Sparkles and Tartan [Hell Bunny]

Let’s just get it out of the way: Hell Bunny are killing it this season. I previewed their line earlier this autumn at London Edge, noting down several pieces I knew I’d have to get my hands on, but even then I didn’t realise there were plenty of pretties I had somehow overlooked. When I was shown their complete catalogue a couple of weeks later there were suddenly 10 more pieces I wanted to add to my wishlist, no joke.

I loved their Spring/summer line this year, but I think this might be Hell Bunny’s best line yet. Several of my favourite pieces will be coming to the blog over the coming weeks, but in case you can’t wait here’s the online catalogue so you can see the full line in all it’s glory.

The first pieces from the new line that I saw and exclaimed over were the Angette top and the Doralee skirt. Hell Bunny fans will probably recognise this tartan print from last year’s Aberdeen dress, which I own and love in the navy and green Dublin tartan version. Last year, even though I bought the dress version, I still desperately hoped that the print would also be released in a skirt as well, because it just seemed like such a no-brainer winter piece. When I saw my desired skirt versions at London Edge, I was thrilled.

Hanging not too far away from those tartan-tastic skirts were the Angette tops, short sleeved lurex tops in the winter-wonderful shades of red, green and white. The moment I saw them I knew many of you lovely readers would be taken by them: sparkly, cute, and perfect for the upcoming festive season. What wasn’t to like?

Hell Bunny Green Angette top Stewart Tartan Doralee SkirtHell Bunny Green Angette top Stewart Tartan Doralee SkirtHell Bunny Green Angette top Stewart Tartan Doralee SkirtHell Bunny Green Angette top Stewart Tartan Doralee SkirtHell Bunny Green Angette top Stewart Tartan Doralee SkirtHell Bunny Green Angette top Stewart Tartan Doralee SkirtHell Bunny Green Angette top Stewart Tartan Doralee SkirtHell Bunny Green Angette top Stewart Tartan Doralee SkirtHell Bunny Green Angette top Stewart Tartan Doralee Skirt

Top: Green Angette top C/O Hell Bunny
Skirt: Stewart Tartan Doralee skirt C/O Hell Bunny
Hair flower: Red Signature Rose Double by Daisy Jean Floral
Stole: Faux Fur Shawl from eBay
Shoes: Faux Leather heels from
Bracelets: Brown Fakelite bangles by Splendette

I’ve always been very sensitive to what fabric I can wear for tops, refusing as a child to wear wool jumpers because I found them unbearably itchy, so until now I’ve assumed sparkly lurex pieces would be an absolute no-go for me. I’ve never actually seen any in person, though, so I felt the inside of the Angette top when I saw it at London Edge and was really surprised by how soft it was. It was perfectly comfortable for me to wear and it didn’t grow even the slightest bit itchy over time, so any sensitive skinned ladies might be reassured to know that.

Another thing that surprised me about this top was that the bow isn’t a stitched on, permanently formed feature. Instead it’s a tie that is sewn to the centre of the bust, one half on the outside of the top, one half on the inside, which you then pull together to tie yourself, creating the gathers and lower neckline of the top as you do so (example pictures a paragraph below.) The shape of the neckline, I must say, is the thing I love most about this top, as it gives such a flattering shape to the bust without displaying huge amounts of cleavage.

The sparkles in the Angette top will make it great fun to wear during the festive season, especially in the holiday-appropriate colours it comes in, but it’s a year-round piece for any lurex lover who’s fond of frequent glittering. The fabric is super stretchy so buying it in your usual Hell Bunny size will work perfectly. If you’re new to Hell Bunny you should know their sizing runs a little larger than standard UK sizing by about half a size. To give you some reference on what the level of stretch is, this Angette top measures 35 inches flat in the bust and 29 in the waist, and stretches to 46 bust and 48 inches in the waist respectively.


Hell Bunny’s navy/green Dublin tartan is so gorgeous that I was supremely tempted to snap up this Dorelee skirt in that colourway despite owning it in the form of the Aberdeen dress already, but I knew it would be more sensible to get this Stewart tartan instead to add variety to my tartan collection. The red, black, and white of this tartan, with touches of yellow, is such a classic tartan print that it’s beautifully suited to this time of year, as well as being easy to pair with lots of different colour options to form different outfits.

The Doralee skirt has pockets, my forever favourite, and closes with a central back zipper topped with a sturdy button. It’s got great twirl factor and fits a medium fullness petticoat, but I felt happy wearing it without one, rare though that is.

This Stewart tartan fabric doesn’t have much give so the sizing on this Doralee skirt is important to get right. This XL/16 flat measures 33 inches in the waist and has no stretch, so I’d say this piece is more of a true 16 compared to Hell Bunny’s typically larger running sizing. The length measures 27.5 inches.

The Angette top is available in sizes XS-4XL in green, white and red. The Doralee skirt comes in stewart tartan, as featured above, or the navy and green Dublin tartan, both in sizes XS-4XL also. The discount code Amymay20!% will get you 20% off when ordering direct from, which ships worldwide. If any items or sizes from the new line are unavailable currently from Hell Bunny’s website then they can be found at some of their many global stockists, or due for a restock on a second stock run later in the season.

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