Oh You Nomi [Collectif]

I don’t really do trousers, not as a pinup. I wear jeans for work, as well as steel toed boots and a hi-vis jacket, because hello, Warehouse Supervisor life is the glammest of glam. But outside of that, in the vintage style realm of the 50s that I prefer, trousers are either high-waisted fitted styles or high-waisted swing styles and it’s that high-waisted part that I struggle most with. Because while my hips and butt are delightfully rounded food-storers, it’s my stomach that literally takes the cake. Often when I’ve tried these styles in the past what fits my hips won’t fit my waist, or sometimes they’ll fit my waist but they won’t really be truly high-waisted enough on me, ending at that weird belly button height that does favours for no one.

Well, Collectif saved the day, and my butt. Last summer when they launched their Kirsty jeans I heard talk that they were both truly high-waisted and stretchy as all get out. I eventually gave them a try and was delighted to find the talk to be true. Anytime I need to get out of the house quickly or want to be totally comfortable, I reach for my Kirsty jeans, so much so that I bought myself a back-up pair in this past winter 50% off sale. I figured that was me all set for a while with my pants needs.

And then along came Nomi, AKA Kirsty 2.0. Featuring the same high-waisted rise and comfortable stretchtastic denim, these babies are Kirsty jeans with the side zipper replaced by a partial front zip and 3 featured gold buttons, front pockets, and a slightly darker hue. Basically, babies, I love them.

Collectif Nomi High Waisted Pants Jeans Collectif Nomi High Waisted Pants Jeans Collectif Nomi High Waisted Pants JeansCollectif Nomi High Waisted Pants JeansCollectif Nomi High Waisted Pants JeansCollectif Nomi High Waisted Pants JeansCollectif Nomi High Waisted Pants JeansCollectif Nomi High Waisted Pants Jeans Collectif Nomi High Waisted Pants Jeans

Jeans: Nomi Jeans C/O Collectif
Cardigan: Red Gingham Lucy Cardigan by Collectif
Bangles: Splendette Woven Bamboo / Wine carved / Red Clear
Sunglasses: Red Judy sunglasses by Collectif
Wedges: Old Primark

The stretch on these bad boys is no joke. Generally speaking, the sizing advice on the Kirsty jeans was to size down one, maybe even two sizes, depending on how tight you wanted the fit. For me, chubby of thigh and round of stomach, I sized down by my bottom half’s measurements technically by only one into the size 16, which have continued to serve me well even as Christmas weight and, you know, just general pizza weight, continued to pile on. I was assured the Nomi jeans are just as forgiving and even with the differing closure that holds true.

The size 16 are a perfect fit on me, comfortable and flattering. I’m 5 ft 7 and the rise on this size 16 pair is 16.25 inches, just in case you weren’t convinced how serious I was being when I said these are truly high waisted. The waistband flat measures 33 inches, the lower waist 36 inches, the hips 43 inches, but the stretch allows the hips to expand to fit my 50 inch hips without pinching, digging in or straining, so you will definitely be able to size down at least once, possibly twice as with the Kirsty’s.

The great thing about these jeans is that they’re so comfortable you can wear them anytime. Sure, they look great with cropped vintage style tops or cardigans, but if you don’t like highlighting your middle by wearing high-waisted trousers with cropped items, like me, you will likely find that these are so comfortable they replace even your ‘normal person’ jeans like they have done mine.

When I need to roll out low-key, low-maintenance, it’s so easy to throw these on and go, no need to pause to consider if the task ahead of me is going to be limited by or effected by the comfort of my outfit. Just going to go to the supermarket to grab a small shop before I go visit my niblings quickly then rush home to finish some chores and blogging? Cool, Nomi jeans, t-shirt and a hoody works just fine, thank you. Meeting a mate at the cinema but don’t want to bother getting pinned up to sit in the dark for two hours? No problem, Nomi jeans and a peplum top will be comfortable for sitting for that long. They immediately became my holy-grail jeans, a recommend-a-pair pair for anyone whether you’re looking for a vintage cut or just looking for jeans that aren’t going to make you feel like your stomach is being cut in half when you sit down (my fellow chubby girls will know what I’m talking about.) Girl, if you can’t wait to unbutton as soon as you get home because you’re in so much discomfort or pain in the jeans you’re wearing, just make the switch; your squishy bits will thank you.

