Run, Becca, Run [in Lulu Hun]

Shoes, glorious shoes! One of the things I most love about the transition from winter to spring is being able to get out all my summer shoes again. Whether it’s wedges, peeptoes or my prettiest flats, it’s nice to be able to add more variety to my footwear in a way I feel winter just doesn’t allow. In spring and summer, I can mix it up between brights and pastels, raffia and cork, ankle ribbon ties and slim straps, metallics and leather.

Admittedly, for all my excitement to bust out the lofty wedges, I do spend 90% of my social time still opting for flat shoes. As much as I love the extra height and sass offered by a stacked wedge or precarious stiletto, the reality is I live a car’s drive from absolutely everywhere I need or want to go, and remembering to take my heels with me to the car as I slip into my safe-to-drive-in flats some days is just too much to ask. Plus, while I feel comfortable and capable in heels, I don’t hate my feet enough to want to walk in a pair of them for an extensive period of time (read as: more than 200 feet) so flats tend to just win out for comfort and practicality’s sakes.

That brings me to this season’s Lulu Hun offerings, which include several pairs of adorable flats. I tend to just buy plain ballet flats in every colour from New Look because they’re easy to find and are cheap, but they are just that, plain. Lulu Hun, on the other hand, is offering bows and cut outs, stripes and gingham, as well as sandals adorned with pineapples, bananas, and cherries. For ladies who want to keep their feet planted firmly on the ground but clad in a cute shoe as they do so, there’s a lot to choose from.

Becca Striped Flats by Lulu Hun Becca Striped Flats by Lulu Hun Becca Striped Flats by Lulu HunBecca Striped Flats by Lulu HunBecca Striped Flats by Lulu Hun Becca Striped Flats by Lulu Hun Becca Striped Flats by Lulu HunBecca Striped Flats by Lulu HunBecca Striped Flats by Lulu Hun Shoes: Becca Striped Flats C/O Lulu Hun
Top: Striped Dolly top by Hell Bunny
Skirt: Talis Swing Skirt by Collectif
Bag: Atomic Tote by Sunjellies from Deadly Is The Female
Bangles: Charcoal Bangles by Splendette
Sunglasses: Red Judy sunglasses from Collectif

I love a well placed bow, stripes and comfortable flats so these Becca shoes are a winner for me. I’m not normally drawn to any shoes that have a pointed toe but I think the bow on the vamp distracts me from the proportions that normally put me off such a shape. Lined in red PU, if you happen to do some delightful but intensive grass frolicking in summer before slipping back into these shoes, you won’t be leaving a grassy or muddy footprint on the inner lining of your shoe that will make you feel like a dirt monster who shouldn’t be allowed to adult. Not that I would know that feeling, of course. Ahem.

I’ve often been told by Lulu Hun staff and customers alike that their shoes size small, but I have all of my LH pairs in my usual size 7 and they’re all a perfect fit, so perhaps I’m a bit of an anomaly in this matter. In terms of these Becca flats, because of the pointed toe they’re a snugger fit than most of the other flats I wear, but not uncomfortably or unusually so, as I have other tighter size 7 flats from other brands. I do think, though, that anyone with wide feet will find the fit less comfortable, so it’s likely you’ll have to size up if you’re wide of foot.

I’m a big fan of colour coordination, but sometimes to my detriment, as I have colours that are my favourites and go with a majority of my wardrobe, meaning that my shoe choices tend to be repetitive and, potentially, unimaginative. I love that the stripe of these Becca flats, while practically neutral in it’s classic black and white, will give me a chance to step outside of my comfort zone, pun very much intended.

The Becca Striped flats are available in UK sizes 3-8 for £30.75 from and in select Collectif stores in the UK.

Making Lemonade [Hell Bunny]

Remember how I said a few posts back that I’m really picky about prints, that I generally stay clear of animals and fruit but that there’s exceptions to every rule? Well helllloooo Springtime 2017 Amy, who is, apparently, breaking her print rules ALL OVER THE PLACE.

This time around, it’s fruits that have got me feeling adventurous, namely lemons. Oh did I say adventurous? Clearly I meant zesty. Ba dum cha!

