow & Lilac Pro Camouflage & Correct Paste – When they saw paste, they’re not kidding. These thick matte colour correcting pastes come in a glass concealer pot that’s bound to last you an age, as the paste is pigmented and goes a long way. Most other budget colour correctors I’ve tried have been half sheer and a lightweight cream, but these pastes go on and stay put. The product photos online make them look shimmery, but don’t worry, they’re 100% matte. £3 each available from or select Superdrug stores/

Gosh Velvet Touch Primer & Setting Powder – Aptly named, this translucent velvety powder works wonders as an oil-control primer and setting powder. You can use it in either step of your makeup application, or as I do when I wear a full face of makeup, which is use it both primer and setting powder. £9.99 from Superdrug stores or, in which it’s often included in Superdrug’s 3 for 2 or buy 1 get one 1/2 beauty offers.


Makeup Academy Inked Lip Stain – Available in 6 shades, this lip stain is a true stain. Honestly, it doesn’t taste great, so it’s best to avoid licking your lips, but it’s comfortable and super lightweight, making it a great liquid lipstick alternative for ladies who can’t stand the dry or thick feeling of some matte liquid lippies. In Maraschino, it’s a true red that doesn’t transfer and needs only minor touch ups after eating. It will definitely leave a pop of colour on your lips after you’ve taken it off, which depending on your opinion either leaves you a nice touch of colour for the next day or an annoying stain you’ll have to paint over. Budget friendly, it costs just £4, available from Makeup Academy’s website or Superdrug stores/

Maybelline Vivid Mattes – I’m a stickler for requiring that my matte lipsticks stay put and absolutely do not budge, so it may surprise you that I like these Vivid Mattes because they do come off easily. If I know when I go out that I’m going to be consuming a dinner that will destroy any lipstick I wear or kissing someone, because every lipstick that claims to be ‘kiss proof’ melts onto both of your faces after a good snog, then I like that I can swipe this lipstick off with a tissue and then paint it back off when my mouth is, uh, done. It’s soft and comfortable to wear due to the velvety, plush-feel formula. In ‘Red Rebel’ it has a solid red lipstick pigmentation, so it completes my full face of makeup beautifully and doesn’t feel like a step down from a full look like a red toned balm crayon would be. Available at any beauty store or pharmacy/chemist that stocks Maybelline, including Boots and Superdrug in the UK for £6.99.


Colourpop Brow Pot in ‘Redhead’ – I have multiple brow products I love, and yet I can’t help but keep trying more. I liked the shade ‘Redhead’ from Colourpop as their brow pencil, but I’m more of a pomade girl, so I love this creme gel brow formula. Easy to apply with an angled brush, stays on well throughout the day (10+ hours of wear, according to the website) and not tested on animals, it’s a great mid-tone red brown for us dark red haired ladies. Plus, at only $6, it’s a bargain. Available from


faves5tools Freedom Pro Studio Brush Bath Sanitising Brush Cleanser – Bit of a mouthful, but what it lacks in a catchy name it makes up for in ease of use. A solid brush cleansing soap contained in a place screw top jar, all you need to clean your brushes is this pot and warm water. That means this product is perfect for taking on the road with you when you travel, as there’s no risk of leakage in your bag. I used to be disgusting about how often I washed my brushes, but this is the second time I’ve bought this product and since I first tried it I’ve become much better at cleaning my brushes regularly. £7 from or

Makeup Revolution Precision Brush Oval Eye – Made for blending powder and cream shadows, I actually love this brush for blending my under eye concealer. I know most people swear by their Beauty Blenders, but I just don’t find it makes much difference to my application compared to anything else. Available for £6 from

Freedom Makeup London Pro Artist Empty Magnet Palette – I have a few empty magnetic makeup palettes, Z palettes and from, but this Freedom Makeup palette is a great middle-ground size for me. Measuring 17.5cm by 9.5cm it can fit 18 standard eyeshadow single pans or 8 of Freedom’s contour/blush/highlighter shades. I’m using it currently to house my favourite contour shade pans, but for travelling it will be perfect for taking my favourite shades of all types of product pans, meaning I won’t have to carry a different palette for each type of product. Plus, the entire inner lid is a mirror, an added bonus. Only £5 from

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick Review

Anytime anyone asks me about what lipstick I use the answer is always ‘Creeper’ Ultra Matte liquid lipstick by Colourpop Cosmetics, because 95% of the time that’s what I wear. Still, despite my dedication to that particular product and shade, I still regularly like to try out other liquid lipsticks just in case there is, unlikely as it is, a product out there that will rate a perfect 5 out of 5.

