Kiss Falscara Review • DIY Lash Extensions

Touted as being reusable up to 3 times and able to last up to 10 days after application, the Kiss Falscara ‘falsies in a flash’ sounds almost too good to be true. Are they? Well, yes and no. Let’s go more in depth. 

Kiss Falscara Wispy wisps applied (Left), One coat of mascara applied to my natural lashes (right)

First off, what are they? They are, essentially, individual false lashes the likes of which we’ve long been able to buy on the high street and in beauty supply stores, but with a mascara style bond and seal application method that makes them more long lasting than the standard lash glue application we’ve all been using on our normal falsies. It’s akin to an at-home DIY lash extension system. If you’ve heard of or used Lashify, you’ll recognise that Falscara is simply Kiss’s cheaper answer to Lashify’s own (and first on the market, to be fair,) false lash extension system. Where Lashify will set you back £130 for their starter kit and £18+ per refill of lashes, the Kiss Falscara starter kit costs £24.99 and their lash refills are £10 or less per pack, depending on where you buy them. 

Application: The Falscara is a double ended wand, with a Bond end and a Seal end. The lashes, which come in 3 different lash styles, all have a very thin flexible band. To apply you brush a thin layer of the Bond onto your lashes (I curled my incredibly straight lashes first, for better visualisation.) Next, you select one of the ‘clumps’ of individual lashes with the curved tweezers that come in the kit or a standard pair of tweezers, and place them UNDER your lashes, flush against them, with the band slightly away from your water line to avoid friction. Depending on the lash style you choose and your eye shape/size, you will use 3-4 clumps per eye. If you place the lashes wrongly it’s possible to gently remove them and reposition as long as you haven’t applied the Seal agent yet. Once all your lashes are in place and you’re happy with them, you use the Seal end of the wand to apply a thin layer to the lashes.

The Bond formula is basically a thin, slightly tacky brushable glue that will darken your lashes like a fine mascara, so when applying it is possible to stick your lashes to your own eyelid etc if you use your fingers to press things into place, rather than tweezers or other more precise tools. Lashes in either corner of your eye could also stick to your bottom lashes if you have lashes that intersect or grow at odd angles, as I do, so be aware of that while applying the Bond formula for application. Once the Seal layer is applied all stickiness is removed and the lashes are comfortably held in place. I found the application much easier than I was anticipating. I typically don’t use individual lashes because I struggle to get each clump angled correctly along the upper lash line to achieve a uniform, full lash look, but using these lashes placed under the lash line was much, much easier. 

(Left) Kiss Falscara Wispy Wisps lashes applied, compared to (Right) one coat of Maybelline Lash Sensational on my uncurled natural lashes

(Left) Kiss Falscara Wispy Wisps lashes applied, compared to (Right) one coat of Maybelline Lash Sensational on my uncurled natural lashes

(Left) Kiss Falscara Wispy Wisps lashes applied, compared to (Right) one coat of Maybelline Lash Sensational on my uncurled natural lashes

(Left) Kiss Falscara Wispy Wisps lashes applied, compared to (Right) one coat of Maybelline Lash Sensational on my uncurled natural lashes

(Left) Kiss Falscara Wispy Wisps lashes applied, compared to (Right) one coat of Maybelline Lash Sensational on my uncurled natural lashes

(Left) Kiss Falscara Wispy Wisps lashes applied, compared to (Right) one coat of Maybelline Lash Sensational on my uncurled natural lashes

To remove the lashes, you use the Falscara Remover on a cotton or reusable pad, pressing a soaked pad against them gently so the bonded formula can be dissolved and the lashes gently removed. The remover is about £10, but my go-to eye makeup remover the Nivea Double Effect eye Makeup Remover did the job just as well, if not better, and only costs £3.89 at full price (often on offer for less, too,) so I imagine most oil and water duo cleansing makeup removers would work. 

Do they last up to 10 days? Short answer–maybe, I think so? Longer answer–for me, no, because I think it depends upon how well you apply them, and, crucially, how you sleep. My first application wasn’t perfect on my left eye, one or two of the clumps were not entirely flush with my lashes all the way up and I’d got the angle of the band a bit off, enough so that I occasionally had some irritation of them rubbing against my eyelid. That was clearly my error, so I wasn’t entirely surprised when I woke up the day after application to find the outer two lash clumps on my left side weren’t in place–one gone entirely, the other hanging on by a single lash. I sleep on my side, mostly my left side, not on my front, so I was still a little surprised, but the eye that’s to the pillow at any given time can get quite smushed into it, so it’s not as if my eyes face no friction or pressure during the night.