Hell Bunny Leandra 50s lemon print dress Hell Bunny Leandra 50s lemon print dressHell Bunny Leandra 50s lemon print dressHell Bunny Leandra 50s lemon print dressHell Bunny Leandra 50s lemon print dressHell Bunny Leandra 50s lemon print dressHell Bunny Leandra 50s lemon print dressHell Bunny Leandra 50s lemon print dress Hell Bunny Leandra 50s lemon print dress Hell Bunny Leandra 50s lemon print dress Hell Bunny Leandra 50s lemon print dress Hell Bunny Leandra 50s lemon print dress Hell Bunny Leandra 50s lemon print dress

Dress: Leandra 50s Dress C/O Hell Bunny
Cardigan: Old New Look
Shoes: Red Wrap up wedges by Bamboo
Bangles: Charcoal Fakelite bangles by Splendette
Hair Flower: Deluxe Red Hydrangea by Daisy Jean Florals
Bag: Thrifted

I need to state it right now, emphatically, how much I love the cut of this dress. It’s surprisingly rare to get such a straight, square neckline, but I always feel they create an immensely flattering frame for the bust and for emphasising one’s collarbone no matter your size. The thick polka dot trim of this dress only highlights that effect, I feel, but it gets even more wonderful because the straps of this dress are adjustable, allowing you to truly get a great fit from this style. Said straps end in button holes at the back side, so you can fasten them to the button hidden inside the back of the dress to tighten or loosen your shoulder straps as needed (the possible movement is 2 inches in total.) Whether you’re petite, long of torso or incredibly busty, that feature will likely be your friend.

In terms of the other lovely features of this dress style, there’s a full swing skirt that happily takes a petticoat and twirls beautifully, as well as my forever-favourite, pockets. I know I say that every time about pockets, often in capitals, sometimes in italics, but I now own so many dresses or skirts that have pockets that when I wear one that doesn’t I find myself repeatedly displaying an awkward hand-sliding search effort that kind of just looks like I have sweaty palms and don’t know how to subtly dry them. So useful are pockets and so used are they when I’m wearing an item that features them that I feel a bit confused and bereft when I wear a dress that doesn’t. ‘Oh. I forgot this one doesn’t have pockets,’ I say, hurt, betrayed, confounded as to why the world would do this to me. Y U not all have pokits, clothes?

Um, okay, my slightly dramatic madness aside…So there’s pockets (check,) a full skirt (check,) modest and simple yet flattering and kinda sexy neckline (check!) There’s also a back zipper, because blessed Hell Bunny understand unnecessary invisible side zippers are the enemy of every woman ever, ever, and they don’t want to do that to us. And, yes, there is this fun, not-my-usual-kind-of-thing zest-tastic, summer-lovin’, front porch sittin’ lemons print that is novelty without being kitsch, in my opinion. I like that the polka dot details divide up the lemon print so that it’s not overwhelmingly ALL LEMONS ALL THE TIME. The fact that it’s all based on a black background also makes me feel like I can throw on a huge black sunhat, black cats eye glasses and some killer black wedges and people might give off a badass vixen impression over a cotton candy fruit-lover feeling. Maybe that’s just me and my sometimes scowly resting face, no? No?

Damnit, I forgot I was supposed to be dropping the dramatics. Okay, let’s look at sizing: good news, it’s true to Hell Bunny sizing. I asked for my usual HB 16/XL, which measures 35 inches flat in the waist with enough give to stretch to 37 inches. The bust measures 41-46 inches and the skirt is 27 inches long, so overall it runs a couple inches larger than their general size chart for a size 16. Hell bunny often does run large, however, and I would say this dress is consistent with the fit of their dresses in general, so ordering your usual size should serve you well.

This lemon print fabric is offered in more than a handful of styles this season, including a halter neck mini dress sister to this dress, a full circle skirt, two top styles (a button down and a peasant style,) and a bikini. Phew! So if you’re a fan of this fabric, there’s a bunch of items that will tempt you further.

The Leandra 50s dress comes in sizes XS-4X though isn’t on the Hell Bunny website at this moment, so your local stockist or many online retailers might be your best bet if you can’t wait for a restock in order to get it. The other items in this lemon print line, though, are available from and my AMYMAY20!% discount code will work on any order, whether or not it includes lemons 😉