Sonia for the Day [Dolly & Dotty]

I’ve always loved the fully glamorous, utterly chic side of the mid-century aesthetic more than the more casual day-to-day or rockabilly styles. I love dressing vintage but you still won’t really catch me in capri pants or high-waisted jeans because I just don’t feel comfortable in them. That means than when an occasion truly calls for a casual vibe, or when I simply don’t want to expend much effort, I end up casting a glance across my many, many dresses and wondering which of them would work for the most easy-going outfit. Obviously tons of my dresses can be dressed up as well as down, but the block tends to be more mental, owing more to my brain going ‘aww, I love that dress…but I don’t wanna wear it casually, I wanna be fancy!’ like a toddler determined to accompany you to the supermarket dressed as a princess. So, it just works better to have some options in my wardrobe that my brain automatically categorises as casual. My brain, therefore, was very happy to meet this Sonia dress, an option that is undeniably casual and cute!

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the Sonia floaty Day Dress in Grey leopard animal print by Dolly and Dotty for a fit and size review Continue reading

Blue Hysteria [Joanie Clothing]

Certain things are timeless, both in terms of their ability to look put together and polished despite the decade, and in terms of their ability to be worn year round without looking out of place. This Hysteria dress is just that–no matter the time of day, event, or season, depending entirely upon styling, this dress will find a way to be there for you. Also, it has pockets, so beat that!

Blue Floral Hysteria dress gifted by Joanie Clothing plus size fit review Miss Amy May

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Keely Does It [Hell Bunny]

The Keely dress is one of the new Hell Bunny pieces that I somehow manged to totally miss when I previewed the line at London Edge this season. I don’t know how, because when I flicked through their complete catalogue online a couple weeks later it was an instant screen-shot, must-have piece. It’s more of a 40s cut than my usual fare, but I was really excited (and only a little bit anxious) about trying it. I needn’t have worried: this dress is amazing.

With a full skirt and a modest but prettily pleated bust, it’s work appropriate, vintage inspired and downright beautiful.

Hell Bunny Keely Dress Burgundy Red Continue reading

Those Venice Nights [Trashy Diva] 

It was only earlier this year that I finally acquired my first Trashy Diva pieces, but in doing so they swiftly became one of my favourite vintage inspired brands. I only own 3 of their dresses so far, but literally every time I wear them they receive compliments. The designs are always so beautiful, with even their plain coloured pieces featuring eye-catching design details that set them apart. With the new Venice Nights line released this week, there’s no plain pieces in sight, only gorgeous, vibrant styles sporting a fun 40s-inspired novelty print, the likes of which Trashy Diva are renowned for producing.

Gondolas, bridges, and Venetian buildings all make an appearance in this print set against a rich blue background. The collection features 5 dress styles, 1 blouse and 1 skirt, so there’s plenty of style variety to choose from. I was sent the Circle Day Dress, a beloved older style that Trashy Diva are excited to be bringing back. After strolling and twirling in this piece at sunset, I can see why.

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Dolly & Dotty + Giveaway!

Dolly & Dotty are a fairly new vintage style clothing company, based out of Brighton in the UK and offering a selection of budget-friendly retro style pieces in UK sizes 6-24. I first found them a few months back when I came across the two dresses below and fell in love.


L: Anna dress, R: Polly dress

At the time both dresses were out of stock, so I inwardly whimpered a bit, tried to find them in stock anywhere else, failed, inwardly whimpered some more, then gave up. It wasn’t until Dolly & Dotty and I were in contact recently that I remembered the dresses that had escaped me, and I was thrilled to find that the Poppy dress, at least, was back in stock in Continue reading

Idda Love To Wear That Dress [Miss Candyfloss & Idda Van Munster]

The first time I saw the below picture of Idda Van Munster I got that keenly envious, inspired, awed feeling I get when I see an example of vintage perfection.


Idda Van Munster

I presumed the dress Idda is wearing was true vintage, not only because it looked so authentic but because Idda is a diddy little slip of a thing compared to I, and everytime I see a slim woman in an authentically vintage looking item of clothing that I immediately love it’s always vintage–and consequently out of the realm of acquirement and possibility for myself and my 33 inch waist. Hence why the reaction I get to seeing such pictures is a sharp inspired envy, because they are things I cannot have. Continue reading

2 Girls 1 Dress with Atomic Amber [Lavender Jenny]

A few months ago I was minding my own business on Instagram when I came into contact with a fellow blogger, @AmberRoseTheron, AKA Atomic Amber. It only took a couple minutes of talking to realise that not only was Amber a doll but that she lives only 5 minutes down the road from me, literally. Here I was swanning around the rural English countryside thinking I was the only pinup this side of the big city and I had a fellow pinup swanning around likewise close enough to eat cake together and talk about clothes whenever we so desired. The odds! Since then Amber and I have become fully fledged members of a 10-member strong vintage girl gang, The British Belles, but since Amber specifically lives so conveniently near me and is such a little lovebug, she and I have decided to launch a blog collab series together–2 Girls 1 Dress. Amber and I love a lot of the same pinup brands, to the point that we even own several of the same dresses, so from time to time we’ll be joining up to showcase these matching gems for you to show you different ways to style the same dress and give detailed reviews of each dress for your usual info dosage on fit and such like. Our debut post brings you the Pinup Girl Clothing Lavender Jenny Dress.

Lavender is a new colour for me, as I’m not a pastel kind of girl, so thus far I’ve enjoyed styling this dress with an Ice Princess kind of theme to embrace the winter chill and to give myself an excuse to add glitter and sparkle in abundance. I want to get white heels and a white cardigan so I can wear this dress in full-on frost mode, but for now creams and ice blues will have to suffice. I took myself off into my frosty garden to show you the wintery way I’ve most recently styled this dress.

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