A Touch of Jasmine [Collectif]

Let me introduce you all to my new favourite skirt, the Jasmine skirt by Collectif.

This season Jasmine comes in two Abstract Floral prints, blue or burgundy, but I’ve already asked Collectif to please release her in all the plain colours for upcoming seasons to fulfill all my skirty needs and dreams, because I have become wholly and immediately smitten.

Jasmine isn’t a totally new piece for AW, as you might recognise it from their paint pot print line this past SS16. I very nearly got it in the yellow colourway then, but for some reason I kept assuming it would be too short on me, or less voluminous than I prefer. I was totally wrong on both counts and I’m so excited to share my new love with you now. It might have taken us a while to come together, Jasmine and I, but we finally have, and it’s real. Expect an invite to our engagement party any day now.

Jasmine Abstract Floral Print Skirt Blue CollectifJasmine Abstract Floral Print Skirt Blue Collectif Jasmine Abstract Floral Print Skirt Blue Collectif Jasmine Abstract Floral Print Skirt Blue Collectif Jasmine Abstract Floral Print Skirt Blue Collectif Jasmine Abstract Floral Print Skirt Blue Collectif Jasmine Abstract Floral Print Skirt Blue Collectif Jasmine Abstract Floral Print Skirt Blue CollectifJasmine Abstract Floral Print Skirt Blue Collectif

Skirt: Jasmine Abstract Floral Print skirt in blue C/O Collectif
Top: Modern Love top in Yolk by Dancing Days (By Banned)
Shoes: Old season Primark
Brooch: Delicate Diamante Leaves brooch C/O Collectif

I really don’t know why I thought this skirt was going to be too short on me, or less poofy than I prefer. In reality it measures 25 inches long, a perfectly reasonable retro length, and the gathers give it the perfect amount of volume. The fabric is a relatively lightweight cotton blend, so it lays nicely without a petticoat because the fabric isn’t overwhelmed by its own weight. Should you want to wear a petticoat, though, that’s when Jasmine shines, and my Jennifer petticoat by Malco Modes is a perfect fit underneath, as pictured, giving a delightful but not overwhelming level of puff. Any medium fullness petticoat under 25 inches will fit under this skirt, and there’s enough fabric that it can take a fuller petticoat even than the Jennifer I’ve worn above.

This skirt closes with a hidden zipper and is topped with a hook and eye, something all skirts ought to have, in my opinion. Literally the only way to improve this skirt would be to add pockets…so, you know, feel free to do that too Collectif, since apparently I think I can just optimistically tell you my wish lists and delude myself into thinking there’s any chance that means anything. I can dream, right?

When it comes to sizing, I’d been advised by a couple of people that there wasn’t much stretch in this style. As I was going to be wearing this skirt for a day of travelling on several trains and walking round London Edge, I decided to size up into an 18 so I could be assured of ultimate comfort in case it happened to be a bloaty, uncomfortable day. In reality I was being overly cautious and I definitely should have sized into my typical Collectif 16, as the skirt was too big and I had to take it in at least two inches to get the right fit. Still, the flat measurements are 36 inches and it has give to stretch to 38 inches, so I can assure you the size chart is true-to-size accurate for this skirt. The stretch it does have makes it a comfortable wear all day, never too restrictive.

I love that this skirt has so many shades of blue in it, as well as green, black and white. It makes it so easy to dream up a dozen different colour combinations to form a variety of outfits, making this a wonderfully versatile piece. The navy background of the skirt did photograph much more brightly in my pictures than it is in person, so the last thing I’d advise you to do before you, you know, buy this gorgeous skirt, is just to check out the stock photo below to familiarise yourself with the true colours.

The Jasmine Abstract Floral skirt by Collectif costs £52 and is available in UK sizes 6-22, as well as in a Burgundy colourway. Collectif deliver internationally and have 4 UK based stores.

11 thoughts on “A Touch of Jasmine [Collectif]

    • Compared to the older Jenny skirts of last year or before, the fabric isn’t as thick, but it supports its own weight better. Compared to their new shortened length Jennies (22 inches for petite, 24 for ‘regular’,) that are now made with less less fabric, it’s a better length for anyone over 5ft 5, has more volume, and now replaces than as my favourite skirt. I’ve also heard the fabric of the new Jennies isn’t as thick or stiff, but I can’t confirm this for sure as I don’t own any of the new Jennies.

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      • That’s great to hear. Thanks so much. I have just ordered one from the Collectif summer sale for £11 to test it out myself.


  1. I love the Jasmine skirts! They’re actually just as great for us shorties, because 25″ is a good retro length that’s not *too* long on the leg. So if you’re 5’1″ like me, go for it! Also, I still want that modern love top and all the jumpers too, hurry up payday… xx


  2. I’ve coveted this shirt and the Hepburn dress with the same print since their release but with the poor exchange rate and shipping to California, I’m hoping for a sale soon. Is anyone aware of how often Collectif runs sales on regular priced stock?


  3. This skirt looks much better in “person” than it looks in the stock photo, probably because the color seems brighter and you know, having a petticoat underneath 🙂 The skirt is gorgeous but I’m having hard time combining printed skirts with tops, so this print probably isn’t for me (just you wait until it’s Black Friday :D) but on the other hand it would look so great with a black top, just like the burgundy one in the product photos. I love the shape of the skirt, loved it with the painted Jasmine skirt of SS16, but the print really wasn’t for me. I too sure hope they’ll make this in plain colours, because I’d totally buy them! 25″ could be a tad short for me (I prefer 26″), but if the new Jenny skirts are 24″ only, then I’m not even gonna bother looking at them. 😀


  4. New reader here… it looks terrific on you!

    Sadly, it didn’t look so good on me – let’s just say it didn’t play nicely with my substantial hips… So, I’m having to accept that full skirts just aren’t for me, but I can still enjoy them second-hand on the blogs I follow. 🙂


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