Sweet Suzanne [Voodoo Vixen]


November is the month of poppies because poppies symbolize the fallen of the First World War on Remembrance day, November 11th. In Britain especially it’s a somber, respectful time, with red poppies flashing at you from the lapels of workmates, family, friends and strangers almost everywhere you go not just during the week of November 11th, but for much of the month.

For me, poppies hold a second association. On November 23rd 2003, my dad passed away following a 2 year battle against cancer. It was a difficult time and I barely remember anything much of the week and a half following his death. I remember coming home from the hospice and changing into the pair of clean spare pyjamas we had taken for him, not sure how long he would be in hospice–2 days–and I remember sitting at our lounge table a week later, trying to decide what to write on the little card presented to me that would be pinned to the flowers that would be lain on his casket.


We had poppies.

I remember the poppies.

It’s been 12 years today, long enough for me to find peace in it and to look at poppies as a friendly, tender reminder that my dad lived and loved and was incredible. So when I saw many weeks back that Voodoo Vixen was releasing two poppy print dresses in their AW15 line, I was thrilled. My dad died several years before I began to transition my style into that of a vintage lady, so he never saw me become the confident, polished, stylish woman I hope I’ve become. Having a dress that represents both the style I love and the father I love seemed a wonderful thing to me, not a morbid one, and I was touched when Voodoo Vixen heard my story about the connection to my dad and offered to send me this dress once it was released.

suzanne6 suzanne8 suzanne5 suzanne11 suzanne7 suzanne10suzanne16suzanne13suzanne17suzanne3

Dress: Suzanne by Voodoo Vixen
Shoes: Mary Janes by Funtasma

I love this dress. To me it’s a lovely representation of my dad, but also it’s just a downright cute dress. The poppies mixed with the houndstooth print are both great prints for autumn and winter, and the dress itself is comfortable and easy to wear, perfect for a season in which it’s ideal to curl up at home and spend quality time with family and friends when it’s dark and dreary outside.

In terms of fit, I requested my usual XL that I get from Voodoo Vixen. The waist measures 34 inches laid flat and stretches to 37.5 inches, so there’s plenty of stretch.  The skirt isn’t a full circle but it will take a slimmer petticoat without looking stretched to capacity, as shown in the pictures above. It comes with a matching belt, closes with a zipper in back, and has pretty scalloped detailing on the neckline all the way around, as well as on the sleeve cuffs. Plus, pockets!

The Suzanne dress is available in sizes S-4XL for £65, or in a pencil dress silhouette Eloise in sizes S-XL for £44.99.

Thank you, Voodoo Vixen, for your kindness towards this little pinup ❤

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