S-S-S-Samantha [Malco Modes]

For most of my pinup life I have been an adamant, ardent and stubborn petticoat wearer. It would not be a rare finding to search back through my history to find double stacked petticoats utilised to get the maximum puff factor for a special outfit. Generally speaking, the notion of going without a petticoat has been both laughable and off-putting to me, like suggesting I spend my life barefoot despite all that I would consequently find myself stepping in. Despite that, I’ve had some experience in recent months going petticoat-free occasionally when this little island of ours suffered through a couple of heatwaves. Having to forego the fluff to minimise my layers during those hot patches, did not, you will not be shocked to hear, convert to the other side. I still am and suspect I forever will be a petticoat lover.

As such, I have a not-insubstantial amount of experience with petticoats. I’ve tried the stiff ones and the soft ones, the scratchy and the puffy, the more expensive and the downright cheap, and through it all my number one choice, the brand to which I keep returning time and again, is Malco Modes. Made in Tennessee for decades and utilising only the best quality materials for their creations, their chiffon petticoats provide the maximum softness and promised volume for your buck. Their Jennifer petticoat, measuring 22-23 inches long, is my standard go-to petticoat for almost every skirt and dress I own. The only times is falls a little short, very literally, is for use with my longer dresses, the 26 inches or longer hems that would display a sad drop-off effect when paired with Jennifer’s shorter length. Well it’s a good thing there’s a Malco Modes solution for problems of that hem-length, and that is Samantha.

Malco Modes Ivory Petticoat Samantha

Left without a petticoat, right wearing Malco Mode’s Samantha petticoat

Malco Modes Ivory Petticoat Samantha Malco Modes Ivory Petticoat Samantha Malco Modes Ivory Petticoat Samantha Malco Modes Ivory Petticoat Samantha Malco Modes Ivory Petticoat Samantha Malco Modes Ivory Petticoat Samantha Malco Modes Ivory Petticoat Samantha Malco Modes Ivory Petticoat Samantha

Petticoat: Ivory Samantha C/O Malco Modes
Dress: Black & White striped Dollface by Vixen by Micheline Pitt
Shoes: Old New Look –  Similar
Cardigan: Burgundy Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up
Bangles: Splendette

Whenever ladies message me asking about my experience with Malco Modes and enquiring about this petticoat in particular I’m always able to assure them that Malco Modes products are excellent, even though, technically, I can’t confirm Samantha is as wonderful as I suspect her to be. I’m so pleased to now be able to confirm wholeheartedly that this petticoat is everything I had anticipated; as soft as the Jennifer, the right 26 inch length for those slightly longer vintage dresses, and of that perfect middle-ground medium volume fullness that works for outfits day as well as the night.

I always tell people that my Jennifer petticoat is the softest petticoat I’ve ever worn and the Samantha lives up to that softness. There won’t be any scratching or itchy discomfort when wearing this petti as it’s made using yards and yards of top quality fluffy nylon chiffon. There’s two layers of that soft chiffon, with 3 inches of ruched ruffling trimming the layers to create a gentle, medium fullness that twirls beautifully and gives your skirt or dress just the right amount of lift from the leg. If you’re a volume-junkie petticoat wearer then this petticoat would work wonderfully as a medium level option for situations when you have to or ought to, for practical reasons if no others, tone down your natural urges for bigger, puffier, fuller skirts. For those who are fearful of petticoats and feel overwhelmed by dramatic volume this petticoat can sit comfortably at the top of your puffiness scale without making you feel like you’re going to get in people’s way when you’re out in public. Basically, it’s a wardrobe staple for a pinup and I know I’ll be getting a ton of wear out of mine.

The Samantha petticoat comes in a whole range of fun colours so you’re bound to find one to match almost any outfit you can conceive. It comes in sizes small to large, with an adjustable stretch waistband that allows those 3 sizes to cover a range of 18 to 52 inch waists. On said waistband there’s a button that can be moved back and forth along the band to tighten or loosen it so that you’re able to customise your fit, so it’s very easy to select the right size when you consult their size chart.

The Samantha petticoat costs $84.99 at full price but is currently on sale for $64.99 and is eligible for free domestic shipping within the USA. Malco Modes ship internationally and have an array of stockists across the globe.

4 thoughts on “S-S-S-Samantha [Malco Modes]

  1. LOVE me some Malco Modes and I live in the Samantha most often now. I still have 1 Jennifer but most of my skirts/dresses have at least 26″ in length to them so the Samantha rocks! Especially because I despise the drop off look when one wears a shorter petti with a longer skirt. ARRGHHH PET PEEVE ALERT!!


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