I Wanna See You Peacock [Hell Bunny]

Yes, the title of this post is from a Katy Perry song. No, I’m not sorry. And you know why not? Because I live in the British countryside and, most randomly, a wild peacock has recently started to make frequent visits to our garden.

I know. It sounds like I’m making it up, but I’m not. I’ve named him Albert and he likes to also visit next door, where he helps himself to the bird feeder on our neighbour’s patio. We have no idea where he’s come from, as he comes by every day, morning and night, and while we live close to two farms bearing peacock enclosures, both swear he doesn’t belong to either of them.

So, you know, there was only one thing for it. I had to get a peacock dress and make friends with him. It’s the logical next step in this situation, right? Thanks to Hell Bunny, I could make that happen.

Hell Bunny 50s Peacock dressHell Bunny 50s Peacock dress Hell Bunny 50s Peacock dress Hell Bunny 50s Peacock dress Hell Bunny 50s Peacock dressHell Bunny 50s Peacock dressHell Bunny 50s Peacock Dress Hell Bunny 50s Peacock dress Hell Bunny 50s Peacock dress Hell Bunny 50s Peacock dress

Dress: 50s Peacock dress C/O Hell Bunny
Bangles: Primark & thrifted
Belt: Taken from Unique Vintage Hamilton dress
Wedges: Bella Brown Wedges from eBay

I actually first set eyes on this dress back at the start of the year when I visited Hell Bunny’s booth at London Edge to preview their SS16 line. There’s tons of gorgeous things on offer from them this season, but I was surprised by how much I liked this peacock print, given that it’s got much more pink involved than I would normally abide by. I think it’s fun, bright and interesting without being obnoxiously girly or saccharine. I love the off the shoulder neckline, as I think the collarbone is a great feature on every woman, and the skirt is gathered with plenty of volume, so it takes a medium volume petticoat well. The skirt is 26 inches long, it has–yes–pocket, and this dress is machine washable, a vintage-style god send.

I typically wear a 14/L in Hell Bunny as they size generously, but I hate when off the shoulder necklines cut into my arms or feel too restrictive so I chose to size into a 16/XL in this dress. The waist of this dress flat measures 18 inches and there’s enough give to stretch it another inch so it will fit 36-38 inch waists, and 42-45 inch busts. It’s a little loose on me since I sized up but I think that casual fit actually wears nicely, rather than looking awkward and baggy like most items do when a bit loose. It makes it a super comfortable wear too, but the gentle stretch cotton fabric carries that comfort across all sizes.

The 50s peacock dress is available in sizes XS-4XL, equivalent to UK sizes 8-22. This print also comes available in a mini dress and a full flared skirt. Hell Bunny are wholesalers so you can’t buy direct from them, but they’re massively popular and stocked all over the globe, both in-store and online from your favourite vintage style or alternative boutiques. You can keep up to date on all the latest Hell Bunny from each new season by following their blog, as well as their Facebook page and Instagram.


Alternative Peacock print styles

7 thoughts on “I Wanna See You Peacock [Hell Bunny]

  1. Wait – seriously?? Albert is real! I mean, I didn’t think you were lying but we certainly don’t have wild peacocks around here in the states. WOW! Albert is beautiful! And he is rocking his pose right alongside you 😉


  2. I love this, and I love peacocks…I have a favorite winery that has them roaming around feeding on grapes and you can hand feed them as well…magical, like this dress on you.

    Liked by 1 person

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