Taking The B.A.I.T 

I’ve wanted a pair of B.A.I.T shoes for about a year now. A lot of their designs aren’t much my style, as I typically find my love for the vintage aesthetic doesn’t tend towards the shoes as much as it does the clothes, but I do like their Ida’s and have especially been eyeing up their new mustard yellow colourway recently.

I’ve heard lots of confused talk about which styles run small, which don’t, et cetera, and that’s always worried me in and of itself, let alone factoring in the fact that I’ve never been able to figure out for certain what my US shoe size is. I’m a UK 7, but I’ve found every conversion size chart I check has me flip-flopping (ba dum cha!) as to whether I’m a US 9 or 10. I’ve tried to figure it out by also cross-referencing the European sizing but half of my UK 7s say 41 and the rest 40, so that only made things more confusing. All of this just came together to convince me that until I could find a UK stockist I would have to give up on B.A.I.T or else risk a costly returns process to the US.

However, then B.A.I.T released their Loraine heels this spring. Available in mustard yellow, classic red, and rich grass green, they chose 3 of my very favourite colours widely represented in my wardrobe. I found myself scouring the internet to find the best place to order them, intensifying my research to figure out if I would definitely need a 10. I dug out the two pairs of heels I’ve ordered from America before, one which fit perfectly and the other felt a little big, and decided the 10 was the best bet. A peep-toe sandal with an ankle strap that’s a little big is better too me than a shoe that’s too small for comfort, so I was willing to risk it in this style more so than a closed-toe pump like the Ida.


B.A.I.T Loraine heels greenB.A.I.T Loraine heels green
B.A.I.T Loraine heels green B.A.I.T Loraine heels greenB.A.I.T Loraine heels greenB.A.I.T Loraine heels green Shoes: Green Loraine heels by B.A.I.T
Skirt: Erina dress by Collectif

The verdict? They’re a perfect fit. They’re 40s inspired, so the very small peeptoe and the butterfly front of the sandal offer almost closed-toe coverage, which I like in my summer sandals being that I live in often-chilly England. They’re not too narrow and feel comfortable on, especially since the heel isn’t too high at only 4 inches with a 1/2 inch front platform. I love the exact shade of green, kind of like cut grass, kind of like green olives but punched up about 5 times in brightness. It’s a shade that feels very ‘true vintage’ to me and can be hard to find from modern brands, which is why I opted for the green colourway rather than the mustard (I already have 2 pairs of mustard shoes) or red (I already have approximately a bagillion red shoes.)

In terms of stockists, I found several websites that were offering these heels but none in the UK. The best option for me was to get them from Trashy Diva. They offer free shipping on International orders over $200, with their standard international shipping costing a flat rate $39 otherwise. I was already ordering a dress for $163, so it was one of those situations where it made more sense to spend the money on a product to get the free shipping than to spend a lot on the shipping cost alone. Trashy Diva ship by UPS, who require customs payment upon delivery, compared to Royal Mail’s procedure of requiring payment before delivery and Fedex’s procedure of asking for payment after delivery. So if you’re an international customer like me, make sure to have money on you on the day of your scheduled delivery. To give you an idea of customs, my order of both the dress and the shoes, totaling $228, required a customs payment of just under $33. I don’t think UPS add a handling fee like Royal Mail (£8 on every parcel) or Fedex (£12 per parcel) do to the parcels that require a customs payment, but if they do it’s a lot less than the former companies do.

The Loraine heels cost $75 and B.A.I.T do ship internationally themselves if you want to buy directly from them. They also have a store in LA, for those local or visiting the area. Judging by the adorable packaging of their shoe boxes and even how lovely the design details on the inner sole of their shoes are, I bet their store is a thing to behold.

Do you own any B.A.I.T shoes? Do you have a similar experience of choosing the right size for you?

