Lana in My Life [Dolly & Dotty]

At this point it’s got to be redundant when I talk about how much I love all things nautical, right? So I won’t. I’ll say instead that while this Lana dress by Dolly & Dotty is striped and fits a nautical themed styling easily, beautifully even, the dress itself technically isn’t nautical. It’s just a lovely white and navy striped number that comes with a red belt, fitting that red, white and blue colour scheme that’s so closely associated with all things seaside, beach front and sailing that it’s evocatively on trend in that area without so much as a flash of an anchor or glimpse of a sail.

Oh, huh. I guess I utterly failed at talking about nautical things after all anyway. Damnit!

But, still, you get my point. This Lana dress isn’t technically a nautical novelty, it’s just a comfortable striped sun dress that I couldn’t help but style with a nautical flair because I am a predictable red, white and blue loving maniac. Sorrynotsorry.

Dolly and Dotty Lana striped strapless dress Dolly and Dotty Lana striped strapless dress Dolly and Dotty Lana striped strapless dressDolly and Dotty Lana striped strapless dress Dolly and Dotty Lana striped strapless dressDolly and Dotty Lana striped strapless dress Dolly and Dotty Lana striped strapless dressDolly and Dotty Lana striped strapless dressDolly and Dotty Lana striped strapless dress

Dress: Lana dress C/O Dolly & Dotty
Cardigan: Rachael cardigan by Hell Bunny
Bangles: Splendette Woven bangle + assorted thrifted bangles
Shoes: Old F&F

This is one of those dresses that I saw and immediately knew I had to have. Evidently, so did everyone else, because no sooner had I discovered it then I subsequently then realised it was sold out in all sizes. I signed up for email notifications of a restock and still regularly revisited its product page just to double check technology hadn’t betrayed me with a sneaky restock I hadn’t been notified of. Finally, the day came that I received a blessed email that it was back in my size, though not for long, I was sure.

When I received it I was pleasantly surprised to find it made of a soft, thick stretchy cotton, not the thin, crisp non-stretch cotton I had expected. Sure, it says right there in the product description on its webpage what kind of fabric it is, but you don’t really expect me to have the common sense to read a product description for such useful, essential information when I am in the throes of obsessive I Must Have It passion, do you?! I mean, y’all, you must know me better than that better now. Pffft. 

That thicker, stretchy cotton means it makes for a comfortable fit even in a strapless style, which I know a lot of ladies can find a disconcerting dress shape to wear. It closes with an invisible back zipper topped with a hook and eye, and there’s elastic across the top of the back of the dress to allow for more stretch in the bust for those that need it. The flared skirt (27 inches long) features flattering box pleats, making this a style that allows for a slim volume petticoat for a gentle lift off the legs where desired, but easy petticoat-free wearing for those who don’t like to add that extra layer.

I have this dress in a size 16 which flat measures 36 inches in the waist with stretch to take it to just over 37 inches, while the bust flat measures 41 inches and stretches to 44 inches. Comparing that to Dolly & Dotty’s size chart, that means the elastic section in the back of the dress allows the bust to accommodate up to one size larger than the chart states, with the waist fitting true to size with stretch that allows accommodation of sizing up by half a size.

The Lana dress comes in sizes UK 8-24 for £39.99, though there are only limited sizes still available at present. If you love the style it’s definitely worth signing up for email notifications for your size, as you’ll then get alerted not only when there’s a restock but also if there is a return in your size. Dolly & Dotty ship internationally and they offer a 10% discount code to new subscribers to their newsletter.

5 thoughts on “Lana in My Life [Dolly & Dotty]

  1. Hi Amy,

    you look absolutely stunning in this blue and white striped dress – especially when you are wearing a full petticoat in order to flare out the skirt of the dress. That looks so wonderful!

    Best wishes,

    Caroline Bauschrock


  2. Ok I am ready for summer now! I love Dolly and Dotty – their prices rock and the quality is pretty impressive for what you’re paying. I love that! They have such adorable styles and colors – these stripes are so cute! I love that the sides are a bit vertical to add some dimension. Genius!


  3. This dress looks great on you, but i love the cardigan even more! It’s not available in my size sadly but I’ll keep an eye out because I need it in my wardrobe.

    Ellie x


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