May in September [Voodoo Vixen]

If you’re a Voodoo Vixen fan you’ll remember the navy and green check featured in their design collaboration last Autumn-Winter season with Rachel Jensen of the as-formerly-known Chicago Chic Blog. It was a tartan-esque print I loved then and still do now, so I was thrilled to see that this season not only was that dress returning in a new red check colourway but that both the red and green prints were coming as full circle skirts. I honestly wanted both and couldn’t decide which. (Yes, those who know me well know there was a large possibility that I would just get both, but my chock-full wardrobe insisted I make a decision.)

I still love the original green so much and felt it fit better with my usual cold months colour palette preferences, so there was a strong leaning towards the green at first. Ah, but I already have the dress in that colour, so the red would be a smarter choice in terms of wardrobe variation, I reasoned. Plus, my friend Giselle held up the red at London Edge and all but demanded I get it, because, yes, we have the kind of friendship where we get to dictate clothing choices to one another. Those two reasons were perfectly good reasons to opt for the red, enough, you would think, to swing it (pun intended, you’re damn right.)

But let’s not be stupid: the clincher was in finding out the green skirt is called Marienne, and the red…the red skirt is called May. May, the month of my birth, the name of my blog. Decision made, vanity won. May it is! And she’s a beauty.

Voodoo Vixen May full swing circle skirt

Voodoo Vixen May full swing circle skirtVoodoo Vixen May full swing circle skirt Voodoo Vixen May full swing circle skirtVoodoo Vixen May full swing circle skirtVoodoo Vixen May full swing circle skirt Voodoo Vixen May full swing circle skirtVoodoo Vixen May full swing circle skirtVoodoo Vixen May full swing circle skirtVoodoo Vixen May full swing circle skirtVoodoo Vixen May full swing circle skirt

Skirt: May skirt C/O Voodoo Vixen
Top: Sabrina top from Deadly is the Female
Petticoat: Samantha by Malco Modes
Bangles: Charcoal Fakelite by Splendette
Shoes: Cloe by La Veintinueve

The great thing about a check skirt like this is that it’s just so easy to wear. It’s not a complicated or overwhelming print so it doesn’t involve a lot of colour matching problematics or the careful balancing of additional facets so that your overall look doesn’t end up being too much. You can add accessories and petticoats and layers if you want, or you can just throw on a sweater and just be done with it. A good check never goes out of style, so this skirt can come out every winter and be just as lovely as it was for the first. Who doesn’t love a slice of timeless versatility?

It surprised me a little just how long this skirt was I have a spectacular disconnect between model pictures and real life products, as most companies don’t state the model’s height alongside the photo. In this case it’s a good vintage length even on 5ft 7 me, measuring 31 inches long, so petite ladies may have to consider getting it hemmed if they want it to hit them nearer the knee than the ankle. That long length for us taller ladies is great in winter, though, especially when paired with a petticoat as it leaves less leg exposed to a chill. This skirt also does something for keeping your hands warm as well, as there’s pockets. Huzzah! (I will never not cheer pockets.) It closes with a back zipper and my XL flat measures 33 inches in the waist with give to 35 inches, so it’s true to size.

The May skirt comes in sizes S-XXL for £35. Voodoo Vixen are currently low on stock, although I’m sure there will be a restock soon, but you can find this skirt and its green sister from many of your favourite Voodoo Vixen stockists if you don’t want to wait.

6 thoughts on “May in September [Voodoo Vixen]

  1. Yep, May was definitely ma(y)de for you…. OK, not such a good pun, but anyway! 🙂
    You always crack me up with the way you write, love it! I almost never leave comments, but do read it and look at the way you style things, definitely an inspiration! I just bought the same tan gloves that you also have (hopefully amazon won’t let me down) and now I have been introduced to a new shoe shop, so thank you! ❤

    Ow and yes, check (and plaid) skirts are life! I have a couple from Vivien of Holloway and currently am restricting myself to buy more, but oh the green one (dress or skirt) from VV is so tempting!


    • The green one is gorgeous too! It’s such a great plaid fabric, I never get tired of it.

      Thank you so much for leaving a comment, I’m also terrible at commenting regularly across any platform I follow online so I appreciate the effort ❤ Very flattered to help give you any style inspo at all!


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