A Very Pinup Winter with Vivien of Holloway

If you read my Titilated by Tartan post last week you’ll know I consider Vivien of Holloway the queen of tartan–so I was thrilled to be sent on one of their tartan circle skirts last week! I literally love every single tartan colourway VoH offers in their circle skirts and have wanted one for an age, but I think it was festive fate that the red tartan print I be joined together in Christmas matrimony. For this post I snatched up my new pretty in my pinup paws and headed to one of our good ol’ British cobbled beaches near sunset to snap the pics for this post.






Skirt so cute it attracts adorable pups!


Vivien of Holloway Red Tartan circle skirt
Asda Sparkle Eyelash Jumper
Primark Belt
Funtasmas Red Mary Jane Heels
@Miss_Amy_May Glitter Double Poinsettia hairpiece
(Available to order on my Instagram)

For those who don’t know Vivien of Holloway clothes are sized by vintage sizing, but on the website they list everything by bust-waist-hip inch measurements so it’s very easy to find the right size to order. I found this skirt runs true to size, fits me perfectly, and is super comfortable. It’s quite long, so for you pint-sized pinups you may have to take it up should you buy one, but for your average sized doll it’s a nice longer full skirt for the winter months, and a decent length skirt for towering pinups too, who I know can have trouble getting their retro skirts to fall as wished beyond the knee.

The VoH circle skirts come in 40 colourways at my last count, 7 of which are tartan prints, cost £45 each, and are just gorgeous. I’ll be wearing my tartan piece all winter long.

Do you dolls own any VoH tartan pieces or circle skirts?

5 thoughts on “A Very Pinup Winter with Vivien of Holloway

  1. I have one, and while I had to buy it one size bigger than I should have due to it being the last remaining teal & black tartan circle skirt, and have had it taken in & up (and I probably would have had to have had my right size taken in regardless) I love it! I especially love wearing it with my VoH teal petticoat, but sadly I’m then too “wide” to easily walk through my own house haha


  2. Ah, the burden of being ‘too wide’ in your petticoated frocks, I know this too well. I’m often knocking things over in our foyer, it’s worth the hassle ❤ And love the teal and black tartan! Gorg.


  3. Hi! I am currently looking to buy one, but am between sizes. My waist is 29″… do you think there is enough stretch to go for a 28″ or should I size up to 30″?

    Thanks! ❤


    • I think you’ll probably be fine in the 29, but if you’re concerned about ordering and having to return it then the best thing to do it to contact VOH through their website and ask them to confirm what sizing they would recommend 🙂


      • Thank you! I will contact them just to be sure indeed 🙂 But first have to wait until the skirts are back, all the ones I want are sold out 😦


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