Party Dress Season: Unique Vintage 

Unique Vintage is one of my favourite websites for vintage clothing. I own several glamorous evening dresses by UV and the final dress in our party dress series here. the Dovima, is of that same ilk. There’s no two ways about it. The Dovima dress is pure, unadultered Old hollywood glamour. When it first launched in it’s original black and champagne colourways a couple months back I complained to more than one friend about how beautiful it was and how much that pained me. I had no good reason to buy a stunningly elegant evening dress that couldn’t be dressed down for daytime, and so Dovima and I couldn’t meet and love one another as I knew we should. Plus, in all honesty, I was a little bit worried that my upper hip area might look a bit prominent in a dress so sleekly draped of skirt, so I tried my best to put her out of my head, thinking we were not meant to be.

But it’s Christmas time. That is the party dress season. And Dovima is now available in rich red and emerald green, two of my absolute favourite colours. If that isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is. Dovima and I are obviously meant to be after all. And what better way to finish off this party dress review series than with the love that has blossomed between this beauty and myself.

Unique Vintage Emerald Green Dovima dress Unique Vintage Emerald Green Dovima dressUnique Vintage Emerald Green Dovima dressUnique Vintage Emerald Green Dovima dressUnique Vintage Emerald Green Dovima dressUnique Vintage Emerald Green Dovima dress Unique Vintage Emerald Green Dovima dress

Dress: Emerald Green Dovima dress C/O Unique Vintage
Shoes: Hand bedazzled by me (Tutorial)
Bracelets: Primark

I can’t overstate how much I love this dress. It is all things stunning and spectacular. When I first tried it on I sent a giddy Snapchat to my friends, who are all fairly used to receiving such things from me, and they all wrote back in raptures about how beautiful it is. The ballerina style swing dress has a tea length skirt made of rich satin and chiffon fabrication inserts which flows and drapes beautifully. The bodice is fitted and boned satin closing with a centre back zipper and features a brooch adornment in the centre of the statement neckline. It nips, sheens and swishes, and it is perfection.

My worries about this dress not being flattering on my ample upper hips were unfounded–the cut and drape is flattering and this dress makes me feel incredible. It’s such a stunning piece it will get pride of place in my Christmas season party wear, no contest.

I typically size into an XL in UV’s vintage dresses so I chose the same for Dovima. The size chart stated this XL is meant for a 33 waist and 41 bust, and my flat measurements of the piece confirm exactly that with a 16.5 inch flat measured waist and a 20.5 inch flat measured bust. It’s not the kind of dress that has give in it but due to the boning and construction it is the kind of dress that can do some slight cinching work, so follow the size chart with your most recent measurements and you should be able to ensure a snug, comfortable fit that looks fabulous and glamorous this holiday season.

The Dovima dress is available from Unique Vintage for $138 for the champagne, red and emerald colourways, with the black colourway currently on sale for $104. This dress comes in a plus size version so the size range covers XS-3X waists altogether. Unique Vintage ship internationally at a variety of prices and speeds, so get your order in fast to receive this beauty before Christmas.

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