My Darling Peta [Charlie Stone Shoes]

There’s something I do which may or may not be weird: I go through phases of hyper-focusing on certain aspects of my wardrobe. (Is that just me?) I’ll be putting together an outfit and find myself thinking something like ‘damn, this would be perfect if I had a velvet navy bag to wear it with,’ because I am a bit obsessive about colour matching, and once the idea occurs to me that my collection has a glaring hole in it, suddenly all I want is to find the perfect piece within my budget to fill it. These phases are often accessories focused—hats, bags, belts, bangles.

My latest phase is all about finding pretty flats. It started at the end of last year, when I treated myself to two pairs of Charlie Stone Shoes‘ not-actually-fully-flat flats. I loved them so much that I began to daydream about their other gorgeous flats, which I didn’t need but definitely wanted. But then, oh ho! What did I realise? I actually do need some of them, because guess what, they fill one of the gaps in my shoe collection: comfortable, good quality flats in staple colours I will regularly wear, that—here is the crucial bit—I CAN EASILY CLEAN. size pinup Miss Amy May models the black Peta flats by Charlie Stone Shoes for a fit and size review size pinup Miss Amy May models the black Peta flats by Charlie Stone Shoes for a fit and size review Continue reading

London in Velvet [Charlie Stone Shoes]

As I detailed last week when reviewing their Manhattan glitter flats, Charlie Stone Shoe’s 2021 autumn/winter line is a family reunion of re-released and reimagined past bestsellers. One of the reimagined kin is the London flats, previously available in red and this year released in a navy velvet, a perfect match to the gown I’ll be wearing for my younger sister’s twice-rescheduled wedding next spring. There was simply nothing for it; I had to order both. If you read last week’s Manhattan review you’ll know I adore them, and so it is likely no great surprise to learn I feel just as ardently about the London.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the navy velvet London flats shoes by Charlie Stone Shoes for a fit review

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Glittering Manhattan [Charlie Stone Shoes]

Charlie Stone Shoes made a name for themselves by designing glamorous, high quality flat shoes. As their popularity has grown, they moved into also producing heels and handbags. They produce a new themed range each season, with their special edition spring/summer range this year inspired by the art nouveau architecture of the city of Porto, with a nod to the magical world of a certain famous boy wizard. For Autumn/winter 2021, the theme is Home for the Holidays, a representation of the hope we feel for reuniting with our families this coming ’21 holiday season with a Charlie Stone family reunion of their own, re-releasing some of their past bestsellers and reimagining a few others. When I saw that their much loved Champagne Manhattan flats would be re-released I knew I would be making an order, as I deeply regretted not snagging a pair the first time around. Well, I can you tell you one thing for sure, they’ve certainly lived up to my high hopes!

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models  the champagne glitter Manhattan flats by Charlie Stone Shoes

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Green Elegance [Miss Candyfloss + Charlie Stone Shoes]

‘It’s one of my favourite colours!’ I feel like I say to people a lot, but not just about one colour. Once upon a time I claimed purple as my favourite (when I was 10,) and then lime green (13.Yikes!) Over time it became navy blue, then red. For the past few years though, it has been very clear–very clear that I have 3 favourites, that is, and I can’t be asked to choose between them. Burgundy, mustard (every tone of it,) and green, practically every shade of green. Olive, khaki, emerald, grass, they all make me happy, and without tooting my own horn, they all look good on me. But really I think they look good on everyone; green is an equal opportunity colour. Which is why today this review is going on hard on the colour green, right down to my toes.

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