August Outfits Round Up

It’s been a strange month. Starting off hot then dipping into cooler and wet weather that made it feel a lot like Autumn had arrived early, it’s been hard to decide a lot of the time what to wear. It’s also been a busy month, with 4 family birthdays being celebrated, and my schedule on the whole complicated by the fact that I’ve been nursing a foot injury for more than 4 weeks. I finally went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis, resulting in me being signed off work for 2 weeks to heal because my job was constantly irritating my foot into a worsening state that couldn’t heal. As such, there’s been several times this month I’ve had to abandon plans to shoot outfits for review on the blog because my foot has been too painful to stand or walk, which is why it’s been a quiet month on here. I’ve also had to abandon the footwear displayed in these photos several times during social events for a pair of memory foam slip-on trainers when the pain has become too much.

Foiled Outlaw jacket by Collectif, Panthera 50s dress by Hell Bunny (discount code AMYMAY20!%), self coloured and cut real hair clip-in bangs from eBay, Full lace front real hair Rosewood 99J wig by Irresistible Me, Velvet ballet pumps from New Look

Sold out embroidered rose maxi dress from Boohoo, Voodoo Vixen belt, Bulk Braiding bundles 99J from eBay

Blue Hamilton dress by Unique Vintage, white MAK cropped cardigan, old red belt, Red Starbust bangles by Splendette, Red ballet flats by New Look

Josette dress by Monsoon, old belt off another dress, New Look white cropped cardigan, Red Splendette bangle, Pewter Turn Back Prime flats from Modcloth, Self coloured and cut real hair clip-in bangs from eBay

Enchanted Fleur Gigi dress by Retrospec’d, Honey Tootsie Cropped cardigan from DMU, old Collectif belt, old Primark flats, self coloured and cut real hair clip-in bangs from eBay, 99J real hair claw ponytail from eBay

Sold out Iris Frenchie dress by Louella Deville, Deep Green necklace and bangles by Splendette, White MAK cardigan, old Primark flats

2 thoughts on “August Outfits Round Up

  1. You are such a doll! How many gorgeous combos you must have in your wardrobes – you inspire me to no end! I really love that you’ve started customizing your plain dresses too – it’s such a great idea when you find the perfect fit and buy a few of them just to have some fun! ❤


    • I’ve always wanted to learn to sew ‘properly’ (ie, with deliberate skill, not in the haphazard that’ll-do fashion I currently manage my few small sewing projects) but I never set aside the time to learn, so these small customisation projects have been a fun way to be able to achieve some of what I’d want to achieve in making my own clothes, with the limited skill I currently have.


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