The Cardigan With Attitude [Voodoo Vixen Iris]

Cardigans are useful little things. For those of us who live in more temperate climes, they make an easy go-to for adapting an established outfit for cooler days rather than having to dig through your winter wardrobes for anything heavier or sleeved. For those who have confidence issues with their upper arms, or even their middle section, it’s an easy way to shroud your insecurities without sacrificing your outfit on the whole to said quibbles. They’re normally cute, sometimes plain, often simple. Rarely, though, is the useful cardigan sassy and sexy.

Until now. Say hello to the Iris cardigan from Voodoo Vixen.

Voodoo Vixen Black Iris CardiganVoodoo Vixen Black Iris Cardigan Voodoo Vixen Black Iris CardiganVoodoo Vixen Black Iris CardiganParty in the front, business in the back

Voodoo Vixen Black Iris CardiganVoodoo Vixen Black Iris CardiganVoodoo Vixen Black Iris CardiganVoodoo Vixen Black Iris CardiganCardigan: Black Iris cardigan by Voodoo Vixen
Bustier bra: several seasons old from ASOS
Belt: Faux Leather belt by Pinup Girl Clothing
Skirt: Flamenco Mermaid Skirt in black by Pinup Girl Clothing (review here)

Featuring a keyhole neckline with attached ties, solid cardigan sleeves and back, and shank buttons in pearl, the real design feature of this cardigan is, obviously, the sheer lace pattern front of the bodice. The first time I saw it I was drawn to it and immediately began picturing wearing it styled all black with a high-waisted pencil skirt and a bustier bra/top. Since it was a miserable weather weekend the weekend before last I took the opportunity to channel that darkness into my look and go full on retro vamp glamour with it.

Available in both black and white, you can style this cardigan to be as saintly or sinful as you like. You don’t have to dare to bare if that’s not your thing, and layering it over a cami will work beautifully for the more conservative. Since the option is there, though, it’s fun to be able to vamp it up in this piece when you feel like it.

From my experience modelling for the Voodoo Vixen SS15 lookbook a couple months back I learned that their cardigans can run large. I tend to size up into an XL for Voodoo Vixen pieces (I have a 33inch waist currently), but I sized down into an L for the Iris cardigan and even then I think it’s too loose for the skintight look I wanted from this. I could have gotten away with ordering the M, so keep that in mind if you want a truly snug fit. That small sizing issue aside, I love this cardigan and fully expect for it to become a comfortable go-to for when I want to be a bit dark and sassy but don’t fancy being strapped and zipped into something skintight and structured.

The Iris cardigan costs £31.99 in both colourways and is available from and their select stockists.

8 thoughts on “The Cardigan With Attitude [Voodoo Vixen Iris]

  1. I absolutely love this cardi….it is now on my MUST HAVE list! Also…look at you gettin’ all fancy with lighting and stuff…you look gorgeous babes!


    • Lol! The lighting didn’t turn out as planned to be honest, I need to tinker with my set up, but it was a miserable rainy weekend that meant no pictures outside. Hopefully I’ll have a good set up ready for when winter rolls around and ruins my summer blog pic flow.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think it still turned out great! I never take pictures of myself because I have a shaky hand and selfies are horrid…..BUT I just ordered a tri-pod! Can’t wait 🙂


      • Yay! I need to find myself a much taller tripod than the one I have so that it’s not such a struggle to get pictures from the right angle while also needing to keep my camera within distance of my remote shutter signal


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