The Grey Lady [Heart My Closet]

Heart My Closet Custom Made Nancy Dress Dark Grey

One of the best things about dressing in a vintage style, I think, is that the clothes, once you know where to find them, are typically of a better quality and fit that the stuff you might find at your usual mall. Yes, in the reproduction world there’s as much difference between brands as there is on the high street, but on the whole I hear time and again from women that have moved their style backwards through the eras is that now they’re able to find clothes that actually fit them properly and make them feel great.


With off-the-rack, ready-to-wear clothing that’s wonderful enough, but the other bonus to living the pinup lifestyle is this: access to vintage-style custom makers. I know if I asked my non-pinup friends where they think they could go to get a dress custom made for them they probably wouldn’t have much of an idea. Thankfully, if I have an exact item in mind that I can’t find for sale anywhere, or I know probably won’t fit my exact body type in a standard measurement garment, there are places I can go–or load, more accurately–online to find what I want. Heart My Closet is the latest custom made clothing company I’ve had the pleasure to try and I’m so pleased it’s another great service I can add to my list.

In fact, Heart My Closet came in handy for me recently, big time. As ridiculous as it might sound, since this seems such a classic, timeless piece to want, I feel like I’ve been searching for a plain grey, sleeved winter dress for an age. I wanted a full swing skirt and sleeves, but no ruffles, pleats or frills. Just a simple, flattering grey dress I can style up or down to look chic all winter long. For a such a seemingly easy ask my search was frustratingly fruitless. Anything I found would either have design features I didn’t want–bust pleats, a slimmer skirt, a patterned collar–or the size charts for the item didn’t line up with my proportions. Until Heart My Closet.

Heart My Closet Custom Made Nancy Dress Dark GreyHeart My Closet Custom Made Nancy Dress Dark Grey Heart My Closet Custom Made Nancy Dress Dark Grey Heart My Closet Custom Made Nancy Dress Dark Grey Heart My Closet Custom Made Nancy Dress Dark Grey Heart My Closet Custom Made Nancy Dress Dark Grey Heart My Closet Custom Made Nancy Dress Dark Grey Heart My Closet Custom Made Nancy Dress Dark Grey

Dress: Nancy Dress in Dark Grey C/O Heart My Closet
Bag: Lola Von Rose
Shoes: Old

The Nancy dress is a simple boat-neck dress made from a vintage pattern, available in multiple coloured or printed fabrics. I chose mine to be made in the dark grey I’ve been searching for far and wide, and from the moment I first zipped into this dress I’ve been thrilled with it. I would have been pleased with it purely from the fact that it’s as close to my original dream dress as I have yet to find, but the fact that the full skirt isn’t merely full but an actual full circle, and sporting pockets, put it over the edge.

It fits me so well that it’s supremely comfortable to wear, will take a petticoat as puffy as I dare, and twirls beautifully. It’s a dress that can be worn in a quiet, understated way, entirely work appropriate as well as able to be dressed up should you wish to. You might think such a simple dress in a neutral colour would go unnoticed, but even wearing this to run errands last weekend I was stopped twice by strangers wanting to tell me I looked lovely.

As each Heart My Closet item is custom made, it fits brilliantly. You can choose standard sizing if that best suits you, but for custom sizing Cynthia, the owner, was abundantly helpful in giving tips for how to take my measurements accurately, even including advice on how best to do so when taking your measurements alone. She asked me to double check any measurement she had even the slightest concern might be off in any way, and in doing so she made sure I had sleeves that would best fit my chunky arms (my words, not hers) and a skirt that would hit me at the precise length I envisioned, rather than the slightly too long length I originally quoted her. She was friendly and helpful through the entire ordering process, and I was delighted that my dress arrived 12 days later, shipping time included. That’s crazy level fast!

I can see myself wearing my Nancy every change I get right through til the sunniest of days make it look a bit out of place–which, luckily for me, in England, probably isn’t really til June. I’ll definitely be using Heart My Closet again in future, the only question is, which dress next??

The Nancy dress costs $92 but the discount code AMY15 will get you 15% off your order from the website until Sunday. You can also find Heart My Closet on Etsy, but the discount code above will only work through their own website. Both shopping platforms offer reasonable shipping prices for both domestic and international orders.

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