April Outfits Round Up

I am so psyched that April has been such a good weather month for me. Most shocking of all is that the best weather we had took place over the weekend when I went to Edinburgh on a little trip–Edinburgh! In Scotland! AKA the land of wind and rain. When my friend Giselle and I booked that trip we braced ourselves for the likelihood of bad weather and sodden hair, but we got nothing but clear skies and a happy sun. I even got a little bit sunburned on my chest the day we went to the Botanical Gardens. (I know, I’m super white. Sunburned in Scotland, FFS.) I had hoped I would manage better outfit pictures while I was away, so I apologies for the mirror selfies as they all I could remember to snap at the time. Oh how time flies when you’re having fun!

Tahiti 50s dress by Hell Bunny (AMYMAY20!% for 20% off), Ice Blue Tootsie Cropped cardigan from Doll Me Up, old New look flats

Navy polka dot Kelsie dress by Unique Vintage, Maisy Cream/tan charm bag by Vendula London, vintage brooch, old Primark flats, Tatyana headscarf

Poppies a Plenty Isobel dress by Emily and Fin, Burgundy Tootsie Cropped cardigan from Doll Me Up, Luxulite brooch, old belt, old New look velvet burgundy flats

Blue Jade dress by Collectif, Ice blue Tootsie Cropped cardigan from Doll Me Up, old red Dietrich trench coat by Collectif, old New Look flats, assorted bamboo bangles

Forest Green Seville print Hepburn dress by The Pretty Dress Company, old New Look heels

Chambray Trixie dress by Trashy Diva, Honey Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up, old Primark necklace and shoes

Black Jade dress and Red Gingham Lucy cardigan by Collectif, White bag by Lola Von Rose, old F&F flats

Del Ray dress by Unique Vintage, old belt, New Look velvet flats

Blue Jade dress by Collectif, old Primark cardigan, old Tu bag, old Primark flats, Deluxe Clip In Bettie Bangs by Classy Rebel

Royal Victory Rose Grace dress by Vivien of Holloway, Red bag by Lola Von Rose, old F&F flats

Iris Frenchie dress by Louella Deville, Ice Blue Tootsie Cropped cardigan from Doll Me Up

Deco Daffodil Jolene dress by Trashy Diva, old primark necklace

Sage Tootsie Cropped cardigan from Doll Me Up, Tropical Bamboo Fairy Doll dress by Collectif, Yellow Lidia flats by Lulu Hun, assorted bangles


Sweet Swingin’ [PUG Erin]

The Erin dress by PUG has been a wiggle dress staple offered by the company for a long time now. Available in many colours, it’s made of stretch bengaline and features a wrap-over bust detail. Recently redesigned, it’s now available in extra colours as well as two more cuts, one a wiggle with sleeves and the other a three-quarter sleeved swing dress.

I hardly wear wiggles, so while I loved the wiggle version with the capped sleeves I knew it would be an unnecessary addition to my wardrobe. The swing, though, tempted me. Yet I had pause. I love a full swing skirt, requiring a full circle skirt or then some, and very rarely do skirts with less than a full circle feel right on me. This skirt looked like it wouldn’t hold the petticoat I require and that it might cling to my fabulous love handles, so I overlooked it for several weeks.

Once it was released and customers began buying it up, I started seeing pictures of ladies looking fabulous in it splashed across my social media. Eventually I decided to give it a try.

Pinup Girl Clothing Couture Erin Dress BlackPinup Girl Clothing Couture Erin Dress Black

Above with petticoat, below without

Pinup Girl Clothing Couture Erin Dress BlackPinup Girl Clothing Couture Erin Dress BlackPinup Girl Clothing Couture Erin Dress BlackPinup Girl Clothing Couture Erin Dress Black

Dress: Black Erin Swing dress by Pinup Girl Clothing
Shoes: Primark

I’m pleased to say I was pleasantly surprised, as I was near convinced it wouldn’t work on me. The material is good quality bengaline so it’s stretchy but has weight, meaning it’s flattering and skims over rather than clings to. The skirt is longer than I pictured somehow, which is always good because I prefer skirts at least below the knee, but preferably well below. It fits my slim petticoat but that’s about it, because a really full one would make the skirt look full to bursting, not a good look. I would still much prefer this dress with a fuller skirt, as those are my life blood, but the slimmer skirt doesn’t cling to my hips unflatteringly as I thought it might, which was my main concern.

The size boundaries are different for this piece compared to PUG’s usual sizing perimeters, just like they were on the Junebugs and George Peaches line earlier this year when I bought the Amanda dress. Normally I size as L into PUG unless it’s a wiggle with no stretch or a boned swing, but the Amanda dress size chart was correct to state I should order an XL for that dress so I followed the size chart with an XL for this swing Erin too. It was the right choice. Yes it has stretch and I probably would have been able to fit into L, but this skims my body better in this cut in the XL and has more movement and comfort across shoulders and upper back. Had I purchased the L, I’m sure the shoulders and arms would have been tight on me, even if the waist was bearable, so this fit is preferable for me. If you have broad shoulders, a big bust or prize comfort, follow the size chart. If you’re on the smaller side, though, and love a tight fit, yes, you could probably get away with sizing down.

The Erin swing dress comes available in black, red and emerald green in sizes XS-4X and costs $108. Pinup Girl Clothing ship internationally for a flat rate of $28, as well as offering priority shipping, but remember to factor in potential customs and import fees in your company when ordering from abroad. Failing that, PUG have stockists all over the world, so searching for your nearest stockist might suit you better.