Tropic Like It’s Hot [Hearts and Found]

Hearts and Found Tropic Like It's Hot Lana dress

I’ve featured Hearts and Found a couple times already here on the blog, as they’re my favourite custom makers for vintage inspired clothing. The variety of fabrics they offer is amazing and constantly updated, meaning it’s very easy to check their Etsy store every few weeks and discover, whoops, you need to order a new dress because whaddayaknow, there’s a new fabric you love.

For me, the fun thing about keeping up to date on their latest selections is that it provides a delightful surprise when I discover a fabric I wouldn’t have expected myself to want and yet absolutely do. For example, as a rule I tend to be really picky about novelty prints as there’s a limit as to just how novelty I’m willing to go, and yet this Tropic Like It’s Hot pineapple print won me over the moment I saw it. Now it’s one of my favourite summer dresses to throw on for a comfortable, bright fun look to go out in the sun and enjoy my day.

Hearts and Found Tropic Like It's Hot Lana dress Hearts and Found Tropic Like It's Hot Lana dress Hearts and Found Tropic Like It's Hot Lana dress Hearts and Found Tropic Like It's Hot Lana dress Hearts and Found Tropic Like It's Hot Lana dress Hearts and Found Tropic Like It's Hot Lana dress Hearts and Found Tropic Like It's Hot Lana dress Hearts and Found Tropic Like It's Hot Lana dress Hearts and Found Tropic Like It's Hot Lana dress

Dress: Tropic Like It’s Hot Lana dress C/O Hearts and Found
Cardigan: Opal Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up
Bag: Seafoam Green vintage inspired bag C/O Lola Von Rose
Shoes + Necklace: Old Primark
Bangles: Assorted Splendette + Bow and Crossbones

The best thing about Hearts and Found is how much you’re able to customise your order. Each style of item they offer can be made in any of the fabrics they carry, custom made in your size, to your preferred length. That not only takes all the confusion and maths out of figuring out which would be the best size for you if you have measurements that often don’t fit into one standard size, but it also means you can make sure that your item exactly suits your tastes, whether you’re petite or tall. As someone who really doesn’t like vintage style items hitting me on or above the knee, it’s reassuring to be able to select the ‘Knee L (Tall)’ skirt length in the drop down box every time I order and know I’ll be getting a full 26 inches I prefer in my skirt length.

This Lana dress, apart from it’s fabulously cute print, has a lot to offer. The thick shoulder straps can be adjusted in length by selecting which one of two buttons you fasten to the bodice in back, as well as being thick enough to keep your bra straps covered. The square neckline is one of my favourite necklines as there’s something so flattering about the straight, rigid shape of that square framing the pretty curves of one’s shoulders and decolletage. The full skirt flows from the waist in pleats in the front and gathers at the back, creating a lovely shape and volume. On the day I took these pictures it was such a humid day I forgot to even add a petticoat under the dress, something I rarely ever do, and the skirt still had a wonderful flow to it all its own. Should you want to wear a petticoat, though, you’re perfectly able to.

The dress closes with a back zipper, is fully lined throughout, and has glorious pockets deep enough to fit my iPhone 6 in it’s chunky battery case with plenty of room still to spare. Finally, as this fabric is 100% cotton is a great breathable wear for warm summer days.

I’ve always found the customer service from Hearts and Found to be impeccable, with owner Marjorie happy to answer questions and always ready to give friendly, professional updates on your order. Each time I order I’m amazed at how well her shop is run and delighted with my purchase when it arrives, guaranteed.

The Tropic Like It’s Hot Lana dress costs between $76-86 (that’s between £61-£69ish currently) depending on sizing, though you could choose to use this same fabric to be made into any of their styles, or have the Lana dress custom made in any of their other fabrics. Hearts and Found ship internationally and offer discount codes regularly during holiday weekends, plus they offer a 15% return customer code that lasts an entire season for all orders placed.

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