Outfits April 2022 to February 2023

It feels kind of redundant to write an intro into these accidentally-only-twice-yearly outfit posts now because I can’t help but feel I need to point out that I’m not a deeply unsocial person (not deeply, anyway,) who never does anything, I’m just a somewhat-unsocial person who has vulnerable loved ones that I can’t risk passing anything along to, thus curtailing my social life. So, in line with not wanting to harp on that once again, I’m also gonna stop Continue reading

Outfits September 2021 to May 2022

Miss Amy May outfits

Remember when I used to round up my outfits on a monthly basis, because I had an actual social life for which to get dressed up? Sigh. Those were the good ol’ days. I know most people are back to ‘normal’ now, despite the delays and disruptions caused by people getting Covid, Long Covid, and often Covid for a second or third time, but I’m one of those people who hasn’t had it yet, and has immunocompromised loved-ones to boot, so for the most part my social life still doesn’t…really exist? Continue reading

Outfits Feb to July 2021, Because Covid Never Ends

When I last did one of these bulk outfit round ups it covered the second half of last year through to this January. At the time I knew it wouldn’t be my last bulk round up before my social life returned to normal, which is what would be required in order for me to return to my usual monthly round ups of days past. Did I think I would leave it another 6 months before I did another one of these posts, though? In all honesty I don’t think I even thought far enough ahead to ponder that. My priority has been and remains the safety and health of my loved ones and myself, and though I read enough articles and expert opinions last March to glean that this pandemic was likely going to be a 1-2 year thing, at least, I think I still hit a big wall coming out of winter this year. Continue reading

Outfits June 2020-January 2021, Because Covid

If you’re a regular reader of this blog then you’ll know that pre-pandemic I used to upload a round up of the outfits I had worn each month. After covid-19 hit and the concept of having a social life evaporated, so did those round ups. I work as a warehouse supervisor, so when lockdown went into effect last spring I was furloughed for 3 months. During that time I busied myself with producing blog and social media content, and occasionally got to dress up for video call catch ups with loved ones. I also made an effort to dress up when I went to deliver groceries to my mum and an elderly neighbour, so I still documented those outfits for an April-May round up–there was, surprisingly, enough of them.

In June, though, I was recalled to work and everything was fairly flat-out from then until the New Year in terms of workload and remaining mental capacity. Beyond getting dolled up to safely shoot items for review here on the blog, there were no random days where I had the energy to get dressed up ‘just because I felt like it.’ Instead, I only got pinned up for video call catch ups with loved ones when I was in the mood to do so, Continue reading

April + May Outfits Round Up in Lockdown

Well the last outfit round up in March was unusual in and of itself, being mostly comprised of past outfits that I’d forgotten to post in a timely manner. This round up though? This is certainly a first.

In ‘normal’ life I only get pinned up for social events, not for work. Since social gatherings no longer exist, essentially, I’ve had very few reasons to get all dressed up over the past couple of months. I’ve been furloughed, so I have used some of that extra free time to create additional blog and social media content. That aside, I’ve only bothered to get pinned up for about half of the video calls I’ve had with family and friends, on the days when I felt I could face the effort full hair and make-up takes, as my patience for that process has been fairly low compared to usual. My birthday was in May, so there were even a couple of instances near the big day when I got fully glam for that week’s food delivery to my mum and her elderly friend, or to my sheltering best friend who sometimes needs me to pick up and deliver her meds to her. What I’m saying is, the glam has been very sparse lately, and that’s been what I needed in this particular circumstance. I hope you’ve been able to indulge in the level of glam or of comfort that you’ve needed, too, to feel as reassured as one can be during this time. Me? I’m compiling this list for you in my favourite sweatpants, so I’m a happy girl.

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March Outfits Round Up–Sort Of [Covid-19 Update]

So, uh…things are pretty different these days, huh?

I used to give a little summary at the start of my monthly outfit round ups, but I stopped after a while because I just didn’t think it was a necessary component of those posts. Now, though, it would be weird not to address what’s going on in the world, which is obviously the rapid and wide spreading of Covid-19. I know different countries are and will continue to be in varying levels of isolation and lockdown; here in the UK we’ve been officially social distancing since just before the middle of March, with a more extensive ‘essential work and travel only’ lockdown beginning shortly after.

As such, I obviously didn’t socialise in March as I usually would have, and since I only dress up in my vintage style lovelies for socialising that means the chance to get pinned up as usual evaporated a few weeks back. What you likely don’t know, though, is that I’m often anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks behind in uploading some of my outfits, because I’m lazy and the whole process involves a tedious transfer from camera to computer, then to the cloud, then on to my phone in order to even post an OOTD on Instagram. So for the remainder of March after social distancing began I had been posting old outfits I had accumulated in an accidental backlog.

Meanwhile, in reality, I moved in with my brother’s family, where I will be living for the duration that this virus remains a threat, and until the middle of last week I’d been continuing to go to work because by day I’m a full-time warehouse supervisor at a warehouse that is part of the supply chain. Now that I’ve been furloughed, I’m sure there will be days that I decide to dress up just to have something fun and remotely normal to do, but these outfits below are some of my last ones I have banked and once they run out you and I will both have to get used to sporadic outfit shots taken against a new background (!!)–where exactly that will be, I haven’t figured out yet. I tried to take a couple of my outfits over Easter weekend but my first choice had dubious lighting, so it’s back to the drawing board on that.

All of this is to say that I don’t currently intend to shut down the blog entirely during the duration of this pandemic–for now, I’ve had messages saying that for those quarantined at home or struggling to cope with the sudden changes we’ve all had to make they’ve found that it’s nice to still be able to keep up with others in our vintage community online and to still share pictures, outfits, chat, etc. While that remains a joyful and helpful outlet for myself and others I’m more then happy to keep Instagramming and blogging when I can.

Please be assured that any photos taken outside are done so within the safety of my garden. I want to focus as much as I can on promoting small businesses that will need extra help to stay afloat during this crisis in the hopes that we can help them make it out the other side of it, so where possible I’ll be doing garden-shot reviews for that purpose. Overall, I just want to be totally honest with you that I’m abiding by any government guidelines, I’m doing my best to supply and care for the vulnerable and elderly within my community, and that, just like everyone else, I don’t know where this is all going and will likely make adjustments as needed as time goes on. All we can do is care for one another, be vigilant, and do our part in being a supportive, proactive community.

I hope you and all your loved ones are safe and well, and continue to remain so. If you care about looking at pretty outfits please scroll down to enjoy 3 minutes of mindless vintage oblivion, but if not thank you for reading this update. Stay home and stay safe!

All my love

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