#JennyJuly: We Did It Again!

For those of you who may not know, earlier this year I began an Insta-event called Jenny January. Lovers of the Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny skirts and dresses were invited to wear their Jenny pieces during the week of January 12th-18th. I asked ladies to post their Jenny outfits on Instagram and to use the #JennyJanuary hashtag so that other ladies could check out their outfit combinations for style inspiration, to share stories about what their first Jenny was, explain why their favourite Jenny is their favourite, share why a certain Jenny print took a while to win them over, etc, and to generally chat to new ladies on the app they might not have yet come across.

It was a huge success, with hundreds of photos being shared, and at the time I was so thrilled with the event I came incredibly close to announcing that we should do it again in June. I put the idea aside for a few months, decided June was too busy for me anyway, and then when I was asked by a few different girls whether I would consider bringing it back during the summer J months, I cracked. Jenny July was on!

This time around the main week long event was July 13th-19th, and once again it was a wonderful event. Since January Pinup Girl Clothing have released 7 new Jenny skirts thanks to their limited edition Mary Blair line, so July’s event looked different, literally, to the event we had just a few months before, with MB dominating.

Below I’ve included a gallery of all my outfits from the week, with all the outfit and accessories details to come during my usual end of the month wrap up, but below that is the gallery of just a selection of the week’s wonderful entries, including a few of our little animal friends who decided to take part.

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Jenny January–Success!

If you saw my last blog post about Jenny January or follow me on Instagram then you’ll know I created a hashtag event encouraging Pinup Girl Clothing fans to wear their Jenny skirts and/or dresses during the week of 12-18th January. The idea was to use the tag #JennyJanuary on their posts to interact with the fellow participants to share styling tips, stories of their first Jennies, their favourites, their wish lists, etc, having fun in sharing the PUG love and meeting new ladies.

Beforehand I was excited just expecting only a handful of my own followers to get involved, but before it started Micheline Pitt from Pinup Girl Clothing was lovely enough to share an image of me in one of my Jenny skirts and news of the hashtag on the  PUG Instagram, inundating me with a few hundred new followers and lots of new ladies getting involved who I had yet to Insta-meet. That alone felt like a highlight.

The week itself was wonderful. Right from the start it was great fun to hear stories of fellow Jenny lovers detailing their first Jenny purchases, the Jenny prints that didn’t grab them at first view but grew to a love that had to be purchased; the Jennies they were wearing on their favourite vacations, Disney trips, when they got engaged(!) Women were complimenting each other on flawless outfit pairings and proclaiming they had been given inspiration to pair their own Jennies with certain prints or colours they hadn’t thought of yet themselves. Many ladies’ minds were made up that now, yes, they did need the Dancing Horses prints, or the Castle, or the Paris…It was chatty and kind and supportive and fun. It was exactly what I had hoped it would be.

I personally saved my newest Jenny, the Dancing Horses print, for her first wearing during this week, as well as saving my Cinderella shoes that I had handmade (and blogged a tutorial for here) for their first outing, quite obviously saved to be worn with my Castle print Jenny. I look forward to wearing a new piece of clothing or pair of shoes for the first time, so it was lovely to be able to have those small doses of excitement scattered amongst the overall joy of the event. Pinup Girl Clothing featured me again encouraging women to get involved and to share stories of which Jennies grew on them over time, and meanwhile I dashed from profile to profile, overjoyed at the ladies taking part.

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Jenny January is Coming!

As a Pinup Girl Clothing lover I keep up to date with their hashtag on Instagram, often liking and communicating with fellow PUG fans through viewing their PUG pictures. Several times I’ve told PUGers who own the same pieces as me that we need to have a ‘twin day’ where we each wear the same PUG item on the same day and post to Instagram to see how we’ve styled it differently and to enjoy the silly pleasure of twinning with women across the world.

For a long time I kept meaning to arrange a specific day here or there for one of these twin days, but because choosing only one dress or skirt would prevent so many women from being able to take part I decided to widen the field to my favourite category of Pinup Girl Clothing items–the Jenny dresses and skirts. So from January 12th-18th over on Instagram I’m hosting #JennyJanuary, a week where all Jenny owners are encouraged to wear their Jennies, post pictures of them doing so to their Instagram and hashtag #JennyJanuary so they can interact with all the other ladies taking part. It’s a fun way to get to know other women within the community, as well as a chance to pick up some inspiration by seeing how other ladies style the same pieces you may own.

Obviously not everyone owns a Jenny dress or skirt, so in future I’ll host days that have colour and print themes or focus on all clothes from specific brands, including more budget-friendly pinup options like Lindybop and Hell Bunny.

If you don’t have Instagram you can still get involved by posting pictures on twitter and at replying me to @pinupamymay. On Facebook if you follow me at Facebook.com/missamymay you can also tag me on any posts you share on there, or post your pictures to my wall. I’m excited to see ladies come together across all of social media to share the joy of their favourite Jennies, and I look forward to featuring some of my favourite participants both on Instagram and here on my blog.

Hope to see you get involved!