This Little Birdhouse [Vendula London]

You guys must know the drill with Vendula London by now, right? They produce cute, quirky bags of varying shapes and styles in an array of unique designs, from handbags that look like the store front of a darling sweet shop to clutch bags that look like old fashioned, luxurious fairytale books.

You may know how their designs stand out, but perhaps you didn’t know that their products are all vegan friendly too. I’ll admit that even as someone who owns multiple Vendula products, that awesome fact passed me by until recently, when one of my vegan friends informed me in delight. And speaking of taking care of lovely little creatures, this super adorable new piece puts you in mind of doing just that: y’all, it’s the Birdhouse Backpack.

 Birdhouse Backpack Bag Vendula London

 Birdhouse Backpack Bag Vendula London Birdhouse Backpack Bag Vendula London Birdhouse Backpack Bag Vendula London Birdhouse Backpack Bag Vendula London Birdhouse Backpack Bag Vendula London Birdhouse Backpack Bag Vendula London Birdhouse Backpack Bag Vendula London

Bag:Birdhouse Backpack Bag C/O Vendula London
Dress:Marilyn dress by Blueberry Hill Fashions
Cardigan: Dark Mustard Get it Girl Cardigan from Doll Me Up
Necklace: Primark
Hair Flowers:Alternate Normality

Until recently I hadn’t owned a backpack since secondary school, preferring hand-held handbags for my socialising and shoulder bags for my work bag. I swapped said work bag for a backpack before Christmas when I realised I just needed more space, but it still surprised me when I first saw this Vendula bag and felt it immediately win me over, as I’m typically just not a backpack person.

Saying that, though, I’ve been noticing lately that the longer I’ve been dressing in the vintage style the more open that style has become to blurring the lines between the vintage and the modern, as well as more casual looks that never appealed to me before. Sometimes as much as you want to go head to toe vintage chic, more practical concerns have to be addressed for facets like your footwear and your handbag. If I’ve got a long day out planned doing something laid-back with lots of walking involved, I’ve learned many times over that sometimes choosing the cuter handbag that hangs off your arm can lead to aches and frustration. With this little Vendula backpack now, though, a day out and about doesn’t have to mean red welts on my forearms and a tired wrist. Plus, sometimes it just feels silly to rock up to the quiet night in at your best friend’s house with your huge mock croc handbag because you don’t own any relaxed, easy-to-grab options. Prepare for me to be bringing my birdhouse with me now, ladies.

The backpack itself is a super sweet piece, featuring a polka dot background, brown stitched trim reminiscent of tiles, and faux leather and fabric flowers surrounding the window and door. The shoulder straps are, of course, adjustable, and the bag opens with a dual zip in the ‘roof.’ There are two wall compartments inside, one zipped and one open, ready to keep your small items safe, with enough room in the main compartment to fit your phone, wallet, and sunglasses with some room to spare. Specifically the dimensions of the bag are that it’s 28cm tall, 23.5cm wide across the top of the roof, and 10cm deep. The bottom of the bag features brass stud feet to keep your bag clean if you set it down.

It’s a truly cute and practical way to carry around your essentials, and I know I’ll be toting it around town with comfortable ease and a spring in my step.

The Birdhouse Backpack Bag (€99) is available for pre-order alongside the rest of the Birdhouse range, which also features a tote, a crossbody bag, and a selection of purses/wallets. The full range will be releasing on 8th February, and Vendula London ship worldwide. 

5 thoughts on “This Little Birdhouse [Vendula London]

  1. Thats’s very cute, never saw a bag like that before. It’s very true that with bags, sometimes practical considerations have to be taken into account.


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