Dashing Through Montana [Hell Bunny]

I think we all do it, buy multiple items of clothing that are similar to items we already own. Without realising it you end up with 5 plain red swing dresses, or 3 red based tartan circle skirts. It’s easy to do because when we love a particular colour or dress cut or pattern or print style all we know when we see a new example of it is that we love it, maybe forgetting that that’s why we already have 4 similar items already hanging in our closet. While I absolutely suffer this, I also do the opposite: sometimes I forget that I’ve grown to love something I didn’t used to.

For me, one such thing is mid-toned blues. It’s not a shade range I’m naturally drawn to for my own wardrobe, but I find people react with ardent appreciation when I wear blues. My best friend Giselle loves me in blues and always praises when I wear them, so much so that I think overtime she unwittingly trained me into loving them as well. Sometimes I forget that I now equally appreciate all blues, not just navy, to the point that when I first saw this Hell Bunny Montana print I almost passed it by, my inactive brain sure that it wasn’t ‘me.’ But wait, a small niggle suggested, quiet there at the back, as if waking up from a sleep. Look at that blue though, it said, reminding me that I now appreciate that tone, and the dashes of yellow and brown that mix together almost like gold. The green of mint peas, the navy and the white and the black. The cross-hatching and smudged quality that makes it feel like midnight. It’s beautiful. 

So I looked at it again, and again, and again. I kept coming to the conclusion that deer dashing across a beshrubbed plain just wasn’t my typical Miss Amy May style of print.

And yet.

Some might say if you can’t decide on something then you probably don’t really want it. Not me. I say if in some way you can think of reasons why you shouldn’t or wouldn’t like it, yet it keeps drawing you in, you should go for it. Sometimes the heart wants what it wants, and so does your closet.

Hell Bunny Montana print skirt plus size

Hell Bunny Montana print skirt plus sizeHell Bunny Montana print skirt plus sizeHell Bunny Montana print skirt plus size

Hell Bunny Montana print skirt plus sizeHell Bunny Montana print skirt plus size

Hell Bunny Montana print skirt plus sizeHell Bunny Montana print skirt plus sizeHell Bunny Montana print skirt plus sizeHell Bunny Montana print skirt plus sizeHell Bunny Montana print skirt plus sizeSkirt: Montana 50s skirt C/O Hell Bunny
Cardigan: Bronze Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up
Top: Miss Candyfloss
Bangles: Bow + Crossbones / Splendette
Shoes: Old Everything5pounds.com

I was thrilled that when this skirt I arrived I loved it just as much in person as I had done in print, despite all my wonderings of whether it was ‘me’ or not, proving it’s always good to follow your heart when it’s tempting you to branch out of your usual style comfort zone. The artwork of this print is just beautiful, so creative and atmospheric, the kind of print that demands to be noticed and commented on because it’s unique. I also love how many subtle shades are incorporated into the scene, allowing you to pick out any number of colours to create different combinations for your outfit pairings, lending a level of versatility to what is easily considered a stand-out piece.

The pleats in this skirt will allow you to add a slim-medium volume petticoat for a little puff if you so wish but it wouldn’t sit right with a full volume petti. It closes with a concealed back zip topped with a button and it’s made from a lightweight 100% cotton, so it’s a non-stretch fabric that makes the sizing absolute. I asked for mine in the 2XL as my other non-stretch Hell Bunny pieces in XL are too tight on me for a full day’s comfortable wear. The 2XL flat measures 37 inches with no stretch, so be sure to check your measurements against the size chart if you’re not sure which size to order. The skirt measures 27 inches long, my perfect length for my 5ft 7 frame.

If you love this print but you’re more of a dress-than-skirts person you’ll be happy to hear it’s also available as the Montana 50s dress. I know, Hell Bunny always have us covered like that, those stars.

The Montana 50s skirt comes in sizes XS-4XL for £35.99, and you can get 20% off your order using discount code AMYMAY20!% at Hellbunny.com. Hell Bunny ship internationally and have stockists all over the world.

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