Shana For Spring [Collectif]

I’ve been blogging for 9 years now, so I think I’ve reached the point where I’ve wrung as many jokes and intros out of the famous ‘Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking’ line from The Devil Wears Prada. Like florals (according to Miranda Priestly, that is,) there’s only so many ways you can work it in before it gets tired and expected. But despite that, you know, I still really like florals. I think it’s one of the loveliest parts of spring–not just watching the actual flowers begin to bloom out in the world, but going into my clothing storage to bring my florals back out into my closet, packing away my tweeds and wools and tartans for six months in return.

By February, just as I’m getting truly sick of rain and cold and greys skies, the daffodils start to peek out, leading into my absolute favourite stretch; the hawthorn, then the bluebells, then the fruit blossoms. Those weeks of nature waking, petals unfurling, colour returning, revitalises my winter-wearied spirit, and echoing that process by bringing colour and florals back into my wardrobe to greet the brightening world feels refreshing and exciting every time. So, sorry not sorry, but yes, I like florals, I like wearing them in spring when I feel most hopeful and happy about the world around me. And I like this floral in particular, the Shana dress by Collectif, and how it feels wearing it among blossoms. 

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the Shana blue roses dress by Collectif for a fit and sizing review

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Hazel for Spring [Hearts and Roses London]

The ‘Florals? For spring? Ground-breaking’ line delivered with perfect stone-faced sarcasm by Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada is truly iconic, and I get it. If you’re talking high fashion, yes, there really are things that are considered too cliché to be indulged, but for the average person we don’t care what’s expected or avant-garde, we just want to wear something comfortable that makes us feel good. And cliché or not, in spring seeing all the blooming flowers makes me happy; wearing brighter colours after months of enjoying richer, dark shades makes me happy; and wearing a cute floral print when the sun is shining makes me happy. Florals for spring will never be shocking because it’s a classic, and I’m not gonna argue with a classic.

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Electric Florals [Voodoo Vixen]

I do love a good floral, whether it’s delicate or oversized, pastel or bright, abstract or ultra real. People talk about what a cliché it is to wear florals for spring (Devil Wears Prada, anyone?) but I think it’s one of those things that’s a cliché because it really does work. There’s truth there. Florals look good on everyone and they make getting dressed in spring and summer feel as breezy and beautiful as the weather outside.

Saying all that, I love it when a floral is available which flouts the usual offerings in floral prints. It’s fun to find something that’s out of the norm, whether that’s because the design is a bit geometric and oversized or because it’s a flower you’ve never seen before, or because, like this Amber dress from Voodoo Vixen, it chooses to showcase an oft-overlooked colour on which to frame it’s floral print.

This bright yet unoffensive mid-blue isn’t used in clothing as often as I would expect it to be give how much people seem to lose their minds when I wear this kind of shade. Perhaps people just like how it contrasts with my pale skin and dark red hair, but they seem to show equal love for the colour itself, not merely how it wears on me, so I feel like it must be an underestimated colour in general. Regarding this dress in particular, I love that this blue combined with the white, yellow and pink flowers create a floral dress that is summery, airy and fun all without being overpowering. If you wanted to load up on brights you could easily accessorise with reds, yellows or even lime to make this dress POP, but alone it’s a floral that isn’t softly spoken nor shouty, a solid middle-ground kind of print that’s interesting and beautiful.

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