London Edge Spring/Summer 2017 

It’s that time of year again: I’m fresh back from my trip to London Edge and I’ve got all the previews you want ready in my handy-dandy round up.


London Edge outfit, Jade dress + Lucy cardigan C/O Collectif

For those of you that don’t know what London Edge is, it’s an alternative fashion trade show held twice a year to display the new season’s upcoming collections from the exhibiting vendors. Stockists of the brands attend to decide which items they want to order for their stores and websites, and bloggers are often invited to cover the releases for their readers. For vintage-style loving ladies, that means seeing the new lines of favourites such as Collectif, Hell Bunny, Voodoo Vixen, Banned/Dancing Days, Unique Vintage, Seamstress of Bloomsbury, and many more. Basically, there’s a lot of very pretty stuff all on display under one roof.


The only pic Giselle & I remembered to take together all weekend

For this SS17 event I went with my bestie babe Giselle, with whom I also spent the previous day catching up on life, gossip, and having a great time bowling and eating at Bayswater’s All Star Lanes. The fun continued at Edge, where we got to catch up with some of our favourite vintage ladies, like owner Claudia of Deadly is the Female, model Scarlett Luxe, owner Kerry of Audrey Stars Boutique, Sandy from Vivien of Holloway, and blogging kiwi babes Soda Fontaine and Miss Victory Violet (brief though the latter meeting was.) I always love finding out what new pieces other ladies have been most taken with at the show, as it’s interesting to see if we’ve all selected the same stand-out items that are therefore bound to be bestsellers that we may have to fight over at the online checkout, or whether we have differing appreciations for the upcoming styles.

As easily distracted as I can be at Edge with so many things to look at and people to talk to, I did my best to snap my usual excited and hurried pictures of the items I loved best and those I felt my readers would enjoy so that I can give you a glimpse of what’s to come. Here, below, let me share with you my top picks for upcoming SS17.


On Offer: Tropical prints, harlequin, gingham, watermelon fun, border prints, mermaid vibes with seaside prints, more super high-waisted jeans and the return of their (newly improved) capris.
Extra extra: AW17/18 previews showed a return of many favourite styles in new colours and prints, plus some new shapes and interesting changes for the brand. Olive, burgundy and navy feature heavily, there’s faux fur trim back again, and their best loved coats in new colourways.
Official Lookbook
My Favourites: Literally too many to name. Tropical Fairy doll dresses, Jade dresses, harlequin Dolores tops, anchor print Erina.

Lulu Hun
On Offer: Striped ribbon wrap wedges, striped and gingham ballet flats, kitschy strapped flat sandals featuring fruit or cactus, solid coloured flats with cut-out vamps.
Extra extra: AW17/18 will have so many cute retro booties you can’t even handle it. I’m not allowed to show you yet, but believe me, you’re going to be on board.
My Favourites: The nautical coloured striped wedges, of course, (even though they’re stupidly not pictured here) and the black/white striped and gingham flats.

Voodoo Vixen

On Offer: Summer stripes, adorable playsuits, florals, flower-trimmed necklines, their first bridal range, a sequel to last summer’s bestselling nautical jumpsuit.
Extra extra: Loved the Chicago Chic Blog collaboration from this winter? The matching vanity handbag will be coming this July (ish).
My Favourites: SO MANY. The green daisy-trimmed pieces, coral-peach floral neckline dress, dark striped print, andthe cute playsuits with wide flaired shorts.

Hell Bunny

On Offer: Fun nautical, tropical, fruit and daisy prints, short sleeved cardigans, a killer white wicker style bag that can pass for vintage.
My Favourites: The Ryder bag, the 50s lighthouse print dress, and monte carlo 50s dress.

Unique Vintage

On Offer: Lots of familiar styles in new prints and colours, including the Dolores, Golightly, Eva Marie and Hamilton, plus the high-waisted bikinis their famous for, bold stripes, a bandanna print, and multiple cutesy novelty print skirts and nautical prints.
Extra extra: Two words–UV kids.
My Favourites: All the bright striped dresses killed me, plus the pale blue and white checked shirt dress and the bandanna dress.

Banned/Dancing Days

On Offer: Flamingos, LOTS of willow pattern-esque blue on white print, popular tops in new colourways or prints, bags and shoes to match the prints on the clothing.
My Favourites: Willow pattern dress, yellow striped dress, striped boat neck top.

