#JennyJuly: We Did It Again!

For those of you who may not know, earlier this year I began an Insta-event called Jenny January. Lovers of the Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny skirts and dresses were invited to wear their Jenny pieces during the week of January 12th-18th. I asked ladies to post their Jenny outfits on Instagram and to use the #JennyJanuary hashtag so that other ladies could check out their outfit combinations for style inspiration, to share stories about what their first Jenny was, explain why their favourite Jenny is their favourite, share why a certain Jenny print took a while to win them over, etc, and to generally chat to new ladies on the app they might not have yet come across.

It was a huge success, with hundreds of photos being shared, and at the time I was so thrilled with the event I came incredibly close to announcing that we should do it again in June. I put the idea aside for a few months, decided June was too busy for me anyway, and then when I was asked by a few different girls whether I would consider bringing it back during the summer J months, I cracked. Jenny July was on!

This time around the main week long event was July 13th-19th, and once again it was a wonderful event. Since January Pinup Girl Clothing have released 7 new Jenny skirts thanks to their limited edition Mary Blair line, so July’s event looked different, literally, to the event we had just a few months before, with MB dominating.

Below I’ve included a gallery of all my outfits from the week, with all the outfit and accessories details to come during my usual end of the month wrap up, but below that is the gallery of just a selection of the week’s wonderful entries, including a few of our little animal friends who decided to take part.

Instagram names have been left on the screenshots so you can find and follow any of these lovelies who’s style may intrigue you. Click on the pictures to check out all the outfit details in full size.

Thank you to everyone who took part, with special shout outs going to the stunning Diablo Rose; fabulous Deadly is the Female owner and babe Claudia; my Australian and New Zealand pinup reppin’ cuties who between them led the way each morning with the first outfit uploads of the day, Bethany, Nadia, Jaimee and Danielle; forever beaut Scarlett Luxe; my British Belle doll Rachel Frances; and my little dinosaur pinup buds Lindsay and Hope.

Also mega props to you babes who took part every (or almost every) day, like Pinup Dreams, PinupElaineTreat, Nadiafaye and Soda Fontaine, because even I had to cheat a couple times due to a manic week that would not allow for pretty pictures every day.


Thank you ladies for sharing your style and your stories. Until next January! ❤

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