February Outfits Round Up

For the shortest month, February really didn’t feel all that short. I definitely felt like I had lost inspiration for getting dressed in a lot of cases because I’m just fed up of all the rain we’ve been having here in England, constantly messing up my hair and making my yearning for tropical prints look out of place. I’m looking forward to March with high hopes that it might finally bring us some sunshine, because if not the next monthly wrap up might just include a lot of me looking annoyed in sweat pants and hoodies staring out of rain-splattered window panes. You’ve been (only half jokingly) warned!


Navy Isabel dress by eShakti, red sateen slide belt by Pinup Girl Clothing, hand bedazzled flats (tutorial)


eShakti Leaf Print Shawl Collar dress, vintage starbust brooch, Red Sateen Slide Belt by Pinup Girl Clothing, hand bedazzled flats (tutorial)


Discontinued Manhattan dress by Unique Vintage, Burgundy Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up, Daisy Jean Florals Single White Debbie Dahlia hair flower, New Look Burgundy heels


Black & White Amanda Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing, Crimson Callistemon brooch by Erstwilder, hand bedazzled heels (tutorial)


Sheer overlay from the Collectif Bethan dress, Flamenco Mermaid Skirt by Pinup Girl Clothing, old season Topshop bralet, Black Sateen Grommet Belt by Pinup Girl Clothing, Ali Express necklace, hand bedazzled heels (tutorial)


Notch Collar Coat Dress custom by eShakti, eBay spiked heels, Black Shell Earrings with Gold Confetti by Put On The Ritz

File_000 (1)

Hawaiian Priscilla dress by The Pretty Dress Company, old season Primark cardigan, Yellow Bluebird of Happiness brooch by Erstwilder, eBay flats


Karlie dress by Chi Chi Clothing, white cropped cardigan by New Look, red patent belt from Bernie Dexter, red peeptoe heels from Everything5pounds.com


Red tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up, Crimson Callistemon Brooch by Erstwilder, old Boohoo.com peasant top, Ohlson Turquoise & Red Skirt by Lindy Bop, hand bedazzled heels


Navy Marin dress by Hell Bunny, New Look cropped cardigan, Ivory Blossom Falls Hair flower by Alternate Normality, Red Sateen Slide belt by PUG, hand bedazzled flats


Discontinued Dragon Print Garden dress by Pinup Girl Clothing, Green belt from Cream Floral Vamp dress by Pinup Girl Clothing, heels from everything5pounds.com,


Blue Pearl dress from Lil Miss Vixen, eBay red shrug, red sateen slide belt by Pinup Girl Clothing, hand bedazzled heels (tutorial)

9 thoughts on “February Outfits Round Up

  1. That eShakti dress is just amazing — there’s not really anything else like that print out there, and it’s fabulous!! I hope March brings you lovely weather. It really is so hard to stay motivated to dress nicely when it’s cold and you’re worried about the weather ruining your things!


  2. Glad to see you are also on the EShakti bandwagon too… I actually stopped buying pinup clothes anywhere else and now just mainly buy from them. Then again I am not a real hardcore pinup, mainly just a dress wearer. 😉 But it’s good to see a pinup wear their items, not many do for some reason. 🙂


    • Not sure whether it’s because it’s only accessible to Canadian or American pinups, that might be part of it. I have seen a fair few ladies I follow wearing eShakti but not as many as I would have expected given the customisation features they offer


  3. Sweet! And thanks for two new shops I can check – I didn’t know Lil Miss Vintage and Chichi London and I see they have plus sizes 🙂 I still can’t get over the fact that eshakti doesn’t ship to Europe 😦


  4. Once again, you have shown how it is possible to have a style but to mix it up so wonderfully! Thanks again for the inspiration. Kx


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