Where do you buy your clothes?
Mostly online. I buy direct from the websites of the brands I love most and from their stockists.

Do you dress like this all the time?
Not for work, as it would be impractical where I work, but socially, yes, I always like to be in my pinup finest. Dressing ‘casually’ means something very different to me now than it did years ago, and I feel sad if I have to forsake my petticoats for jeans in order to be ‘normal’ for a certain occasion.

What does C/O mean on your old posts?
C/O stands for ‘Care of,’ it means the mentioned product or item of clothing was sent to me as courtesy, free of charge, for the purposes of being reviewed. Following the change in U.K. government rules in January 2019 concerning transparency for influencers, after that date I ceased using the marker ‘C/O’ and began to list gifted items as ‘gifted’ in an attempt to make things even clearer for my readers. I include a disclaimer at the end of each blog post which details any gifted items used within that post, and discloses any past relationship I may have had with any brands mentioned, as required by U.K. law. All of my reviews are and have always been honest, and I only accept gifted items which I love the look of and feel are true to my aesthetic. I regularly turn down gifting offers. I do not accept paid sponsorship fees in exchange for any mentions on my blog or social media.

Do you make money off your blog? 
Blogging is just a hobby for me and I intend to keep it that way, so no, not really. There are occasionally affiliate links included in some posts, but they are marked ‘A/L’–if you click on an affiliate link and end up buying the item within a certain number of days I will receive a small commission of that purchase. I mostly turn down affiliate offers as it’s not my intention to become a full or even part time blogger. I have a full time job, which is my priority.

Do you accept Guest Posts?

No. In the past I’ve allowed guest posts during a long vacation period, but even then the posts were by invite only.

Do you have any advice for pinups new to styling vintage hair? 
I’m by no means an expert, but if you want help getting the hang of pincurls then you can find a tutorial here on how to roll pincurls and my review on the Sculpture Pin Curler Tool. Otherwise I suggest you look to ladies who have far greater skills than I, particularly Youtubers, such as PinupDollAshleyMarie, The Cherry Dollface and Lisa Freemont Street.

Is it expensive to be a pinup?
It can be, but as with everything else it just depends what budget you’re working within and if you want to spend/save money. Hair and makeup costs work out no differently to any other style as it depends totally upon what brands you choose to buy in order to create your look, but in terms of clothes it’s just as possible to create a flawless look by finding cute retro and vintage clothing in charity/thrift shops and online as it is to buy expensive reproduction clothing. Searching for deals on BNWT or second hand clothes on eBay too is a great way to save for those who need to. It’s about living within your means and being inventive if you have to. I regularly cut cost corners by accessorizing my more expensive items of clothing with cheap shoes/accessories I buy from eBay or high street stores, or even items I make myself.

What about someone who wants a run down of retro clothing brands? I have no idea where to start! 
Got you sorted right here, lovely.

What lipstick do you wear?
There are a lot of different long-lasting lipsticks I like, so listing them all here would take a while–I also discover new lipsticks all the time, so you should check out my makeup reviews tag for all my makeup reviews and check out and my My Fave Makeup Products series for regular updates of new products I’ve found and why I like them.

Where should someone begin their pinup transformation–hair, make up, clothes?
Whatever you feel most comfortable altering to become more retro is the best place to start, it’s different for everyone. I happened to begin with my hair and work my way down, so to speak. You can read more in-depth about my transformation here.

Why did you start your blog?
I’ve always been someone who writes, though it used to be fiction, and I never had any intentions to start a blog. However I noticed around the time I reached about 2000 followers on Instagram that I was regularly getting questions from ladies who wanted to begin dressing in a retro style but didn’t know where to start or wanted tips/tricks. I also got asked a lot of questions about the fit of many of the items I wore in my outfit pictures, so I asked my followers if they would read a blog if I were to start one to address all their questions. I was floored by the enthusiastic response and started one shortly after. It’s been a sometimes-stressful, always enriching and inspiring journey ever since.

Don’t see a question here you’ve been wondering about? Leave it in a comment or email pinupamymay@gmail.com.

6 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hello Miss Amy May!
    I’ve just moved from a year-round summer climate to a place with windy, rainy Falls and snowy, icy Winters. I was wondering if you had any suggestions of fashionable yet practical wellies and snow boots. My job requires me to be outdoors daily but I don’t want to sacrifice my style if at all possible!
    Thank you!


    • Ah, I’m sorry doll, I don’t have any experience with needing stylish wellies or snow boots. Are you part of any pinup groups on Facebook? If so, you can ask in one of those and I’m sure there will be someone else who has experience in similar climates.


    • Yes, I have a remote timer that I use with my Nikon D3200 on a tripod for all my blog shoots, and my more casual outfit photos I take using the same equipment but with the camera just propped up on my chest of drawers.


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