You’re Just Such A Sweetie [Heart of Haute]

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a hundred times; I’m not really a novelty, kitsch kind of girl. I say that as a base rule so people can understand that my taste tends to lie in the more classic area of the spectrum and not often in the red-cherries area, but there are times here and there where I find myself liking something that’s distinctly more cute than it is distinguished. I can get down with select Erstwilder brooches. I can appreciate a candy cane hair accessory at Christmas. I wouldn’t turn down a cottage print circle skirt in winter. I like a good souvenir print.

And I instantly fell in love with the Meadow Daisy Print Sweetie dress by Heart of Haute.

Heart of Haute Meadow Daisy Sweetie Dress

I can’t decide whether this adorable daisies on green print even counts as novelty or kitsch, or whether it is simply what it is: freakin’ cute. But whichever it is, I’m fine with it. Not just fine with it, but on board.


One of my favourite things in the world is that moment you go outside on any regular, expectantly-normal day a couple months into the year and you smell it; the first whiff of spring. It’s not a smell you can really even describe, because it’s not fresh mown grass, or the scent of a certain flower blooming. It’s more of a freshness, a cleanness, like the earth has taken its first soft, unlaboured breath in months. It smells like sunshine and happiness and hope. It makes me feel instantly as happy and hopeful as I think the earth feels, and I love it.

I’ve been waiting for that smell for a few weeks already, bored of winter and itching for spring, for green grass and fresh flowers and watery sunshine to replace the dreariness of our current British skyline. So when I saw this dress, it felt a bit like almost getting that sniff of spring. It made me yearn for spring badly, keenly, and I couldn’t resist buying it up as if I thought it might make spring come that little bit sooner.

Heart of Haute Meadow Daisy Sweetie Dress Heart of Haute Meadow Daisy Sweetie Dress Heart of Haute Meadow Daisy Sweetie DressHeart of Haute Meadow Daisy Sweetie DressHeart of Haute Meadow Daisy Sweetie DressHeart of Haute Meadow Daisy Sweetie Dress

Dress: Meadow Daisy Sweetie Dress by Heart of Haute
Wedges: Old season New Look
Cardigan: Old season Primark
Bracelets: Bamboo 8 pack from Pinup Girl Clothing

The Sweetie dress has been produced by Heart of Haute since they first began, constantly re-released in new prints and colourways as it’s one of their most popular pieces. It’s a halterneck dress with a sweetheart bustline, princess seams and a swing skirt. The skirt isn’t a full circle but it will fit your standard petticoat. There’s a fabric tie in the back at the waist so you can cinch your waist in for a closer fit. Since there’s no distinct waistband due to the princess seams structure and the halterneck tie allowing you to customise the fit somewhat, it’s hard to say exactly how long the skirt is, but the dress is approximately 31 inches from underarm to hem and I measured the skirt being roughly 25 inches. I’m 5 ft 7, so that hits me just under the knee. It closes with a back zipper and is made from 100% cotton.

I have a couple of other dresses by Heart of Haute and two skirt suits, but they have different cuts and levels of give, so I own them in different sizes. I can wear their Milan dress in a large, but their Beverly dress fits me in the XL, same with their Diva suits. I knew that judging by their size charts, the Milan dress is more of a one-off in sizing for me to fit the L, so I ordered the Sweetie dress in an XL. Their XL size is made for 32-33 inch waists, and this dress flat measures at 34 inches and stretches flat to 36, so there’s some give, particularly since the back of the dress is elasticated along the top. It’s comfortable and breathable, and I’m sure I’ll feel fresh as a daisy wearing it in summer.

The Meadow Daisy Sweetie Dress is available in sizes S to 2X and costs $99-105. The Sweetie dress is available in over 25 prints and colours total, in sizes XS-3X with prices starting at $80. Heart of Haute ship internationally and offer a rewards program for returning customers to earn points towards discounts on future orders. The coupon code Haute10 will give you 10% off your next order.

9 thoughts on “You’re Just Such A Sweetie [Heart of Haute]

  1. Oh I LOVE this! I don’t know if I see you in green often but you look lovely in it! Great dress for this awkward middle period of time when the weather is all “do I want to be winter or spring?” 😉


    • Thank you! I love green so I’m always on the look out for green pieces, but I think they often just aren’t the right shade for my preferences even when I do find some. It’s surprisingly hard to find a rich green, for example


  2. WOW!! I could be wrong, but I think you don’t wear green all that often, and after seeing these photos, I think that needs to change! You look fabulous in this cut and color, and I *might* be able to break and order it after waiting foreverrrrrrrr and trying to resist.


    • It’s funny, green is one of my favourite colours but I suppose it’s not often I actually find items I like offered in my favourite shades of green, so I don’t own as much of it as I would like to.


  3. Oh, that is a lovely dress and it looks great on You! Haha, I also sometimes wonder about certain prints on retro-styled dresses, is it still rockabilly, psychobilly or am I already indie? But yeah, who cares about labels if something simply strikes Your fancy 😀


    • I don’t think it matters too much either what the technical name is for a style of print or clothing–if you like it, wear it. It only surprises me when I like something that’s more cutest than my typical tastes and I wonder what about it won me over. It’s curious.


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