I removed the lashes from that eye with the Falscara Remover (a thicker formula than I was expecting) and made more of an effort to get all 4 lash clumps lined up better when I reapplied. When I went to bed that night I was confident I would wake up with two perfect sets of lashes, only to again have dislodged an outer clump on my left eye as well as the second-outer clump on my right. I reapplied them, which made my lashes that had received 2 or 3 coats of the Bond clump together, and did a full eye makeup look that day, day 3 of wearing the lashes, to see if they interfered with my makeup application. I was more cognizant of not overloading my brushes so that eyeshadow didn’t fall out onto the lashes, as I didn’t want them to appear pale and discoloured, and applying my thick winged eyeliner was definitely trickier. At the end of the day I used my usual Nivea Double Effect makeup remover to take off my eye makeup and found it began to loosen the lashes as well, so I removed them in full and called it quits for the experiment. 

Kiss Falscara Wispy Wisps lashes worn with a full vintage eye look, day 3

Now, it’s important to note that Kiss do sell a Falscara Overnighter, an additional step to be used after the Seal step that’s supposed to help prolong the wear of your lashes overnight. When I was first looking up Falscara online before buying, the reviews I found of the Overnighter were mixed, with some claiming the product helped do exactly what it said, and a not-insignificant number of reviewers saying it didn’t help at all, or was worse. I know that’s a pretty standard situation among reviews for literally every product, but for my initial purchase I forewent the Overnighter as a result. It’s possible that using it will fix my issue entirely.  

Outer lashes missing from my left eye after coming off overnight the night after I applied Falscara for the first time

TL;DR: Things to know: 
– Don’t use oily eye makeup remover to take off your other eye makeup while wearing Falscara, it will remove the lashes
– On the flip side, that means you can use an oily makeup remover to clean the lashes after removal, allowing you to rewear them
– You don’t need to buy the Falscara Remover, buy a cheaper oil/dual eye makeup remover
– You can use other brands’ lashes with them, but the bands need to be thin and flexible
– Don’t over-apply the Bond formula or your lashes will begin to clump together, ruining the look of the wispies
– Don’t over-apply the Seal formula or you will start to see white flakes left on the lashes
– If you sleep with your eyes pressed against anything, you either need to try the Overnighter sealant or these lashes are not for you for extended wear

So, what’s the verdict? I do like them. I don’t wear makeup to work (I’m a warehouse supervisor; it can be dusty, physical, and there’s no client or public facing aspects day to day,) so I don’t have a need to look ‘presentable’ day to day, so even if these had worked perfectly I wouldn’t have adopted regular use of them because they just aren’t necessary for my current lifestyle. However, the fact that they come off when I sleep means I’ll be doing some experimenting in future to see whether I can get a better result from them. I saw reviews online from other users who said they now use Falscara exclusively in place of traditional false lashes and/or mascara, and simply apply lashes from other brands (including full strip lashes) with this Bond/Seal method to get a full week’s worth of lashes, saving time and money overall. Others find the Overnighter made a difference for them. So at some point I’ll get the Overnighter and see whether it stops them coming off when I sleep, and I’ll also test to see whether applying a strip lash of wispies can solve that problem by spreading out the pressure across an unbroken single band. I think they’re easy to apply and more comfortable than strip lashes applied with standard lash glue, as long as you make sure you don’t position the bands too close to your water line. There’s definitely still potential here for me personally, and for others I think they might be incredible (especially if you sleep on your back!) If you can afford to drop £25 on a beauty product for the fun of seeing if it could become one of your Holy Grails then it’s totally worth a try. If you’re on a strict budget and sleep on your side or back, I’d maybe wait to hear more from others. 

In clear cut terms, here are the pros and cons. 

– Long lasting, supposedly up to 10 days. I have seen reviewers say they use this Bond/Seal system on other brands of lashes, both individual and strip, and get a full week’s wear out of them, so it certainly must be true for many people
– Cheaper and quicker than lash extensions
– Quicker to apply these once a week than lashes every morning (as long as they last for you)
– Pretty easy to apply, as you can adjust them before applying the Seal, and your own lashes don’t obscure your field of vision like they can do for applying normal falsies above your eyelashes
– Easier to apply than individual lashes in the usual way with lash glue to the eyelid
– Gives you a polished look with no other eye makeup necessary
– An excellent option for vacation wear or other occasions when you want to look put together for several days in a row without spending a lot of time getting ready each morning
– They come in multiple lash styles, so you can find what works best for you
– You can use other lashes with them, as long as the band is thin and flexible, so you can wear your favourite lashes or cheaper lashes than the Kiss Falscara branded ones

– You MUST get placement right before sealing. If a lash is poking you or the band is pressing against your eyelid anywhere before sealing, it will continue to do so for as long as you wear that set, causing irritation and discomfort
– Overuse of the Bond will make your lashes clump together and disrupt the look
– Overuse of the Seal will produce white flecks on the lashes
– Might come off overnight if you sleep on your side/front/with your pressed against anything

As you can see, even though these haven’t proved perfect for me, I still feel there’s more pros in their favour than cons against. I’m hopeful that the Overnighter or using strip lashes instead will bump them up from a 6/10 product for me to a 10/10. For now, I hope this has all been useful for you. 

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