Glamour [Bunny] & Tiki

Time for me to review another dress that feels like a summer classic to me, and this time it’s the Glamour Bunny Tiki Temptation dress. Available in three colourways, plain red, pale pink and a floral pale blue, this dress has the classic 50s sarong style silhouette.

Made of a comfortable stretch cotton fabric, it comes with detachable halter straps and has boning for extra support that may allow it to be worn strapless. The skirt ties on the left hand side and the dress fastens with a back zipper.

Glamour Bunny Tiki Temptation dressGlamour Bunny Tiki Temptation dressGlamour Bunny Tiki Temptation dressGlamour Bunny Tiki Temptation dress Glamour Bunny Tiki Temptation dress Glamour Bunny Tiki Temptation dressGlamour Bunny Tiki Temptation dress

Available in sizes XS to XXL, this dress can fit 24-37″ waists. I have the XL in this dress, which sizes for 32-33 inch waists, and it fits me snugly and comfortably at my current 33″, so the dress runs true to size. I’ve never worn this dress without the straps, which fasten inside the bust with button, but I have doubts that it would work as a strapless for large busted ladies; even with boning included, I don’t think the bodice hugs you tightly enough to provide ample squeezing (your torso) and uplifting (your bust) to be a secure and flattering strapless option for those most blessed of breasts.

That said, I do think the dress is a flattering cut, with the sarong draping of the skirt providing some truly excellent camouflaging if you want to wear something wiggly for dinner without having what you’ve eaten plainly evident afterwards. I love the bodice design and it’s a truly comfortable wear, enough so that I’ve worn it on road trips for vacations before when I wanted to look glamorous but didn’t want to feel tortured by my dress after hours of car-sitting. The fact that it’s a plain classic red-lipstick dress, with no print or other colour details, also makes me incredibly happy, because I think every woman should own at least one plain red dress in which to smoulder.

The Tiki Temptation dress retails for £80 and is available from, where the coupon code 20GBUNNY will get you 20% off until midnight tonight (30th June) and the code GBLOYALTY (all caps necessary) will get you 10% off anytime after that promotion. Now excuse me while I go pray to the pinup gods that I’ll find enough extra money sitting in my bank account to justify procuring Glamour Bunny’s white Marilyn Dress while there’s such an awesome discount available.

6 thoughts on “Glamour [Bunny] & Tiki

  1. LOL, I love that you considered the food belly situation when decided whether or not a dress is for you, Miss Amy May! A woman after my own heart…I mean, life without chocolate is not one worth living ❤


    • Lol amen, sister! I’ve worn this dress for Valentine’s before for a 3 course meal and it was an excellent idea. Nobody knew my main reason for wearing it was the comfort and the camouflaging of my food baby!


    • I just use the auto setting–sometimes I turn the flash off because I don’t use that for outside blog pics as it looks obvious I’ve used it. I need to learn to use the camera properly in manual functions but when I shoot alone it’s hard because there’s no one to stand in for the adjustment period during my learning curves. It’s on my list to learn!


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