Hazel for Spring [Hearts and Roses London]

The ‘Florals? For spring? Ground-breaking’ line delivered with perfect stone-faced sarcasm by Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada is truly iconic, and I get it. If you’re talking high fashion, yes, there really are things that are considered too cliché to be indulged, but for the average person we don’t care what’s expected or avant-garde, we just want to wear something comfortable that makes us feel good. And cliché or not, in spring seeing all the blooming flowers makes me happy; wearing brighter colours after months of enjoying richer, dark shades makes me happy; and wearing a cute floral print when the sun is shining makes me happy. Florals for spring will never be shocking because it’s a classic, and I’m not gonna argue with a classic.

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Sunny Dominique [Hell Bunny]

With the sun making more regular appearances, it finally feels like the time to make the switch from my autumn/winter wardrobe to my spring/summer pieces. Into storage go my tartans, checks and velvets, and out come the florals, brights and ginghams. This Dominique number will gladly join them, as one of those rare specimens of which I have very few in my closet–an unmistakable summer dress in pure neutral tones.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the Dominique 50s dress by Hell Bunny for a fit and size review

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Purple Alice [Hearts and Roses London]

I don’t wear a lot of purple but I associate it with my mum and my best friend Menna, so it’s certainly a special colour. This dress in particular, with its bruised burgundy, lush lilacs and rich aubergine, definitely gives me English country garden vibes, so I figure where better to showcase it than my very own English country garden, in the sunshine.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the Alice Floral Swing dress gifted by Hearts and Roses London for a fit and size review

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Jolene, Jolene, Jolene [Hearts and Roses London]

Florals upon florals is what I’m all about right now, because my favourite part of spring is watching all the flowers take their turn. Seeing the daffodils spring up makes my drive to work much more pleasant, watching as all the blossoms begin to fuzz up the trees and hedgerows in white and soft pinks makes my heart happy, and by the time we get to bluebells season I’m fully content. We’ve got a little time before the latter is here in full force, but my god, wearing a pretty floral dress near some blossoms is one of life’s simplest joys for me these days.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the Jolene Floral dress gifted by Hearts and Roses London for a fit and size review

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Dreamy Demira [Collectif]

Look, I know I must sound a bit like a broken record when I say ‘I saw this dress and just fell in love with it’ but…well, I’m an honest woman, I like dresses more than I like men, and when it comes to clothing, it turns out I believe in love at first sight, okay? And this Dreamy Floral Demira dress is the latest in a (reasonably long) line of dresses that have made my heart go pitter patter. Considering it’s spring epitomised, I doubt you can blame me.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the Collectif clothing Demira Dreamy Floral dress for a fit and size review

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Spring Chantilly [Hell Bunny]

Y’aaaaall, it’s finally springtime! Well, for us northern hemisphere folks, that is. Spring is always my favourite time of year, but this year it is definitely a figurative and literal breath of fresh air. A balm for lockdown blues, a sunny salve for the seasonally disheartened–just damn lovely, really. As much as I’ve been enjoying my recent downtime of not blogging so much (wow, not being allowed to leave the house really takes it out of you, huh??), it was so nice yesterday to unpack a parcel of new Hell Bunny spring/summer goodies and to dash out into the sun to take some pictures for you. Was it cold as heck, despite the sunny glow in these pictures? Hell yes! Am I thrilled to be sharing with you my first summery dress of the season, with the promise of cautious garden hangouts beckoning on the flowering horizon? YES! Let’s go.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the Chantilly 50s dress she was gifted by Hell Bunny for a fit and size review

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The Epitome of Spring [Miss Candyfloss]

Considering how out-of-the-ordinary everything is these days I can’t tell you how much it means to me to be able to still enjoy the building sunshine, fresh breezes and blooming flowers of spring. Spring is my favourite season anyway, and only a tiny bit because my birthday is in May, but right now? Right now all my favourite parts of the sweetest, lightest season feel even more beautiful and uplifting. Sun peaking through the curtains in the early morning, the chance to open your windows without it being an immediate mistake because of freezing air or insistent insects, and, let’s face it, right now especially, the chance to wear something that feels and looks just plain happy and floaty and lovely. This new dress by Miss Candyfloss definitely counts as the latter.

Bassie-Regina dress gifted by Miss Candyfloss plus size pinup fit size review Miss Amy May

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