Miss Candyfloss

On Offer: The Housewife Collection, inspired by the 50s housewives with a twist. Lots of gingham, daisies, pastels, and novelty prints featuring coloured bicycles, kitchen storage jars. Classic Miss C dress shapes in new colours or featuring textured design inserts. Jumpsuits, of course.
Official lookbook
My Favourites: The light brown and pale blue striped dress featuring on the last page of the lookbook which I couldn’t actually find at the show, ha.

Zoe Vine

On Offer: Simple and classic wiggle dresses, the return of the Isabelle dress in two new prints, flutter sleeved softly flared dresses, a sudden burst of metallic gold.
Extra extra: AW preview included velvet wiggles, floor length dresses, and simple styles with button details.
My Favourites: The lighthouse print Isabelle dress, hands down.

Love UR Look 

On Offer: Gingham, desert/cacti and Wild West themes featured as embroidered appliques, and all the usual interesting necklines and design details Love UR Look is known for.
My Favourites: Blue printed shirt dress as featured above, and the bird dress with pink, blue and orange birds.

Pretty Retro/The House of Foxy

On Offer: Simple mix ‘n’ match separates, shirt dresses, sweaters, the amazing above mustard jacket and floral dress. Plus, their menswear line, 20th Century Chap.
My Favourites: The mustard ensemble above, be still my heart.

Seamstress of Bloomsbury

On Offer: Easy-to-wear, easy-to-care-for flowing jumpsuits and 40s style dresses, a burst of gingham, some simple summer whites, prints that aren’t overwhelming or overly bold.
My Favourites: Red gingham strap dress with feature pockets and navy trimmed simple white dress.

And there you have it! My favourites of what I could find, though I still suggest you keep your eye out for the official lookbooks from your favourite brands to see the full range. Some brands like Collectif have already begun releasing their SS17 line, while others, like Voodoo Vixen, are expecting their first releases to begin coming in at the end of this month. I suggest you get your wishlists prepped and your pennies ready!

London Edge AW16 – Preview Top Picks

I make a point to head to London Edge every New Year now to see the SS ranges previewed, but until this year I hadn’t yet made it to the September show for the AW lines. Many of the brands had already previewed at least some of their collections online with their AW lookbooks, but there were many that still hadn’t about whom I was curious. I was also looking forward to seeing everything in person, whether I’d seen previews of the pieces yet or not, and to meeting some of the other familiar faces that would be there.

In the past I’ve gone along with one or more of my vintage style friends, but this time I decided to try to maximize my efficiency by going alone. I was a little bit nervous about being a billy-no-mates, but as it turned out I got to meet up with several of my friends there after all, Carly of Cici And Marie, pinup model Scarlett Luxe, and owner of Deadly is the Female, Claudia. I also bumped into Kerry, owner of Audrey Star’s Boutique, and lovely Claudia of who came over all the way from Belgium. And I had the pleasure to meet Jaimee, AKA blogger Soda Fontaine, who is just downright adorable, as well as a few readers who were all total sweethearts and I would have loved to have had more time to chat to.


L to R: Soda Fontaine/Jaimee, Claudia from Deadly is the Female, Pinup model Scarlett Luxe

The PR managers of all our favourite brands happen to be awesome, hilarious people, so getting to chat with them at their booths and the Influencer event I was invited to gave me such an insight into the upcoming lines. I’ve tried to remember to insert that background info into these summaries, but to be honest a week later it’s now just a haze of pretty dresses, lovely people and rushed excitement. Let’s go!


Collectif are such a powerhouse brand now that they work two seasons ahead, rather than the typical vintage-industry standard of one, meaning they had their entire SS17 line on display as well as the AW. I’m not allowed to show you any pictures or give you any information about that Spring/Summer line, because life is cruel, but I’ll warn you now that you will need to make sure your bank account is prepared for when it launches next year. It’s a mix of some of the existing styles and prints Collectif does best offered alongside some truly awesome new pieces and styles they haven’t offered before. As excited as I am about changing to my Autumn wardrobe, seeing that line has made me sad that I’ll have to wait for it.

In terms of AW16, yet again Collecfif are killing it. There’s rich greens, elegant burgundy, shimmering greys; plaids, checks and tartans; shiny gunmetal jumpsuits, gold lamé and faux leather, oh my. Plus, that’s not even mentioning be faux fur and jacquard that make an appearance. The whole line offers a mix of sumptuous holiday luxury and fun rockabilly glitz. I’m desperate for many pieces, ready to put them in my online basket as soon as they debut online, and I’d be truly flummoxed if at the end of the AW releases you told me there wasn’t anything you really wanted.