When it comes to liquid lipsticks, I’ve also learned it’s a fairly individual thing which formulas work for you. What might feel too drying for one person might be perfect for someone else. What melts off in the corners of my mouth might stay unsmudged on someone with differently shaped lips. So while the Colourpop Ultra Mattes are my Holy Grail, my friend Hope prefers Jeffree Star’s Velour liquid lipstick range, and sweet little angel that she is, she sent me one to try out.

Jeffree Star Unicorn Blood Velour Lipstick ReviewJeffree Star Unicorn Blood Velour Lipstick Review

Unicorn Blood, the shade she chose, is a very dark russet red. It’s the kind of shade that’s incredibly vampy and autumnal on someone as pale and dark haired as I am, an almost perfect match to my dark red bottle dyed hair, so it’s not an every day colour for me.

Swatches Jefree Star Unicorn Blood liquid lipstick natural light shade comparison

Natural light. L to R: Colourpop ‘Avenue’, ‘LAX’ and ‘Rooch’, Lime Crime ‘Wicked’, MUA Luxe Lip Lacquer ‘Firecracker’, Jeffree Star Velour ‘Unicorn Blood’

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick Swatches review flash compared

Flash. L to R: Colourpop ‘Avenue’, ‘LAX’ and ‘Rooch’, Lime Crime ‘Wicked’, MUA Luxe Lip Lacquer ‘Firecracker’, Jeffree Star Velour ‘Unicorn Blood’

Jeffree star Velour Liquid Lipstick Unicorn Blood

In terms of formula, this is very pigmented and creamy, taking a minute or so to dry down to be matte on the lips and several minutes to feel completely dry. I prefer my liquid lipsticks to have a very lightweight but entirely dry formula so that I know they won’t budge or transfer off my lips without feeling especially heavy or cakey. Normally, softer, more moisture-retaining formulas melt at the corners of my mouth a little because of the set of my lips, and transfer more when I drink and eat or kiss my niblings on their squidgy little cheeks. This Jeffree Star Velour lipstick falls more in that latter category. It feels medium weight on my lips and is more comfortable than the more dry liquid lipsticks, having a softer, velvety touch feel left over when totally dry, even though it’s almost entirely transfer-proof when dry.

Jeffree Star Unicorn Blood Velour Lipstick Review applicator

I like my liquid lipstick applicators to be doe foot wands that have very short hairs or are almost hard. This applicator is a doe’s foot wand that has relatively long hairs, similar to Lime Crime’s Velveteens, so personally I find it very hard to get a crisp, defined line around my outer lip line using this kind of applicator, especially on my upper lip. I get better control applying this when using a lip brush, even though I hate those too, so if you feel the same way about hairy applicators as I do then bear that in mind.

In terms of wear, I wasn’t bowled over as it performed like many other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried, but it’s definitely in the well performing range and not the range of disapppointing products. My Holy Grail Colourpop definitely holds up better through eating, and it’s important to note that not all foods are created equal in terms of how they will effect your lipstick–anything fatty or greasy is going to break down the formula way more than something drier, like a cracker or sandwich, so judging a lipstick by how it holds up during eating is affected by what you’re eating.

Saying that, I do also find across the board in all brands that very dark reds or russet browns never last as well as true reds do, including such shades from my beloved Colourpop, so it’s possible the pink or red shades from this line might last better through eating than Unicorn Blood did. It didn’t flake off, like a lot of liquid lipsticks do during eating, but instead just softened and melted, wearing off in the middle of my lips and feathering a little, and necessitating a napkin wipe and a touch up. It was a smooth reapplication, though, without clumping or flaking, so I’m pleased it’s comfortable even after touch ups.

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks come in 36 different shades, from soft pinks and natural nudes to funky unearthly tones like violet purple, electric blue and vibrant mint green. They’re listed as 100% vegan, paraben-, gluten- and cruelty-free. They cost $18 each and are available shipped internationally from directly, but can be found at many other stockists internationally.

Jeffree Star Unicorn Blood Velour Lipstick Review