Can’t Beat Caterina [Collectif]

If you haven’t checked out Collectif’s lookbook for this season yet then I heartily recommend that you do. Their Autumn/Winter line features so many items that make me feel so many ways that I almost don’t know what to do with myself. There’s the sparkly  grey tweed suit sets that make me think of chic vintage ladies strutting sassily down the street, doing all the things they need to do in the most elegant way possible. There’s the faux leather line that makes me feel a bit badass just looking at it. There’s the sophisticated faux fur trimmed pieces that make me want to host an elegant dinner party with glamorous friends holding chilled cocktails all round.

And then there’s the checks, plaids and the tartans, the styles that are so fully the epitome of Autumn that they make me want to frolic in fallen leaves and snuggle down with some hot chocolate. The Caterina dress evokes those very sentiments, available this season in a new gorgeous green chaise check that just makes me happy. Frostily, cozily happy.

Caterina Chaise Check swing dress Collectif Caterina Chaise Check swing dress Collectif Caterina Chaise Check swing dress Collectif Caterina Chaise Check swing dress Collectif Caterina Chaise Check swing dress CollectifCaterina Chaise Check swing dress CollectifCaterina Chaise Check swing dress CollectifCaterina Chaise Check swing dress CollectifCaterina Chaise Check swing dress Collectif

Dress: Caterina Chaise Check swing dress C/O Collectif
Shoes: Green Loraine heels by B.A.I.T

I love that this print feels so autumnal and cosy without being a typical plaid or tartan. The green check print is layered over a rich navy background, on a thick and warm flannel-like fabric that makes me glad our unexpectedly long summer finally gave way to weather that makes putting on this dress a welcome dream.

The Caterina dress has a flattering open collar that leads to the central button closure panel, which I left unbuttoned by one to add a little extra plunge to the neckline. It has a full swing skirt, nearest to a three-quarter circle, which will easily accommodate a medium fullness petticoat, though the 50s dress shirt cut of this style makes me love the way it drapes without a petti. That same skirt has deep pockets that will fit a bulky smart phone and then some. The matching belt is PU backed and the dress itself is machine washable.

There’s a not much stretch in this fabric so I opted for my current size 16 and found that worked well for me. It’s a touch tight for me on the cuff of the sleeves but not so much that it makes it uncomfortable to wear. The size chart for a size 16 is based on body measurements of 42-44 inches in the bust and 34 inches in the waist. This dress flat measures 35 inches in the waist with just enough stretch to squeeze to 36.5 inches, with the bust hitting the size chart spot on at 44 inches. For those who share my struggle of having chubby upper arms, the folded cuffs of the sleeves allow a 14 inches circumference and don’t have much give. If you have larger upper arms or your measurements don’t line up into the same dress size on the size chart then I’d recommend you size up.

The Caterina Chaise Check swing dress comes in UK sizes 8-22 and costs £70.50. This Chaise Check print is also currently available on their Polly Pencil skirt and will be coming later in the season on the Caterina pencil dress, the faur-fur trimmed Juliette dress, and the Gertrude swing trousers. If you love the Caterina dress style but aren’t in love with this print, there’s a green and white Sherwood Check print coming later this season as well. Collectif have four UK based stores, three in London and one in Brighton, and dispatch orders internationally from their website, as well as having stockists all over the globe.

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