Cute Flats: Vintage Inspired, High Street, and Beyond

I’ve often featured cute vintage inspired heels here on the blog, but every time I do I hear from women who can’t wear heels, whether for health reasons or for lack of balance and will to torture oneself just to appear a little taller. I often feel most stylish when I’m able to finish off an outfit with a great pair of heels, but for practical reasons these days I feel the inclination to do that less and less socially. As such, I’ve been on a slightly obsessive hunt the last few months to find as many interesting pairs of flats as I can so that I can complete my outfits in both comfort and style without feeling I’m sacrificing any of the latter by sidestepping my heels.

It’s somewhat alarming how many pairs I’ve accumulated in such a short period of time, but it’s nice when other women see a pair of my flats and excitedly ask where they can find them to buy for themselves. Nothing I love more than helping unite a woman with an item of clothing or an accessory that’s going to make her life brighter or easier, and flats, especially, definitely do the latter.

So in the spirit of helping your feet, as well as helping my wallet by circumventing my need to shop solely for myself, here as some of the prettiest flats I’ve found recently, in a range of styles and prices, all of which would be a cute finishing touch for many a vintage outfit!

New Look 

Dorothy Perkins


Lulu Hun


Charlie Stone Shoes

Parisienne $160AUD, Toscana $155AUD


Forever 21




L clockwise: Black or Pale pink Feather Pom slingback £8, Embroidered Ballerina pump £8, Terracotta Ballerina Pump £6, Black or Grey T-bar pump £6, all only available in store

Miss L Fire

Black, Red or Green Petunia flats £89


George @ Asda



There are also some super cute options on Modcloth, but as a EU resident I can’t currently access their website because they’ve closed off access to EU customers until they’re compliant with the new GDPR regulations, meaning I can’t access photos, let alone post links. The Turn Back Prime vegan t-bar flats are available in several colours, though, and their Marigold (mustard) pair are one of my favourites.

There we have it! Can you see any pairs you’re eager to get your happy little feet into? The Charlie Stone Toscanas are currently top of my wishlist! 

8 thoughts on “Cute Flats: Vintage Inspired, High Street, and Beyond

  1. I only really ever wear flats, so this post makes me happy!! Such a good selection of places! As a lady with wider feet, I struggle a bit to find decent but wide shoes – Lulu Hun are beautiful but often a bit too narrow. New Look are great though! Other places I find wider flats are: Office, Faith, Accessorize, Next and M&S. I’ve not tried DP for shoes though, will have to have a look!! How do you find the fit of BAIT shoes? x


    • I so rarely shop on the high street these days (I mostly shop online from repro brands) that I completely forgot about most of those stores you just named! I only have a handful of BAIT heels and none of their flats so I’m not the best source on their fit, but I’ve heard from almost everyone I’ve ever heard discuss them that they run tight, so ladies often size up by a half size if possible. I’m a U.K. 7 and I wear their heels in a 10


    • Yay! Glad to be able to spread the word about cute flats for other ladies. New Look do great options all the time, I swear I’ve bought at least 5 pairs from them in past couple months


  2. It’s worth keeping an eye on Asos too (tip totally stolen from Georgina Horne!). They do wide fit as well as standard sizes, and occasionally something really quirky but beautiful… like these cat shoes that are in the sale…. I also have unicorn and glittery seahorse ballet flats from them:


    • Oh yeah! I always forget about ASOS because they have so much on offer I find it overwhelming to browse the site, especially if I want something specific and can’t be sure what search term will produce the best match.


  3. GREAT blog post! As a tall, plus-size pinup who suffers from M.E, I can’t always commit to wearing heels and much prefer the option of some cute flats. I actually have those tassel flats from ASDA and I cannot tell you the amount of people who have complimented them. Long live cute flats!!!! ❤

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