Roses in the Garden [Lady V London]

Summer is approaching, swiftly it feels with our recent bursts of sunshine, but I know the English weather so I’m certain that it can be relied upon to rain on our parade, quite literally, to keep that spring feeling alive for a few weeks more. My favourite apple tree hasn’t blossomed yet, after all, so until it does I am determined to consider it spring. It is, if you didn’t know, my favourite season, as well as the perfect excuse to frolic in every dainty floral frock in one’s wardrobe. Today I add another, with this gorgeous Beautiful Roses print Liliana by Lady V London.

Lady V London Beautiful Roses Liliana dress

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Blue Skies in Waldorf [Unique Vintage]

One of my favourite things about spring is when our fruit trees begin to blossom. Thanks to the late snow this year I was a little paranoid that they wouldn’t, but eventually the little buds began to show themselves, just a few weeks behind schedule. Now the blossoms are in full swing, making me endlessly happy each time I look at them.

This Waldorf dress from Unique Vintage, while not technically featuring blossoms as part of the floral print, still puts me in mind of those delicate, fluffy flowers that bring me such joy, thanks to the gorgeous colours of the print; the white flowers and their rich green leaves set against a soft blue that feels like sky. It all reminds me of a clear spring day encouraging the growth of the blossoms I love, so on just such a day recently passed I couldn’t help but head out into the garden to introduce it to Waldorf.

Plus Size Unique Vintage 1950s Style Light Blue & White Floral Print Pleated Waldorf Swing Dress Miss amy May

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Rosie Posey [Voodoo Vixen]

rosievvNot many of you will know this, but Mumma May’s name is Rosemary, resulting in my siblings and I often calling her Rosie Posey because she is adorable and so are we (sometimes.) So I was pretty pleased when I discovered that this pastel floral dress from Voodoo Vixen’s new SS line is called Rosie. It’s a dress I’ve been eyeing for a couple of months already anyway, after seeing pictures of my darling friend Scarlett Luxe rocking it while modelling for them, but the name just sealed the deal that Rosie would be joining my ever-growing closet. She’s a floaty spring time dream, and I was super happy to get my mint-tipped fingers on her. Continue reading