Overbust Vs Underbust Corsets [Glamorous Corset]

Corsets are the most dramatic type of shapewear a person can opt for. I personally find them more reliable and comfortable than things like slimming shorts, which always seem to slide or roll down during wear, causing unsightly bumps (whether fabric or flesh) that they were supposed to prevent in the first place. No, with a well made corset you get top tier cinching, more than a dash of sexiness, and some styling fun, should you wish to layer your corset on top of your outfit. But what’s the difference between an overbust and an underbust corset? Let’s take a look!

Jenna overbust corset and Jade Curvy underbust corset both gifted by Glamorous Corset
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There are benefits to wearing corsets in general, like the fact that they help with posture, something I find especially noticeable when sitting (I’m an utter slouch.) In this post I specifically want to highlight the differences between overbust and underbusts corsets, as well as detail what you can expect from Glamorous Corset products in particular.

Glamorous Corset is a small, women-owned company based out of New York. They produce affordable quality steel boned corsets, in a variety of sizes, styles and fabrics. There’s several basics you should read up on about corsets if you’re brand new to them, including how to season your corset and what the right corset shape would be for your body, all of which Glamorous Corset cover over on their blog, along with many more topics. Choosing the right size for your corset is just as important as choosing the right corset cut, so I won’t be giving you sizing advice in this piece as I’m not knowledgeable enough, but I can direct you to GC’s own sizing info and assure you that they would be more than happy to help guide you through your selection process, as they did for me.

Buying a custom made corset is expensive, but cheap plastic-boned fashion corsets the likes of which you’d find on eBay or even offered by lingerie brands like Savage X Fenty will never give you proper cinch and support. The steel bones in Glamorous Corset’s pieces and their quality fabrics offer the best tight lacing you can get off-the-rack at an affordable price, and I’m happy to be able to show you comparison pictures to give you a good idea of what these pieces can do. I also love that their corsets come in a gold-embroidered black velvet storage bag to keep them safe and clean when you’re not wearing them, a lovely touch I wasn’t expecting.

Glamorous Corset black velvet storage pouch for their corsets

Now, let’s get down to the comparisons!

Miss Amy May wearing the Glamorous Corset Jade curvy black cotton underbust corset and Jenna black satin overbust corset in a comparison collage

L to R: No shapewear, Jade Curvy Underbust corset, Jenna Overbust corset

Miss Amy May wearing the Glamorous Corset Jade curvy black cotton underbust corset and Jenna black satin overbust corset

L: Jade underbust. R: Jenna overbust

As you can see from the pictures, the Jenna Curvy Underbust corset gives me a curvier shape as it most closely mimics my natural waist-hip differential, whereas the Jenna gives me a slimmer silhouette overall. I love the versatility an underbust corset offers, but I’ve recently been really pining for an overbust corset so that I could remove the question of ‘which bra will work with this neckline?’ from my getting ready process. Both corsets give me the support and reassurance of a tight cinch with different results, and as someone who has worn corsets regularly over the past 5+ years they are very comfortable to wear.

Jade Curvy Cotton Underbust Corset

Miss Amy May wearing the Glamorous Corset Jade curvy black cotton underbust corsetMiss Amy May wearing the Glamorous Corset Jade curvy black cotton underbust corsetMiss Amy May wearing the Glamorous Corset Jade curvy black cotton underbust corset

Of the many benefits of wearing an underbust corset, the most obvious is that it allows you to wear whatever bra best fits your outfit of the day. Not only does that mean you can opt for a multi-way bra or a push up when needed, but you can also prioritize comfort with your softest bralette–everything is an option with an underbust, including going bra-free, with or without some fabulous pasties (hello burlesque!) The other bust-related aspect of an underbust that is beneficial above an overbust is that if you have a large bust to waist differential it would be a lot easier to buy an underbust that best fits your waist and hips to wear with your fuller busted bras than it would be to find an overbust that correctly fits all your measurements, something that would likely require a custom corset if you have a large differential between all 3 measurements.

As someone who has repetitive strain injury, I find even doing up zips behind my back can be painful on a bad day, so tighting the laces on an underbust alone is easier and less painful for me than trying to lace up an overbust by myself. Likewise, if you’re someone who has flexibility or minor mobility issues, lacing up an underbust by yourself would also probably be easier for you than an overbust.

The Jade specifically is a curvier style made with a generous 10 inch hipspring, which is why it gives me a more dramatic silhouette than the Jenna, which is more streamlined on my body type. It’s made for average length torsos, measuring 12 inches in the front, 11 in the sides and 12.5 in the back. The back has a modesty panel, as is standard with well made corsets (fashion corsets often don’t have one.) It’s lined in cotton and has 6 suspender hoops ready to serve double lingerie duty in place of a suspender belt. Overall it’s a lovely, quality piece that feels wonderful to wear and I can tell will last well.

Jenna Satin Overbust Corset

Miss Amy May wearing the Glamorous Corset Jenna black satin overbust corsetMiss Amy May wearing the Glamorous Corset Jenna black satin overbust corset

Miss Amy May wearing the Glamorous Corset Jenna black satin overbust corset

Overbust corsets have their own benefits, and understandably they are largely the opposite of the underbust’s pro list. Overbust corsets remove the question of bra selection entirely, which is especially useful when a strapless bra is required as many folks find strapless bras don’t work for them, or are uncomfortable to wear. Personally this is the main bonus that I was looking forward to in an overbust corset, as I simply wanted to be able to pick out most of my dresses and know that one corset would account for both my bra and shapewear choices in one go.

On me, a person who is incredibly squishy through the waist, I can sometimes find sitting in an underbust corset a bit uncomfortable as the top can press up into the underside of my boobs. An overbust doesn’t have this issue, as the boning obviously continues up over the bust, instead just giving one’s bosom an additional boost when seated that I like to refer to as ‘boob city’ (see below for demonstrative picture.)

The Jenna overbust comes in several different colours in satin and two in leather. It’s also made for average length torsos, measuring 15 inches in the front, 12.5 inches in the back and 14 inches in the side. The hip spring is 9 inches to Jade’s 10, while the rib spring is 7 inches to Jade’s 6 inches. It’s also cotton lined, and features the same 5″ wide modesty panel. The sweetheart bustline works perfectly for stealthing under most of my dresses and tops, and I love the satin fabric feel. It’s excellent quality, just like the Jade.

I’m thrilled to be able to offer you a discount code ‘Missamymay15’ to get you 15% off at Glamorous Corset. Glamorous Corset ship worldwide and are always more than happy to help you figure out which corset will be your perfect fit!


Disclaimer: The corsets featured in this review were both gifted by Glamorous Corset in exchange for an honest review. The use of my discount code will not generate me any commission. All opinions expressed are truthful and solely my own, with no input from any of the companies mentioned or any other individuals.

COVID-19 NOTE: These pictures were taken alone in my garden, this abiding by the strict lockdown rules currently in place in the U.K. to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.

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