Gorgeous Gigi [Miss Candyfloss]

Everyone should be able to wear whatever they want, without judgement or comment. Saying that, there are certain things I won’t go near personally because I just don’t feel they work for my body and the way I most like to highlight its features. Maxi dresses don’t show off my waist enough with that large expanse of skirt flowing straight down beneath it, and capped sleeves aren’t kind to my chubby upper arms. I store weight on my lower stomach and have wide hips, as well as considerable butt (awww yeaaah,) but those things mean when it comes to trousers and shorts, I just steer clear most of the time for simplicity’s sake, since I can’t be bothered searching for the perfect fit. Playsuits and jumpsuits, therefore, are clothing pieces I rule out, because when trying some on in the past I’ve found they don’t fit my lower body well and make me feel self-conscious about my squidgy tummy. No one really wants that.

However, I’ve been seeing some bodacious babes rocking some amazing retro jumpsuits lately and it made me feel some things. Miss Victory Violet, Simone of Atypical Girl Clothing and Kerry of Audrey Star’s Boutique are all working their jumpsuits like it’s nobody’s business, and it got me wondering.

L to R: Atypical Girl’s Simone. Audrey Star’s Boutique’s Kerry, and Miss Victory Violet

Yes, these are all gorgeous slim women who can wear anything and look amazing, but is there a roomier jumpsuit out there that I could wear comfortably and stylishly? The Miss Candyfloss Gigi jumpsuit, worn above by Miss Victory Violet, seemed an excellent candidate with its wide pleats and massively voluminous pant legs, but I had only seen it worn by other slim women who didn’t, as far as I could tell, have a sizeable stomach. Was it worth ordering it from Sweden to risk only having to send it back if it betrayed my squidgy tummy like all previous jumpsuits tried have been wont to do?

Black Friday came around and I felt pretty underwhelmed with the offerings this year, leaving me with ‘extra’ money I had expected to spend at my usual online favourite stores. The Gigi was out of stock online from Miss Candyfloss directly but in stock at Top Vintage, for which I had a 10% off coupon, so I summoned some fashion risk bravery and ordered myself the jumpsuit in black.

And y’all. I’m in love.

Gigi Jumpsuit playsuit Miss CandyflossGigi Jumpsuit playsuit Miss CandyflossGigi Jumpsuit playsuit Miss Candyfloss Gigi Jumpsuit playsuit Miss CandyflossGigi Jumpsuit playsuit Miss CandyflossGigi Jumpsuit playsuit Miss Candyfloss Gigi Jumpsuit playsuit Miss Candyfloss
Even as I waited excitedly for it to arrive I continually told myself  ‘yeah but it’s probably not going to work on me, though, so get ready to send it back.’ I shimmied in and zipped up. It’s literal, actual perfection. I know I say I’m ‘in love’ with clothing on a fairly regularly basis, but it’s wholly true for this playsuit. I might even be mildly obsessed. Since I got it I’ve been thinking about it regularly, dwelling on how amazing it is and how amazing it makes me feel. If that isn’t a piece of clothing worth shouting about, I don’t know what is.

The pleating that begins at the waist and follows through over the lower stomach into the pant legs is what makes this piece not only so interesting and stylish, but also so forgiving for those of us who are carrying extra pudge poundage. It’s one of those examples of how adding extra material and volume doesn’t necessarily add extra weight as long as it is done smartly and with chic construction. I don’t need to wear any shape wear to feel good in this piece, which is good considering we know jumpsuits necessitate a pesky full undressing to use the bathroom, but if I want to create a more dramatic waistline above the flowing pants I can easily add a cinching long line bustier bra underneath and it makes my waist look comparatively diddy. Wonderful especially when you consider I wear this in an XL.

Speaking of, the size chart states this XL is sized for UK 14-16, bust 40.9-44.1, and waist 33.9-36.2. I have never seen such a specific size chart but I find this holds true. I fit exactly in all those categories and it fits superbly. I took flat measurements to give you an even clearer idea of the suit itself and found the waist was 35 flat and 37 stretched. I’m 5ft 7 and have a long torso so I decided to measure the upper body too, as height can play an important part in playsuit fit, and from outer shoulder to waistband it’s 17 inches and 18 inches collar to waist. The inseam is 29.1 inches.

