Getting Kitschy With Erstwilder


I’m sure you’ve heard of Erstwilder. At this point unless you’re super new to vintage style, I’d be shocked if you hadn’t spotted Erstwilder brooches staring up at you from the collars and bust lines of dozens of modern pinup style loving girls across all of social media, if not in real life. The Australian brand produce hundreds of limited edition quirky and kitsch novelty brooches, for which they’re best known, as well as earrings and necklaces in that same theme.

From diner girls to dapper professor foxes, cute sloths (which is saying a lot, because sloths freak me out) to hot air balloons, from studious owls to camper vans, Erstwilder have and do find inspiration just about everywhere.

As a woman not massively into that which is novelty and kitsch, I didn’t get the Erstwilder urge for the longest time, not until the end of last year. First I wanted the red Poppy brooch, as it reminds me of my dad. Then, when their Christmas line launched, I also wanted the Holly Wreath, and the Gingerbread man… I scrolled through their full stock lost…Oh and the Crimson Callistemon, I liked that, too. And the Hope’s Love Letter brooch, the Bluebirds of Happiness, Anouk’s Lost Letters… Basically every red, yellow or blue bird.

Suddenly I realised Erstwilder had won me over, because amongst all their quirky pieces there were plenty of sweet, less kitsch designs for the anti-cutesy amongst us: in short, there’s an Erstwilder for everyone.

Erstwilder Brooches

Erstwilder Blue Anouk's Lost Letter BroochErstwilder Blue Anouk's Lost Letter Erstwilder Crimson Callistemon BroochErstwilder Crimson Callistemon Brooch

Erstwilder Yellow Bluebird of Happiness Brooch

Erstwilder Yellow Bluebird of Happiness Brooch Erstwilder Brooches

Crimson Callistemon
Blue Anouk’s Lost Letter
Yellow Bluebird of Happiness
C/O Erstwilder

I love the marble swirl effect they use in so many of their pieces, visible above in the bird brooches. The Crimson Callistemon is my favourite of all their brooches, excluding the Red Poppy brooch which I missed out on at the end of last year and will always regret.

The brooches are well made and sturdy, and they each come in a little round cardboard brooch box that’s not only adorable but has a description insert card in the lid which has a sweet little poem about the brooch inside. Many ladies keep their boxes as collectibles, while others own so many brooches they make up brooch boards from chipboards covered in fabric to display their pieces prettily. While I only own these 3 Erstwilder pieces, I suspect a few others might join my collection of twinkly brooches in future, so I’m looking at making a brooch board for myself soon to keep them all easily organised, close at hand, and to enjoy them being on display.

Erstwilder‘s most recent lines have been Australian themed and Dinosaur centric–just in case you didn’t believe me when I said they’re truly quirky. Their newest line, launching today, is Picnic inspired. Their website allows you to shop by jewellery category (brooch, earrings, necklace,) design theme or even colour themes, and by stock which is running low, so you know to pounce on any items that are in danger of soon selling out. All their brooches cost $34.95 AUD and they ship internationally, with flat rate shipping available both domestically and internationally, and a free shipping option if your order totals over a certain value. Erstwilder is also stocked internationally through dozens if not hundreds of retailers with brick-and-mortar stores and online boutiques, so it’s never difficult to treat yourself to some new and quirky whenever the urge claims you.

Do you own any Erstwilder pieces? What was your first? 

10 thoughts on “Getting Kitschy With Erstwilder

  1. Word of warning, the postage is free over a certain amount but you may still get stung with a customs charge! I just had to pay an extra £15 which was a bit painful.


  2. I love that Erstwilder in an Aussie company doing so well. And yes, for every non-symmetrical, kitschy piece, there is a beautiful classic piece! I love the little blue fairy wren the best – she’s my favourite brooch. I got my first Erstwilder, a little red, black and white pug, in June last year. I’ve since amassed something like twenty Erstwilder pieces! It’s addictive, and their latest release, with such classics as fairy bread and Aussie iced vo-vo biscuits, is awesome.



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