Korinna in the Meadow [Miss Candyfloss]

With July right around the corner, there’s a fair bit of summer left still to play out, but sadly it’s the end of Miss Candyfloss’s SS21 season, with all of their newest pretties fully released to the world. It might have been their most patterned spring-summer line yet, but as always with Miss Candyfloss they released plenty of beautiful solid coloured pieces which make for wonderful staples in your wardrobe. This Korrina-Minty is one such piece, a lovely pale sage swing dress that offers simplicity and style in one lightweight summer serving.

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Empowered [Love UR Look]

In the vintage inspired and reproduction scene all companies have their own niche and look, but there’s still a lot of overlap in style, understandably, because everyone is drawing from the same pot of inspiration. Love UR Look, however, is one of thoseĀ  brands when I can tell the second I see one of their pieces that it is made by them. They take vintage inspired dress shapes and design features, and they make them totally their own with quirky and fun prints, some novelty, others not, but all distinctly Love UR Look. This dress we’re looking at today is a perfect representation of a design only Love UR Look could come up with; I present to you, Empower You.

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Hourglass by the Lilacs [The Pretty Dress Company]

It’s been pretty dreary here in the UK for what feels like an age. It’s been rain, showers, and more rain, but in a shocking twist of fate this Bank Holiday weekend has heralded the return of sunshine. So it was wonderful timing that this glorious The Pretty Dress Company piece turned up this week just in time to enjoy said sunshine in true summer fashion–in gingham!

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Claudia Gown Styled 3 Ways [Deadly is the Female x Alexandra King]

Look, I know I’ve featured many of the different iterations of the Claudia here on the blog. First of all, I don’t think I can really be blamed, because if Deadly is the Female and Alexandra King keep making different versions of the most perfect dress that I can’t help but buy, what, exactly, am I supposed to do, if not take (hopefully) beautiful photos of them and share them with you all? Secondly, it’s a dress made by 2 small, women-owned businesses, and if this past year has taught us anything it’s that we should all be buying from and vocally supporting small businesses as much as possible. But thirdly, this is actually a Claudia I wanted for a long time but told myself I didn’t have any need for, so it was off my buy list until this past winter when, suddenly, I realised exactly how many ways I could style it–and what’s the point of having such deeply meaningful revelations if I don’t share them?? So today, my darlings, we are going to look at 3 different ways of styling the Claudia Maxi Gown, because I am in love with it.

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Lacy Bluebell [Chi Chi London]

There are certain dresses I think of as goddess gowns. There isn’t a particular characteristic that qualifies it beyond being full length; sometimes they have pleated skirts, sometimes boned busts with intricate pleating or gathers; sometimes they have bishop sleeves; and sometimes they have full flowing circle skirts for ultimate sweep and swish. It’s one of those ‘I know it when I see it’ things, and to me this lacy blue maxi from Chi Chi London is a Goddess Gown contender.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the Blue Lace Sleeve Maxi Bridesmaid dress gifted by Chi Chi London for a fit and size review

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Abstract Wrapping [Chi Chi London]

There are many ways the pandemic has changed my outlook on life and refreshed my sense of gratitude. One of the smaller, more insignificant ways it’s had an impact is the way in which it’s allowed me to reconnect with my natural curls and given me room to appreciate more casual ways of dressing. My love for 1950s silhouettes has not diminished even remotely, but it’s nice to allow oneself room in one’s head to have quiet, easy dress days rather than self-applying pressure that every chance to slay must be seized. Nah–now, and in future, I will cherish more casual days when I crave them, and dresses like this abstract wrap dress from Chi Chi London prove that being a little more casual does not mean being any less stylish.

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Purple Alice [Hearts and Roses London]

I don’t wear a lot of purple but I associate it with my mum and my best friend Menna, so it’s certainly a special colour. This dress in particular, with its bruised burgundy, lush lilacs and rich aubergine, definitely gives me English country garden vibes, so I figure where better to showcase it than my very own English country garden, in the sunshine.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the Alice Floral Swing dress gifted by Hearts and Roses London for a fit and size review

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Jolene, Jolene, Jolene [Hearts and Roses London]

Florals upon florals is what I’m all about right now, because my favourite part of spring is watching all the flowers take their turn. Seeing the daffodils spring up makes my drive to work much more pleasant, watching as all the blossoms begin to fuzz up the trees and hedgerows in white and soft pinks makes my heart happy, and by the time we get to bluebells season I’m fully content. We’ve got a little time before the latter is here in full force, but my god, wearing a pretty floral dress near some blossoms is one of life’s simplest joys for me these days.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the Jolene Floral dress gifted by Hearts and Roses London for a fit and size review

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