The Lulu Hun offerings are a mix of adorable and classic. Bright & Beautiful, their more 60s & 70s inspired line, will have some pieces sporting longer hemlines for those of us who aren’t fond of getting out such vast acreage of thigh. Aida Zak offers her usual office-appropriate, modest Autumn cuts.

The Collectif Mainline and Vintage lookbooks are already available online, so I figured my excitedly-shoddy snapshots on the day wouldn’t do the pieces justice in comparison. Instead, I’ve put together a little collage of some of my favourite styles and encourage you to give the full lookbooks a browse.


My Collectif Vintage line absolute faves


Love UR Look

Love UR Look

This is Love UR Look’s first full AW line. I was in a rush by the time I reached their stall, so I forgot to snap a picture of their overall offerings, instead only grabbing this quick shot of my favourite piece, a sleeved dress with an apple print. If you click on the image you can see some of the other lovely prints they have on offer this season, including this apple style I love in an olive green (yes!) Their line on the whole offers more of the same of what Love UR Look are already known for, intricate design details, especially in their wonderful necklines, fun fabric prints that aren’t overwhelming, and modest hemlines, all ethically produced.



Banned did well this summer with the introduction of some incredibly popular novelty skirts, so they’re following through this AW by creating two seasonal novelty prints, one blue based and one red, both available on a dress and a skirt.

The items I was most excited for are their Modern Love tops and Addicted sweaters, available in greens, grey and other seasonal colours that are my favourite year round. They were soft to the touch and affordable, and I’ll be buying up several, for sure.

The other items I was thrilled to see were the tweed offerings. For me, that meant tweed swing dresses with suedette trimmed collars and cuffs, but the same style was also available in a pencil skirt and jacket set which was to die for. Their shoe and handbag line is also delightful, with several tweed inclusive pieces that make my English Rose heart ache.


Hell Bunny

Hell Bunny have had some amazing seasons of late, and AW16 offers some more wonderful pieces. There’ll be faux fur trimmed coats, holiday novelty themed pieces, and the return of their Christmas jumpers, with some new inclusions. Their Aberdeen and Dublin tartans from last year are available on circle skirts this year, thankfully, as well as a swing dress sporting a navy tartan that makes me happy. There were two surprises I was totally delighted by; one, a houndstooth dress that had a velvet collar which I will be buying ASAP; and two, two floor length gowns, one velvet and one featuring beadwork. I couldn’t get a decent shot of them on my phone in the convention lighting, but I’m delighted that Hell Bunny are expanding their party wear pieces in such an elegant direction to compliment their lovely tulle prom style dresses they’ve exhibited for the last two seasons.

Plus, there’s also handbags and lurex sweaters. Oh, did I sink the lead there? Yes, lurex sweaters. Yes, I know many of you will go a little bit mental over that.


Voodoo Vixen

The AW16 line from Voodoo Vixen is available first from Top Vintage but will be available on VV’s own site from the end of September. Their latest line features lots of your favourite VV styles in new colours or prints, as well as the debut of several new silhouettes, including four longer-length pieces available from the range designed by Rachel Jensen of Chicago Chic Blog. Yes, I said four–there’ll be a pencil skirt and high waisted swing trousers in addition to the Lola swing and wiggle dresses which have already been previewed online.

Voodoo Vixen are also offering coats for the first time ever, alongside an extension in their handbag range of which I put at least 4 onto my mental wishlist. There’s two elegant jumpsuits I deeply wish would work on my body, and, yes, we have to talk about their olive velvet gown, which is as gorgeous in person as it looks in pictures. Plus, sssh, they’ve been keeping it a secret that the gown will come in a second colour. Keep your eyes peeled. They’re both bound to sell out fast.

Voodoo Vixen’s AW16 Lookbook and blog post with more previews.


Heart of Haute

Heart of Haute always offer lovely party frocks and glitzy fabrics for the holiday season in their AW lines, but this year I’m so excited to see a healthy dose of plaid and checks. Not all their new pieces were at the show, so I don’t have a huge amount to show you, but if you love HoH it’s definitely a line you won’t be disappointed by.


Miss Candyfloss

Miss Candyfloss’s Librarian Collection for this season was inspired by old movies, like Funny Face and the Audrey Hepburn’s librarian character within it. There’s lots of checks and rich, autumnal colours on offer in this season’s line, as well as two pieces designed in collaboration with Miss Victory Violet. Their bestseller Gigi jumpsuit is coming in a couple other colours/print combinations, and they’ve got some tartan-tastic separates on their way alongside their vast selection of beautiful dresses.

So, what d’you think, what are your favourites? Is there anything you need now with your grabbiest of grabby hands?