Allegra, My Dream [Miss Candyfloss]

You know how sometimes people see something and they say ‘oh that is so you!’ and it’s really kind of cute because it means they know you and what you like so well that they can recognise when something is a perfect match for you? That is one of my favourite things in the world, and recently lots of people on my social media platforms were saying it when they saw the Allegra dress debuted in the Miss Candyfloss SS18 lookbook. Why? Because it is a delicious mustardy slice of summer freshness, sweetness, chicness, and the fact that other people associated those things with me and what I love made me smile.

The dress is so perfect for me, in fact, that while I know realistically Miss Candyfloss didn’t design it for me...ehh, part of my excited heart chooses to believe that they did, because come on! Look at it! It’s summer Amy May personified!

Allegra yellow dress by Miss Candyfloss

Allegra yellow dress by Miss CandyflossAllegra yellow dress by Miss CandyflossAllegra yellow dress by Miss CandyflossAllegra yellow dress by Miss CandyflossAllegra yellow dress by Miss CandyflossAllegra yellow dress by Miss CandyflossAllegra yellow dress by Miss CandyflossAllegra yellow dress by Miss Candyfloss

Dress: Allegra-Sun dress C/O Miss Candyfloss
Cardigan:White MAK cardigan
Bag: White Honey Ryder bag by Hell Bunny (AMYMAY20!% discount code)
Shoes: Old Primark

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of this dress’s perfect, perfect details, I want to state right up front that it’s not going to be easy to get hold of if you haven’t already. Miss Candyfloss sold out of their stock in a matter of hours, and Deadly is the Female only have 1 medium left at the time of writing this post. That leaves Netherlands-based Succubus, who will be getting their shipment next week; Belgium-based Vegas Antwerp, who will also receive their shipment next week; Fraeulein Backfisch based in Germany who have a couple sizes left; and finally, LA-based Audrey K Boutique as your final option, though their clothing stock doesn’t seem to be listed on their website shop, so you’ll need to contact them directly to find out if you’re able to purchase in another way if you aren’t able to visit the store in person.

Now, if that leaves you devastated because you’re realising you missed out on this piece then let this post serve as a warning; Miss Candyfloss’s most anticipated pieces can sell out in all sizes within an hour of release, so if there’s an item you’ve spotted from their SS18 Lookbook you want then you have to be vigilant about regularly checking the website for it’s release. Thankfully, this season Miss Candyfloss have implemented a new system of announcing on their social media platforms the day before a big release what the release time is going to be of the upcoming item. Their releases are often early in the morning (around 9am UK time), which can be a tricky time for ladies in vastly different time zones across the globe. As such, I highly, highly recommend you make sure to follow them on Instagram and/or Facebook, and to turn on their Post Notifications (Instagram) or set them as See First (Facebook) so you don’t miss a release announcement post.

Warnings given and information dispatched, let’s get down to the swooning portion of this review, shall we?

Sigh. Really, this dress is just…flawless.

Even ignoring how much I adore mustard (and this particular shade is actually more of a rich egg yolk orange-toned yellow,) there’s so much about this dress I adore. The white chevron patterned button panel running down the centre bust works to add both a level of vintage detailing to the dress and also somewhat of a modern feeling. The white of those chevrons (which I love) also helps to cut up the richness of the yellow, preventing it from feeling like ‘too much.’ The neckline features notched cut outs that, as with the pattern panel, feels like a call back to those familiar with vintage designs while reading as trendy and modern to the average person who doesn’t dwell on vintage styles. 

It comes with a matching fabric notched belt and the pleated swing skirt is wonderfully full, fitting a medium volume petticoat without strain but also falling beautifully without one for those who prefer to be less extra with their volume or live in sweltering climates. It has capped sleeves and closes with a good quality side zip that doesn’t catch at the waist band when being zipped up, thank goodness.

I ordered this dress in my usual Miss C 2XL and it’s very true to their sizing. The waist flat measures 36 inches with stretch to 39, while the bust flat measures 43 with stretch to 46 inches. The skirt is 28 inches long. Literally the only thing I could ever ask of this dress to improve it would be for it to have pockets, because pockets would make even a perfect dress that has the magic powers to clean and iron itself that much better. That greediness aside, this dress is a gem, and I can only imagine I’ll be living in it all spring and summer long.

This dress shape is already available in a more subdued, chevron-free plain navy colourway with white details as the Alessia-Lee in the full XS-5XL size run, for those of you who love the style but can’t find (or don’t care for) this yellow version.

10 thoughts on “Allegra, My Dream [Miss Candyfloss]

  1. It looks gorgeous on you. I only have 1 Miss Candyfloss dress so far but I know it will be one of my favorite brands. Yesterday I was lucky to find a light blue summer dress and a pink skirt (been hunting for a vintage inspired pink skirt) on their sale section in my size. Thanks for advice on how to catch them early. I think I’d set my alarm for it!


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