Jenny January is Coming!

As a Pinup Girl Clothing lover I keep up to date with their hashtag on Instagram, often liking and communicating with fellow PUG fans through viewing their PUG pictures. Several times I’ve told PUGers who own the same pieces as me that we need to have a ‘twin day’ where we each wear the same PUG item on the same day and post to Instagram to see how we’ve styled it differently and to enjoy the silly pleasure of twinning with women across the world.

For a long time I kept meaning to arrange a specific day here or there for one of these twin days, but because choosing only one dress or skirt would prevent so many women from being able to take part I decided to widen the field to my favourite category of Pinup Girl Clothing items–the Jenny dresses and skirts. So from January 12th-18th over on Instagram I’m hosting #JennyJanuary, a week where all Jenny owners are encouraged to wear their Jennies, post pictures of them doing so to their Instagram and hashtag #JennyJanuary so they can interact with all the other ladies taking part. It’s a fun way to get to know other women within the community, as well as a chance to pick up some inspiration by seeing how other ladies style the same pieces you may own.

Obviously not everyone owns a Jenny dress or skirt, so in future I’ll host days that have colour and print themes or focus on all clothes from specific brands, including more budget-friendly pinup options like Lindybop and Hell Bunny.

If you don’t have Instagram you can still get involved by posting pictures on twitter and at replying me to @pinupamymay. On Facebook if you follow me at you can also tag me on any posts you share on there, or post your pictures to my wall. I’m excited to see ladies come together across all of social media to share the joy of their favourite Jennies, and I look forward to featuring some of my favourite participants both on Instagram and here on my blog.

Hope to see you get involved!

4 thoughts on “Jenny January is Coming!

  1. Hi there i love your style, tips and follow you on IG. I was wondering you have aloy from PUG and id love to order but dont know what the customs taxes and duty would be like to ship to UK could you give advice or a guidline on this? Thank you


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