Those Venice Nights [Trashy Diva] 

It was only earlier this year that I finally acquired my first Trashy Diva pieces, but in doing so they swiftly became one of my favourite vintage inspired brands. I only own 3 of their dresses so far, but literally every time I wear them they receive compliments. The designs are always so beautiful, with even their plain coloured pieces featuring eye-catching design details that set them apart. With the new Venice Nights line released this week, there’s no plain pieces in sight, only gorgeous, vibrant styles sporting a fun 40s-inspired novelty print, the likes of which Trashy Diva are renowned for producing.

Gondolas, bridges, and Venetian buildings all make an appearance in this print set against a rich blue background. The collection features 5 dress styles, 1 blouse and 1 skirt, so there’s plenty of style variety to choose from. I was sent the Circle Day Dress, a beloved older style that Trashy Diva are excited to be bringing back. After strolling and twirling in this piece at sunset, I can see why.

Trashy Diva Venice Nights Circle Day DressTrashy Diva Venice Nights Circle Day Dress Trashy Diva Venice Nights Circle Day DressTrashy Diva Venice Nights Circle Day DressTrashy Diva Venice Nights Circle Day Dress Trashy Diva Venice Nights Circle Day Dress Trashy Diva Venice Nights Circle Day DressTrashy Diva Venice Nights Circle Day DressTrashy Diva Venice Nights Circle Day DressTrashy Diva Venice Nights Circle Day DressTrashy Diva Venice Nights Circle Day DressTrashy Diva Venice Nights Circle Day Dress
Dress: Venice Nights Circle Day Dress C/O Trashy Diva
Shoes: Old style
Bangles: Splendette Woven Bamboo Bangle, Primark & thrifted
Parasol: White Scalloped Parasol from Pinup Girl Clothing

The Circle Day Dress is truly lovely. The name is apt, since the full circle skirt has twirlability abound and the shirt-dress reminiscent flavour of the style makes it a great piece for day wear. Since it’s a full circle the skirt fits petticoats happily, but I love how it lays without one, a rare experience for me. It closes with a side zipper on the left and has one pocket in the skirt on the right–one is better than none! The large open collar is half height in the back, stopping you from accidentally upsetting it while adjusting your hair or putting on another layer. The longer shoulder seams give the illusion of capped sleeves, but in a more stylish and flattering manner, in my opinion. The decorative buttons are round clear rhinestone topped dazzlers, adding a little fun glitz to the bodice.

On the whole, the dress is lightweight and super comfortable, so it’s the kind of dress you can throw on at anytime without worrying how the wear will feel after a few hours, AKA my favourite kind of dress. It’s because this line is made of stretch Rayon, a fabric Trashy Diva only recently introduced in two of their summer lines, the Ruffled Feathers and Psychedelic Ferns. It’s become a real fan favourite already, and considering how much comfortable stretch and ease of movement this material provides, it’s no brainer as to why. That stretch makes sizing a much easier feat than when dealing with stiffer fabrics, so there’s some leeway on the size chart compared to other TD styles you may already own.

I own the Apple Tart, Trixie Chambray and Jolene wrap dresses all in a size 14, though Trashy Diva do provide a piece-by-piece specific size chart that you should always check before purchase if shopping online. This Venice Nights circle day dress is also a 14 and is a perfect fit for me, with plenty of breathing (and eating) room provided that doesn’t manifest as looseness at svelter times. The waist flat measures 34 inches, lining up exactly with the size chart, but it flat stretches to 38 inches. If your bust and waist measurements don’t line up exactly on the size chart in the same size category, I wouldn’t stress too much about having to size up to accommodate that. If your bust is larger, size closer to that measurement, but if you waist is larger choose a between size between your two measurements as there’s a few inches of easy stretch.

I love how this dress is so vibrant and easy to wear. I think there’s something chic about the long, pointed collar tips, and the floaty skirt is perfect for keeping cool in this extended summer heat we’ve been having. It’s a dress I know I can reach for whenever I’m in a rush or when I need to feel comfortable while looking put together, and that’s something that always makes me happy. Trashy Diva have done it again.

The Venice Nights Circle Day Dress costs $183, or there are six other pieces in the Venice Nights collection available if you’d love this print on a different piece. Trashy Diva offer international shipping, and often offer discount codes or sales that you can be kept abreast of by signing up to their newsletter or following their social media accounts.

3 thoughts on “Those Venice Nights [Trashy Diva] 

  1. Trashy Diva is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE brand (of course, I could be biased since I live about an hour away from the stores in NOLA). This looks amazing on you! I’m hoping to get my hands on the line and try them on soon. 🙂


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