The jumpsuit zips up in the front centre and closes over the top of the bust with a button fastening on the left hand side to hide the popper hidden below on the right. It has decorative pockets on the backside and functioning pockets on the front, and a gathered bust design which perfectly complements the volume of the lower body pleating. The half sleeves have a wrap over style finish that I love. I am so in love with this I want to get it at least in green as well, but I might be smart and opt for it in the pants version, Stephanie, for versatility, as those trousers look the same as Gigi from the waist down.

The Gigi comes in blackredemerald green, olive greenpetrol blue, burgundy, and houndstooth trimmed, sizes XS-4XL and costs 107.50EUR direct from Miss Candyfloss, whom ship internationally at different shipping prices and speeds. As mentioned, Gigi is also stocked by Top Vintage, whom also ship internationally from The Netherlands, and from ModCloth, who ship internationally from the USA. Prices vary upon stockist.

Pretty Pia [Voodoo Vixen]

I have a thing for winter appropriate prints, checks, tweeds and weighted fabrics. They never go out of style, which means when you buy a piece in that kind of fabric you know you can wear it year after year regardless of the passing current trends. This holds even more true when the pieces are vintage inspired, so I was pleased to see that Voodoo Vixen made several pieces in their AW15 line that fit this outline.

The Pia pencil skirt is the one that most caught my eye from the VV workwear appropriate new pieces. It’s a lightweight highwaisted grey pencil skirt sporting a tweed inspired print with kick pleats in the back. From the same AW line I picked up the Sophie top, a black three quarter sleeved top with plenty of stretch for comfort and a great button detail staired neckline.

Voodoo Vixen Pia Skirt & Sophie Top Voodoo Vixen Pia Skirt & Sophie TopVoodoo Vixen Pia Skirt & Sophie Top Voodoo Vixen Pia Skirt & Sophie Top Voodoo Vixen Pia Skirt & Sophie Top Voodoo Vixen Pia Skirt & Sophie Top Voodoo Vixen Pia Skirt & Sophie Top

Top: Sophie top by Voodoo Vixen
Skirt: Pia skirt C/O Voodoo Vixen
Belt: Faux Leather belt by Pinup Girl Clothing
Heels: Peeptoe Platform heels from Everything5pounds.com

The Sophie top has quickly become one of my favourite staple pieces. I love that it’s simple yet the neckline is interesting and atypical. It’s stretchy so it’s super comfortable, plus it’s a great medium weight fabric so it’s not accidentally sheer at all and doesn’t threaten overheating or freezing. The size L fits with some room to spare.  I haven’t worn a top by Voodoo Vixen before in order to gauge whether they typically run large but I’ve found in my past experience that their cardigans run very large, so if you’re large of bust follow the size chart on this piece to size true but if you like a really snug fit and aren’t big in the bust then you could possibly size down.

As shown in one of the photos above, the Pia skirt closes with a size zip and is pretty high-waisted; I’m 5 ft 7 so the 29 inches from waist to hem on this skirt hits me just on the knee. It’s work appropriate as well as being a classic enough piece that it can easily be styled for vintage inspired social wear. Typically the XL in Voodoo Vixen pieces is stated on the size chart as being for 33 inch waists, which has been my measurement for the better part of this year. Their dresses tend to flat-measure larger than that, but I flat measured this XL Pia skirt to be 33 inches exactly with only enough give to stretch to 34 inches, so definitely follow the size chart on this piece to avoid disappointment.

The Sophia top comes only in black–don’t worry, I’ve already asked Voodoo Vixen whether they might consider expanding the colour range in future lines–and costs £24.99 while the Pia skirt costs £37.99. Currently, though, Voodoo Vixen are holding a pre-Christmas sale with both items available at a reduced price and a further secret 10% off discount code hidden on their blog for readers to discover, so head on over post haste to get your winter mitts on these pieces at a pretty price.