Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink + Un-Nude Release

Maybelline’s Super Stay Matte Ink liquid lipstick has been raved about on every social media platform and beauty vlog since its release last year. Honestly, if you haven’t tried it already I’d be really surprised, but going by the number of women who ask me for lipstick recommendations who then say they hadn’t tried this product there’s still some of you out there who haven’t taken the leap. The new Un-Nudes range of shades has just launched here in the UK so I decided it was time to whip up a quick review for those of you who might be unconvinced this product is worth all the hype.

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink liquid lipstick Lover, Ruler, Heroine, Pioneer, Voyager

What everybody is saying:  It’s the longest lasting liquid lipstick in the drugstore, and possibly on the market as a whole. They last all day without needing a touch up, even through eating, and you need a lip colour remover or an oil based makeup remover to get them off. Pigmentation is amazing, they’re comfortable and transfer-proof, and they’re budget-friendly. This is all 100% true and I’m in love with this product

Shade 50 Voyager

What nobody seems to be saying: They’re not matte. Not truly. Swatched on skin, yes, if you let them dry down for 10-20 minutes they will eventually go entirely matte, but on lips they stay slightly tacky (while still being totally transfer-proof) with a slight satin finish. For a long while when I owned only the Pioneer shade I wondered if I just had a tube from a dodgy batch, or whether only Pioneer behaved that way due to it’s shade formula, but after testing the other colours iI’ve bought I can say it seems to be all shades. Considering the performance of this lipstick is unmatched by any other liquid lipstick out there, a slightly satin finish is worth it to me for the exceptional staying power, but if you want a complete matte finish this product won’t give it to you.

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink liquid lipstick swatches Lover, Ruler, Heroine, Pioneer, Voyager

L Natural light, R with flash. Top to bottom: Lover, Ruler, Heroine, Pioneer, Voyager

How to remove it: Maybelline have released their own Superstay Eraser lip colour remover, but many other brands already have such products. I already have e.l.f.’s lip colour remover and it works great with this lipstick, with a thin formula and a sweet taste. But you don’t actually need a special remover to get it to budge. Either use a makeup remover that has oil in the formula, use olive oil or coconut oil, or use whatever lip balm you have to hand. Apply the lip balm, smudge your lips together and let it sit for a few seconds, then wipe off with a tissue or cotton wool. You may have to apply 2-3 times to get it all off, though, as this method doesn’t cut through the formula as well as oil does.

Un-Nude shade Ruler 80

A break-down of the shades

15 Lover: A soft pink with a mauve undertone, it’s a great daily lip colour for ladies who don’t like or can’t wear a bold lip for their day to day look. The pigmentation is consistent for a one swipe application and it

80 Ruler: New in the Un-nudes collection, this is a dark dusky rose pink with brown undertones. Strong pigmentation that applies in one swipe.

25 Heroine: A vivid coral orange, the pigmentation isn’t as strong as other shades so a single swipe leaves the application looking more pink toned and partly sheer, but a double swipe takes it to an opaque orange coral. Not for the faint of heart, and not to be confused by some online swatches as being an orange toned red on fair skin.

Shade 25 Heroine

20 Pioneer: The perfect rich wine red, a flattering dark red for all skin tones. Strong pigmentation that applies in one swipe.

50 Voyager: On fair skin, a dark rusty raisin with brown tones. It definitely will not read as a dark red on fair skin tones, despite what the tube colour suggests, but may read more red on darker skin tones. Strong pigmentation that applies in one swipe.

For reference, I have fair skin with yellow undertones and dark red dyed hair, Fiery Red by Garnier Nuriesse Ultracolour. 

Available shade range: Including the new Un-Nudes shade range, there’s 20 shades. The original 10 included several daily wear muted pinks, a bright pink, an orange, and the red tones. The Un-Nude range revolves around purple/grey tones and browns.

Where to buy: In the UK it’s available in-store for £9.99 anywhere that sells Maybelline products, and online from Superdrug (often included in ‘3 for 2’ or ‘buy 1 get 2nd half price’ offers,) Boots, ASOS and other beauty retailers. Globally, check with your local Maybelline stockist or domestic online stockists.

Overall rating: 4.9 out of 5. The only way this lipstick could be improved is if they tweaked the formula to a truly matte finish without losing any of the staying power or comfort.

8 thoughts on “Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink + Un-Nude Release

  1. I’ll definitely have to try these out! I liked the 24 hr super stay range before but found they began to crumble off and required the moisture balm included to be reapplied often. So fell out of love. These sound more promising though.


  2. This is so WEIRD! I JUST bought the Pioneer shade this weekend after Kristina at The Eyre Effect recommended it to me (I am on the hunt for the best lipstick for my wedding) and today I am wearing it for the first time for a test run! AS I TYPE THIS! lol I actually find it to be quite matte once dried – but perhaps every lip is different! I am LOVING it so far.

    It IS a bit sticky even when dried but it doesn’t feel heavy on my lips or at all like it’s drying them out terribly. So far, it has proven to be comfy, the PERFECT shade of red, and non-transferable upon kiss test. Eager to see how it looks later tonight!



  3. I have not tried that yet. Thanks for the description of some of the shades. It can be very difficult to choose shades especially when buying online! Often hard to tell if it will suit your skin tone or be too similar to what you have already have.


    • That’s definitely the worst part about buying online! I always try to look up swatches of new lip colours online before deciding if it’s worth buying but nothing beats a swatch you get in person and take out into the daylight


  4. I tried my first one and I found the tackiness to be too uncomfortable. Im fine with a cream lipstick, and I enjoy liquid lipsticks that are dry, but I cant handle the stickiness of these. Its just a personal discomfort.


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