Plus, they make my butt look awesome. Yeah, I said it. Not sorry.

The Nomi jeans come in UK sizes 6-22 and cost £45. Collectif ship internationally from their website, or ladies who want to shop in-store can find Collectif at one of their London or Brighton stores. 

On It, Bonnit!

One of the most annoying things about being a modern day pinup has got to be how easy it is for our carefully coiffed vintage hairstyles to get ruined. Whether it’s a long day at the office, a gust of unruly wind, unwanted humidity or a dreaded downpour that makes your pincurls drop, the result is the same: a burst of frustration and disappointment, followed by the agonising decision for those of us less-gifted with our locks as to whether it’s better to leave our slightly sad hair as is or risk restyling it while out and about–and probably making the situation worse. Whenever I attempt and fail at the latter I always wish I’d been better prepared, rarely organised enough to remember to pack both a hairscarf and an umbrella, or perhaps simply to move those items over from one handbag to the one in use that better matched that day’s ensemble.

The answer to the dilemma, of course, is a hair scarf that’s waterproof, so that I only need to remember to pack one item. The smaller it is in my packed-out purse, the better. But they don’t make waterproof headscarves. Man, what did our grandmothers do in these situations? Oh, right. They wore rain bonnets. Simple idea, really. But where does one even get rain bonnets nowadays, you might wonder, like I have done several times over.

If you’re a fashionable little pinup, the answer is: from The Bonnit. With their slogan ‘Not your granny’s rain bonnet’ and their fun prints, they’re as serious about keeping your hair dry as they are about putting a modern, fun spin on a vintage necessity.


Just sullenly thinking about how much I hate it when my hair gets ruined…

The Bonnit Fashionable Printed Rain Bonnets The Bonnit Fashionable Printed Rain BonnetsThe Bonnit Fashionable Printed Rain BonnetsThe Bonnit Fashionable Printed Rain Bonnets The Bonnit Fashionable Printed Rain BonnetsThe Bonnit Fashionable Printed Rain BonnetsThe Bonnit Fashionable Printed Rain Bonnets

Rain Bonnets: The Cherry & The Anchors rain bonnets C/O The Bonnit
Coat: Red Dietrich swing by Collectif
Boots: eBay
Umbrella: Petal Umbrella from Lindy Bop

The best thing about The Bonnit’s range is obviously their offering of fun prints, which make them much more appealing to whip from the depths of your vintage handbag. The next best thing about them, though, is how easy they are to carry in said handbag. Each Bonnit comes in a little waterproof resealable pouch that allows you to fold up your bonnet and stash it away for next time with one click of the popper. The reuse mentality might be one many millions have forgotten in recent times, but these bouffant-saving babies are all about being recycled to save your hair time and time again. Folded down, they’re small and easy to slip both into your bag or even a pocket, and as each design you order comes with one patterned bonnet and one clear, you can keep each in a different bag or pocket to ensure you’re never caught out. If you’re super concerned about being caught short, you can go the extra step and stash one in your car’s glovebox, another in your office desk drawer.

Proudly made in Canada, The Bonnit have a variety of fun prints to choose from, from the novelty cuteness of the anchors and cherry prints pictured above to something a little more sassy in a black leopard print, some sweet peacock feathers, and twinkling stars.  At $10 CAD for two bonnets, it’s an inexpensive investment in the integrity of your future do’s, especially as I can offer you the promo code SHIP4FREE to get free shipping for your order. The Bonnit ship internationally and can’t wait to see you in their printed pretties. Now quick, take cover, the rain’s coming in!

The Bonnit Fashionable Printed Rain Bonnets