Photoshoot Outtakes & Bloopers [Round 2]

Oh yeah, this was exactly the look I was going for

I’ve been meaning to do a second bloopers/outtakes/behind the scenes post for, oh, 9 months or so. Taking the time to gather the bloopers from dozens of different folders on my computer and searching through thousands of pictures just kept getting bumped lower and lower on my blog to do list as other post ideas took up time and room. Finally, though, since January is a long month, a bit sad after Christmas and frustratingly far from pay day, I thought it might be fun for us all to take a look at me being utterly ridiculous to perk up those among you who might be feeling the winter chill a little more deeply than below your epidermis layer. The especially good news is there were so many bloopers you’ll be getting more than one new gallery in the next few weeks! So after you’ve enjoyed the hilarity of today’s installment remember to keep an eye out for the second post soon.

Today, I present you the glorious goofiness in such classic categories as That Time I Almost Fell Over, That Is Not A Good Angle Dude, I Didn’t Realise We Had Begun Taking Pictures Yet, Your Feet Look Like They’re On Backwards Like That, Graceful Walking Shots Are Almost Impossible, and You’re Not Supposed To Be Taking Pictures Of This. You’ll also see plenty of I Thought My Face Wasn’t In The Shot, Oh I Got Distracted, Twirling Shots Can Be Tricky, and What The Fuck Am I Doing Though (I Thought Maybe This Might Make An Interesting Shot But I Guess It Didn’t Work.) Finally, expect My Cat Thinks She’s A Model Or Something, I Am Deluded And Think I’m A Disney Princess, I Appear To Have Given Up, and, of course, DAMNIT WIND NO! Feel free to tell me in the comments below which your favourite category of shots is.

You can click on each thumbnail to get a better look at the full sized pictures.

10 thoughts on “Photoshoot Outtakes & Bloopers [Round 2]

  1. Oh man, I enjoyed this far too much for my own good! I think my favorites were the ones taken over by your nieces and nephew. I loved seeing you in the background, growing more and more “WTF?” hahahaha PRICELESS! What a fun post!

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  2. “I Thought My Face Wasn’t In The Shot” is definitely my favorite. I do far too many of those myself. ^.^ Though some of these, I think, are actually worthy of a regular blog post!


  3. I love when bloggers do blooper post, they are always so funny and cute. You definitely have the best bloopers I have ever seen, looking forward to more. OMG, you battle with the wind at the beach was definitely epic and sexy.


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