A Spring Bouquet in Milan [Heart of Haute]

I’ve reviewed the Milan dress by Heart of Haute before. It was much earlier on in my blogging career so the way in which I detail sizing and fit specifics have altered since then, allowing for, hopefully, a more helpful and accurate review that makes it easier for you to figure out if an item of clothing is for you and in which size.

When I reviewed the Milan dress in the red cotton sateen colourway, I found it had tons of give, although even then I didn’t stretch so far as to giving you the most helpful flat measurements (for reference, my L measured 32 inches flat in the waist, and up to 35 stretched.)

When spring came and I began eyeing the beautiful Bouquet floral colourway of this dress, I first assumed I could order it in the same L as my red Milan and come up smelling of roses (ba dum cha!) I noticed, however, that the size charts for the Bouquet on different stockists noted that the dress sizes smaller and that between sizes should size up. Considering this, I did what I could to determine the best size for myself, ordered the pretty, and decided it was worth giving this dress style and colourway its own review to pass on the information I learned to ensure you all end up with the best fit as well.

Milan Bouquet dress Heart of Hope Doll Me Up Milan Bouquet dress Heart of Hope Doll Me UpMilan Bouquet dress Heart of Hope Doll Me UpMilan Bouquet dress Heart of Hope Doll Me UpMilan Bouquet dress Heart of Hope Doll Me Up Milan Bouquet dress Heart of Hope Doll Me Up Milan Bouquet dress Heart of Hope Doll Me Up

Dress: Bouquet Milan dress by Heart of Haute ordered from Doll Me Up
Shoes: Old Season Truffle

This dress closes with a side zipper and comes with a matching belt. There’s pleating details on the shoulders, which allows for a little wiggle room. The skirt is full circle and lays beautifully both with and without a petticoat, though with the latter it gives a truly impressive twirl. The skirt is 27 inches long, and if you find the V of the bust too deep for your tastes you can easily stitch the faux-wrap style closed a bit further up or add a pretty camisole for coverage.

This version of the Milan dress is made from 100% pure cotton, which is not a fabric with stretch, hence the different size requirements to the sateen Milan. I chose the XL to order from Doll Me Up, as Heart of Haute were out of stock in my size and I had a DMU giftcard. The XL is 34 inches flat in the waist with no stretch and only around an inch of give, so it really is important to follow the size charts for this print specifically. As a general rule, I would advise you that any of the Milan dresses made from 100% pure cotton will have no stretch and you should make sure to take your measurements and choose the right size from the chart.

At the time of writing this, Heart of Haute only have sizes S and XL in stock, and Doll Me Up only have S, M and L, so what size you are will dictate where you’re able to find this dress at the time being. Both websites offer customer loyalty points and ship internationally for a variety of price points.

3 thoughts on “A Spring Bouquet in Milan [Heart of Haute]

  1. Umm WOW! This dress was made for you – I saw your post and muttered the “wow” out loud. You look stunning! This dress flatters your shape so well! Lovely colors on you as well!!! =D


  2. I’ll echo the other commenters and say that yes, this dress is just made for you! You look absolutely stunning in it! I really love the light floral print! I bet it will be a hit at spring and summer parties!


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