Look For The Lighthouse [Hell Bunny]

Let’s state the obvious right up front: I’m a fan of nautical prints and styles. Considering I don’t actually like swimming, going on boats, sunbathing, or anything else that happens near the sea really (except eating ice cream,) I can only assume what I love most about the theme is the combination of red, white and navy blue, three of my favourite colours to pair together. Plus, there’s often stripes in nautical prints, which is clearly a forever winner in style, and sometimes cute things like anchors and ship wheels as well, so I guess I’m just superficial and only care about appearances when it comes to this topic?? (Appearances and ice cream.)

Oh well, I’ll try to remember to feel awkward about it while I frolic in my cute new Hell Bunny nautical get-up at Eastbourne Pier. (Spoiler alert: no I won’t.)

Hell Bunny Coco Top and Lighthouse 50s SkirtHell Bunny Coco Top and Lighthouse 50s SkirtHell Bunny Coco Top and Lighthouse 50s SkirtHell Bunny Coco Top and Lighthouse 50s SkirtHell Bunny Coco Top and Lighthouse 50s Skirt Hell Bunny Coco Top and Lighthouse 50s Skirt Hell Bunny Coco Top and Lighthouse 50s SkirtHell Bunny Coco Top and Lighthouse 50s Skirt Hell Bunny Coco Top and Lighthouse 50s Skirt Hell Bunny Coco Top and Lighthouse 50s SkirtHell Bunny Coco Top and Lighthouse 50s SkirtHell Bunny Coco Top and Lighthouse 50s Skirt

Top: Coco top C/O Hell Bunny
Skirt: Lighthouse 50s skirt C/O Hell Bunny
Shoes: Navy Jessie textured wedges by Lulu Hun
Hair Flower: Red Signature Rose Double by Daisy Jean Florals
Bangles:  Bamboo bangles + Splendette Bamboo woven bangle
Bag: Red Vintage Inspired Bag by Lola Von Rose

The Coco top is a style first released last season, released again this Spring/Summer in two new colour combinations, including this white/blue stripe. I love that it feels like a design that could have been worn during any decade in the past, fun and simple without being dated or era-specific. I can picture my non-vintage style friends throwing it on in summer with a pair of shorts or jeans with no problem, but paired with a vintage hairstyle and some killer accessories it’s nautical vintage cuteness all the way!

This fine knit sweater features a knitted nautical collar that ties sweetly at the bust and flows into a rectangular block collar in the back. The hem and cuffs are ribbed, the latter with enough give that they didn’t feel tight or uncomfortable on my chunky upper arms. It’s a simple, comfortable staple piece, versatile enough to be worn with almost any bottom–picture it paired with swing skirts, capri pants, cigarette pants or even swing trousers, and I guarantee you can envision all of those options resulting in an outfit that gives off a cute and casual vibe. This size 16/XL I’m wearing is true to size, so it fit me close to the body in a flattering skim without clinging or stretching out the knit.

Then there’s the Lighthouse 50s skirt. Ah, this skirt. The moment I first saw it online I screenshot it and put it on my ‘I know you’re saving but you’re clearly going to have to buy this’ list. Soon afterwards I heard there was going to be a dress version of this print, so for a while I held out sensibly, telling myself I would buy only one of them and would need to see them both before I decided. Now I’ve seen the previews of the dress version and, you know, I’ve obviously decided I need to own them both, and of course I have, because look at that print! With a hearty dose of red, white and blue already recommending it to me, it also features an interesting and adorable mix of boats, sailor’s knots, stripes and, of course, lighthouses. It’s immediately eye-catching but not obnoxious or loud, which is just the type of balance I look for in my prints.

The skirt features wide box pleats that create a flattering flow of fabric from the waistband but don’t limit your ability to achieve some lovely fullness with a medium volume petticoat. It closes with a center back zip topped with a button and it’s got pockets, perfect for stowing your sunglasses, phone, lip balm or anything else you might need out and about on a summer’s day. Made of 100% cotton, this skirt has zero stretch and measures true to size, so I sized up from my usual Hell Bunny 16/XL to the 18/XXL so that I could wear it comfortably. The waistband measures 36 inches flat, so it is a little loose on me but better that than muffin-top unbearably tight, as the 33 inch waisted size 16 would have been. The skirt is 26 inches long and it’s already served me well through a seaside walk and a family roast dinner, so it’s shaping up to be a beautiful relationship already.

The Coco Top comes in 3 colourways (white with navy stripes, white with black stripes, and white with red and black stripes) in sizes XS-4XL for £25.99. The Lighthouse 50s Skirt comes in sizes XS-4XL for £29.99 – £32.99, but the discount code AMYMAY20!% will get you 20% off any order from Hellbunny.com, which ships internationally.

14 thoughts on “Look For The Lighthouse [Hell Bunny]

    • Haha thank you. I so rarely get to go further afield for blog photos because I don’t like to eat up shooting time with travelling time as well for whoever is helping me, but my best friend was a super star and came to the beach with me for an early morning session 🙂


  1. You look adorable. I love the two pieces you’ve paired together here (although I ordered my usual size in this skirt! Eeep! Hope I didn’t need to size up!). And your choice of location is very fun and cute.


    • As my best friend and I were taking these pictures we kept making a mental list of the stuff we want to go back to do during the summer, and obviously I made sure to mention ‘and come back for Mr Whippy’s’


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