Sundress Sylvia [Voodoo Vixen]

I might accidentally be collecting yellow dresses. You might think that’s not a colour in which one needs a lot of different dresses, but I’m going to have to disagree. Particularly since, in my defense, each dress offers something different to the other: one’s polka dot, another is gingham, one plain, yet another is eyelet lace, and the last sports a vibrant blue Hawaiian floral. And now there’s Voodoo Vixen’s Sylvia dress, which has a mixture of many of those features, as well as something else entirely. It’s one of those dresses that is far prettier in person than pictures are able to capture, but I’ve given it my best shot for you anyway.

Voodoo Vixen Sylvia dress Voodoo Vixen Sylvia dress Voodoo Vixen Sylvia dressVoodoo Vixen Sylvia dress Voodoo Vixen Sylvia dress Voodoo Vixen Sylvia dressVoodoo Vixen Sylvia dress

Dress: Sylvia dress C/O Voodoo Vixen
Hair Flower: Red Signature Double Rose by Daisy Jean Florals
Brooch: Red Poppy Field by Erstwilder
Shoes: Bedazzled by me (tutorial)
Cardigan: Old season Primark
Bracelet: Old / Similar by Splendette

This dress has a lot going on, but in a good way. The top layer is a sheer check, like a semi-transparent gingham, on which the truly vibrant floral is printed. The tops is lined and there’s an underskirt layer beneath the tiered skirt, which makes me think both of country and sundresses from my youth. The bodice has vertical pleating and decorative pearlised buttons running down the centre. It’s such a small feature but I love the little triangle cut out in the middle of the bust, and the straps aren’t adjustable but are a middling thickness, nowhere near as thin as spaghetti straps.

It’s a relatively high bustline, with no potential for accidental boobage displays, so it’s a dress that would be well suited to more modest tastes. The skirt, which is 26 inches long, has room for a medium volume petticoat, as I’m wearing in the pictures, or lays nicely without an underskirt. It’s a comfortable, light summer dress and I really love how different the sheer gingham layer is, particularly with the flowers printed atop it. Pictures really don’t do justice to how bright and pretty those flowers are but they’re best displayed in this close up of the skirt.

Voodoo Vixen Sylvia dress

I always wear the XL from Voodoo Vixen, which is the nearest equivalent of a UK size 16. When it comes to sizing and fit for this dress, you’ll probably be especially interested to learn that this dress doesn’t have any zippers, functional buttons or closures. None. It’s got a smocked shirred elastic bank panel with so much stretch that getting into it only requires putting it on over your head or even pulling it up over your hips–which, yes, I managed to do without hearing any tell-tale stitch ripping noises.

Due to that large shirred back panel, this XL flat measures 30 inches in the waist and flat stretches to 35 inches in the waistband. With it on, though, I could get the dress off and on over my hips, which are 47 inches, so there’s more stretch in the dress in practice than demonstrated when trying to get accurate measurements laid flat. The bust measures 32 inches flat unstretched but I could flat stretch it measured at 44 inches and, much like over my hips, I feel there’s probably more stretch in that when moving it and putting it on a body compared to me wrestling with it over a tape on my floor.

All that stretch in the back panel does mean it can fit a bit loosely in the bodice once on, giving a more relaxed looking fit, which makes it a good dress for comfort during the heat of summer. If that kind of fit really bugs you it’s possible you may be able to size down for a snugger fit, but do bear in mind if you do that then you will still need to be able to pull it on over your head or hips without a zipper so you need to take your measurements and weigh up if you’ll be able to get it on in the next size down.

The Sylvia dress by Voodoo Vixen costs £54.99 and is available in sizes S-XL, but using the discount code MISSAMY20 will get you 20% off across the site until October. Unfortunately this style won’t be coming in plus sizes, but Voodoo Vixen have lots of their other newest styles coming in plus instead in their Vixen Curve line. Voodoo Vixen ship internationally and they’re having a big sale this Bank Holiday weekend, with up to 50% off loads of styles until Tuesday 3rd at midnight, so you better get crackin’ if you want to pick up a bargain!