Malco Modes for Fall + GIVEAWAY

It’s one of my favourite times of the year. The nights are slowly beginning to draw in, making snuggling down on the sofa under a blanket one of the better ways to spend an evening, and making hot chocolate seasonally relevant again. Coats and scarves are unpacked from their summer hiding spots at the back of wardrobes or from suitcases in attics. And, my favourite of all, the leaves are changing colours, painting the world with rich reds, burnt oranges, flashes of yellow-gold, an occasional special plum. Along with it rain dampens the barks of trees to a dark brown, and excited Halloween lovers begin to string up all their red, black and ghostly decorations. And along side it all, Malco Modes’s wide selection of fluffy petticoats in all manner of styles and colours allows me to mimic those fall shades with matching autumnal tones.

Malco Modes petticoats crinoline Jennifer Michelle Megan Zooey review giveaway Miss Amy May

Malco Modes produce petticoats in 13 different styles, shapes and levels of volume, and each of those in 3 to 20 colours. Today I’ll be comparing 4 of those different petticoats to give you an idea of just how much of a difference a petticoat can make to a dress, and how not all petticoats will create the same effect or experience of wear. And then, you know, I guess we’ll do a giveaway so 3 of you can win a petticoat of your own as well.

Wait, what? What did I just say?

Oh, I just said we’re gonna compare some petticoats, that’s it! Let’s go!

The Eva Marie dress worn without a petticoat

Meghan (578) A Crinoline, the Meghan pettiskirt achieves its volume not with dozens upon dozens of layers of soft chiffon but with 5 tiers of nylon net tulle with satin binding trimming each layer. The bottom slip layer is made of a soft nylon organza to give a more comfortable feel against your skin, so there’s no need to worry about scratching here! Achieving a medium volume, this skirt is the airier way to get poof in your dresses without the layers and layers of fluff, so it’s a great option for ladies in warmer climates. Hitting around the knee, the length can vary between 19.5 – 23 inches depending upon the size ordered, while the elastic waistband offers a ton of stretch to make said sizing less of a headache.

Zooey (580) – The Zooey petticoat is the one that will make you feel a little bit like a showgirl about to perform in a wild west saloon, thanks to the elegant lace trimming each layer. Made from a double-layered lace-trimmed soft nylon chiffon slip, said slip is a 1/2 circle so you won’t feel restricted in your movements. The Zooey achieves a medium volume and is roughly knee length, coming in lengths of 18.5 – 23 inches depending on the waist size, which is massively adjustable by more than a dozen inches by the easy movement of a button hidden in the waistband.

Jennifer (582) The Jennifer petticoat is your perfect daily petticoat for a lady who looks for fluffy, fluffy comfort and medium volume. Incredibly soft, this style contains 40 yards of double-skirted high quality luxury chiffon, with more than 120 yards of 3 inch fluff trimming the bottom to provide volume. Knee length at between 18.5 – 23 inches depending upon size, each size of Jennifer petticoat can be adjusted in the waistband by at least 17 inches (and up to 24 inches in the XL) to achieve your perfect comfortable fit. Jennifer comes in 20 colours, so there’s bound to be a shade to work with your outfit no matter its colour palette.

Michelle (575) – Michelle is not here to mess around. For the full circle skirted vintage dress that you want to make truly pop with the fullest skirt possible, the Michelle is here to serve and display with tiered soft layers that are trimmed with stiff binding to retain maximum fullness. Though designed to be used as a petticoat, Michelle is made with high opacity so it can be worn alone as a skirt if desired, making it a great piece for potential upcoming Halloween costumes. Featuring an adjustable waistband, it can be tightened by several inches or shortened by one or two inches.

As I’m sure you can see from the pictures above, the fullness and materials of a petticoat can make both a subtle or a huge difference to the way a single dress or skirt can be worn. In fact, when you consider–what? What’s that? You want me to shut up and go back to the giveaway part of the post? Oh yeaaaah, I guess I did mention that before, didn’t I? Oh okay, if you insist.

I’m very happy to tell you Malco Modes has partnered with me to offer 3 winners the chance to win their own fall coloured Malco Modes petticoat. This giveaway is open internationally and will last 5 days, beginning today Monday 15th October and finishing at midnight Friday 19th October. All entries will be logged in a Rafflecopter widget so that the 3 winners can be chosen at random, and those entry points are as below:

Each winner will receive a surprise fall coloured Malco Modes petticoat in their size. Winners will be contacted by Malco Modes to acquire sizing and shipping information once the competition has closed.

Ready to enter? Click here! 

Good luck, lovelies!

4 thoughts on “Malco Modes for Fall + GIVEAWAY

  1. Yesssssssss I am a Malco Modes Maniac (woot woot for alliteration!) and wear my Samantha petticoats nearly everyday! I have a Zooey and Jennifer for shorter dresses as well but my, my I do need a Michelle! GIMME ALL THE POOF!


    • I always thought Zooey was going to be less voluminous than it is from pics I’ve seen, but I love that it’s the perfect middle ground. The Michelle, however, is definitely va va voom volume!


  2. Thank you for all the photo’s! I love vintage & retro dresses, but never have worn a petticoat with them. Loved seeing the difference and now I’m even less sure of which one would be neat. I love the lacey look, but the “saloon” look is pretty awesome too… At least you’ve convinced me that I really should get one, especially for the balls it would be great. 🙂 Luckily they’ve got used to the weirdo vintage girl in town… 😉


    • There’s plenty of vintage ladies who aren’t fans of petticoats, but I’ve always loved wearing them with my swing dresses/skirts, and it definitely gives your skirt an extra ‘pop!’ of fun! Also, excellent for going out dancing in!


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